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 Post subject: Lords of Talingarde (Characters as They Could Be)
PostPosted: Mon Jul 28, 2014 12:37 pm 
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Lords of Talingarde
In the ten short years since their escape from Branderscar the Nessian Knot has accomplished much. Once reviled prisoners they now stand over all of Talingarde, New Talingarde, as its lords and masters, having cast down the old order, slain Markadian V, enslaved his daughter, and raised up the Church of Perdition in place of the Church of Mitra. Though none among them claimed the Crown for themselves the five years since the Great War has seen the entire Kingdom shaped by their hand. Time and power has separated them since their victory, with each pursuing his or her pleasures.

Some whisper in dark taverns that perhaps now, with them divided, it is time to take back Talingarde for Mitra, but these are only whispers very old and very young men. The rest of Talingarde remembers that only a fool would challenge the Nessian Knot. Only a madman would give cause for the greatest force of darkness Talingarde has ever known to reunite and unleash their scourge upon the land as they once did.

No doubt someday an internal or external force will wake the monster that brought down the old order in blood and fire, but it is not today. Today the many-headed beast rests across Talingarde, comfortable in its victory.

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 Post subject: Re: Lords of Talingarde
PostPosted: Mon Jul 28, 2014 12:46 pm 
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Gaerlan Cimo
Butcher of Balentyne, Grand Duke of Godscar, Champion of Ruin, Steward of Darkness


Gaerlan Cimo, Grand Duke Godscar, a ruthless and powerful vampire in command of tremendous divine magics and the largest realm in Talingarde. He is a black knight without equal in Talingarde – a talented swordsmen, skilled manipulator, and ruthless opponent. He is also a tremendously charismatic and likably individual in spite of his murderous nature, utter lack of compassion, empathy, or remorse, and utter selfishness. Somewhat vain and mercurial, Gaerlan desires to be not only respected and honored as greater than most mortal men, but to be loved.

Towards that end, with his sister Irulen, he has carved out a pocket kingdom for himself in his duchy that, in spite of his personal villainy, is remarkably safe and prosperous. The success of his undead patrols – and their human officers – in putting an end to the banditry and outright war that plagued the Borderlands before the rise of new Talingarde has done much to earn him at least a grudging sort of acceptance in the north even from those who have heard tales of his more depraved habits. In a land so ravaged by war any stability is welcome. That is not to say that some of his personal habits do not breed hostility.

The most public of those habits is his standing offer to duel to the death any knight who feels his rule is unjust. In the early years of his rule many paladins and knights formerly in the service of King Markadian V came forward from their hiding places to meet his challenge and – to his credit – Gaerlan met them each fairly in single combat. Their humiliating, bloody, and slow deaths however did much to taint his reputation. Stories spread fair and wide of brave knights hacked to death or pulled apart by the mighty vampire. Not in two years has a opponent met his semi-annual challenge.

More personally for some, Gaerlan’s habit of taking children into his service – especially talented children – has soured many towards him. All manner of foul rumor surrounds the fate of these children, but the truth is perhaps more terrible than many imagine. The children are trained as assassins, spies, knights, priests, or mages in a brutal program that destroys their humanity and encourages them to drag each other down, for only the greatest students of each generation are elevated to his Knights Eternal at age 14. Turned into vampires on the brink of adulthood, these knights are unhesitatingly loyal to Gaerlan and serve him throughout Talingarde as his right hands. Few ever see them, and fewer still connect the black garbed killers with the children taken into his care. For his part, Gaerlan views elevation to such a position as the greatest of honors he can bestow. Of those that fail to make the cut most are killed, though far more casualties are often a result of the training process itself. A scant few who wash out very early in the process become castle servants, acolytes, or eventually officers in the Army of the North.

Beyond the Knights Eternal, his living and unloving generals, the priests tending to the dark shrines within Castle Nightfall, and his sister Irulen, Gaerlan has frequent relations with the Bugbears of the Savage North. Though some remember well that all of the Borderlands might have been theirs in the Great War, many more have been cowed by the ‘Dark Lord’ of Godscar. A small number even pay direct allegiance to him, serving and an elite force of shock troops in his service, though most are too wild and uncontrolled for such regimented work.

Though few know it, there is a potential heir to Godscar. Almost ten years old now, Lucius is Gaerlan’s ******* son from the early days of the Great War. Entrusted to his ‘Darling’, Gaerlan expects great things of the boy before he will ever acknowledge him publically. Nonetheless, Gaerlan is intrigued by the possibility of his mortal line continuing, and he undoubtedly has plans for the boy even if he fails to meet his expectations…

Gaerlan makes his home in Castle Nightfall, arguably the single most important fortification in Talingarde. Situated at the mouth of the Godscar River it holds a commanding positon on any approach to Ghastenhall from the north and east. Using Lake Tarik it can land forces to support either Great Barrier Wall with speed and ease, and using the same thoroughfare it can react more quickly than any other garrison even should the wall be breached, providing an avenue to harass an enemy’s supply lines. More importantly, it protects the Godscar River itself from any force off of Lake Tarik and can use the river itself to ferry forces as needed to hold the Godscar River Valley pass through the Ansgar Mountains. Any attempt to take the Ghastenhall or breach into the Heartlands from the north or east is all but doomed to failure unless it takes Nightfall first.

Of course its strategic location would matter little if the fortress were easily taken. Gaerlan and Irulen however have done much to ensure that it is not so. Though construction began only five years ago the Castle has already grown to near city size – the result of the unending labors of tens of thousands of undead. Trenches, moats, and no less than three outer walls surround the castle proper. The castle boasts seventy foot tall pitch black walls. No less than nine towers ring the battlements, ready to rain down an unholy firestorm of destruction on attackers that penetrate this far. The keep is similarly scaled, its towers clawing at the sky and its surface virtually unmarred by ground level entrances: any storming of the keep will be a slow and bloody process no matter the size of the invading force.

The fortifications are manned around the clock by a virtually unmatched force of more than twenty thousand undead soldiers. The majority of this force are simple skeletons armed with crossbows and blades, but mixed among are a small number of ghouls and ghasts that function as NCOs, human officers, and a rare devil (often disguised as a simple form of undead) that can provide many lifetimes of experience as an advisor or serve as an answer to particularly powerful attackers. Though the mindless undead lack the initiative of living soldiers they can stay on station indefinitely and obey their officers with an unhesitating and unwavering loyalty only the most fanatical humans can match. All of this lays aside the magical defenses of the fortress that include teleportation wards, magical traps, summoned beings, powerful undead servants, and forbidden areas.

Of course there is far more to Nightfall than simple fortifications. It is also Gaerlan and Irulen’s home, equipped with everything they might desire. Dozens of libraries and laboratories fill the halls and spires of Nightfall for the purpose of arcane and alchemical research, as do morgues, surgery chambers, and specimen rooms for the more unique creatures Irulen has identified. Chapels lay in quiet stillness, ornately offering their praise for the darkest beings of the pits that grant Gaerlan his unholy powers. On rare nights of the year they come alive for human sacrifices – but not that frequently. One entire tower is devoted to the arcane, playing host to a gaggle of wizards. This in addition to barracks for the fortresses living guardians, stables, servants quarters, ball rooms, audience chambers, kitchens, and so forth that any castle boasts.

The true secrets of Nightfall however lay underground, for its dungeon complex equals, if not exceeds, the construction above ground. Secret laboratories, vaults, prisons, and armories only scratch the surface. An entire training facility for the Knights Eternal is swallowed by the underground complex, as is Gaerlan and Irulen’s daytime resting place and its many guardians, living and otherwise. Most importantly, deep in the bowels of the earth a full second army waits in eternal patience for the order to march forth. What’s more, buried with this army are a trio of teleportation circles that could carry it to Ghastenhall or Matharyn, should the need arise…

Gaerlan Cimo
Male Human Vampire

NE Medium Undead (Augmented, Human)

Init +6 (+2 Dex, +4 Improved Initiative); Senses Darkvision 60ft.; Perception +43
Languages Abyssal, Aquan, Auran, Celestial, Common, Draconic, Giant, Goblin, Infernal, Undercommon
Aura Aura of Cowardice (10ft., -4 on fear, removes fear immunity), Aura of Despair (10ft, -2 on saves), Aura of Evil (Overwhelming)

AC 48, touch 23, flat-footed 37, Combat 46
(+10 armor, +10 Charisma, +2 deflection, +1 dodge, +9 natural, +6 shield)
hp 382 (4d10+13d8+261); Fast Healing 5; Damage Reduction 10/Magic & Silver
Resist channel resistance +4, cold 10, electricity 10
Immune ability damage, ability drain, black blood, bleed, death effects, disease, energy drain, exhaustion, fatigue, massive damage, mind-affecting, paralysis, poison, sleep, stunning
Special Defenses 1/day reroll failed save, 1/day reroll failed reflex save, save each minute vs. mind-affecting
Weaknesses vampire weaknesses
Fort +32, Ref +31, Will +30

Speed 30ft., spider climb (20ft)
Melee Dawnbreaker +27/+22/+17 (1d10+14 and 2 negative levels / 17-20 x2) or
Smiting power attacking Dawnbreaker +33/+28/+23 (1d10+32 and 2 negative levels / 17-20 x2) or
Slam +23/+18/+13 (1d8+10 and 2 negative levels) or
Touch +23 (by spell)
Ranged touch +14 (by spell)
Base Atk +13; Combat +23
Attack Options Power Attack (-4/+8 or -4/+12)
Special Actions channel energy (5d6, DC 26), children of the night (1/day, 2d6 rounds to arrive, serve 1 hour), dominate (30ft., DC 28), smite good (4/day, +10/+10/+10), vow (1/day, +4 morale on 1 roll trying to fulfill a promise), touch of corruption (15/day, 5d6, swift action self standard action other)
Combat Gear boots of speed (10 round/day, haste, free action), glamered mithral celestial armor (3/day, fly CL 5), greater mnemonic ring (3/day), Word of Mitra (1/day, any cleric spell 8th or lower, CL 20), 1500gp diamond x5
  • Poisons purple worm poison (4 doses)
  • Potions potion of unicorn heart blood (as harm, CL 15)
  • Rods rod of metamagic maximize, rod of splendor
  • Scrolls scroll of create undead x2, scroll of create greater undead, scroll of discern location, scroll of forbiddance, scroll of gate, scroll of greater planar ally, scroll of greater spell immunity, scroll of regenerate, scroll of resurrection, scroll of teleport x2
  • Wands wand of cure light wounds (49 charges), wand of inflict light wounds (39 charges), wand of owl’s wisdom (23 charges)

Anti-Paladin Spells Prepared (Caster level 16tht, Concentration +26)
3rd (12/day) – burst of speed, contagion x2 (DC 23), deadly juggernaut x2, desecrate, invisibility x2, litany of escape, silence, undetectable alignment x2
2nd (4/day) – blindness / deafness (DC 22), corruption resistance x2, invisibility
1st (5/day) – death knell x2, disguise self x3

Oracles Spells Known (Caster level 16th Concentration +26)
8th (6/day) – fire storm (DC 28), mass inflict critical wounds (DC 28), moment of prescience, polymorph any object (DC 28)
7th (6/day) – blasphemy (DC 27), destruction (DC 27), greater scrying (DC 27), limited wish, mass inflict serious wounds (DC 27), vision
6th (8/day) – blade barrier (DC 26), greater dispel magic, harm (DC 26), heal (DC 26), mass inflict moderate wounds (DC 26), mass owl’s wisdom, wind walk
5th (8/day) – ancestral memory, commune, contact other plane, flame strike, mage’s private sanctum, mass inflict light wounds (DC 25), plane shift, spell resistance, summon monster V
4th (8/day) – aura of doom, blessing of fervor, divine power, greater magic weapon, inflict critical wounds (DC 24) legend lore, tongues, unholy blight (DC 24)
3rd (8/day) – animate dead, bestow curse (DC 23), blood biography, divine power, freedom of movement, inflict serious wounds (DC 23), magic vestment, speak with dead
2nd (9/day) – align weapon, bull’s strength, hold person, inflict moderate wounds (DC 22), lesser restoration, oracle’s burden (DC 22), resist energy, shield other
1st (9/day) – command, cure light wounds, divine favor, endure elements, ill omen, inflict light wounds (DC 21), murderous command (DC 21), shield of faith, summon monster I
0th (unlimited) – bleed, create water, detect magic, detect poison, light, mending, purify food and drink, read magic, stabilize

Spell-like Abilities (Caster level 16th)
At will –detect good, detect good (single creature, move action)

SQ Ambition, fiendish boon (nightmare), revelations (arcane archivist, brain drain, focused trance, fortune, mental acuity, permanent spells, sidestep secret, think on it), unholy resilience
Abilities Str 30, Dex 14, Con --, Int 24, Wis 16, Cha 31 (27)
Feats Alertness, Combat Reflexes, Command Undead, Dodge, Eldritch Heritage (Arcane), Greater Eldritch Heritage, Improved Eldritch Heritage, Improved Familiar (imp), Improved Initiative, Leadership, Lightning Reflexes, Piercing Spell, Power Attack, Quicken Spell, Skill Focus (Diplomacy & Knowledge [The Planes] & Perception), Toughness, Unholy Scion (Twice-Chosen)
Traits Consorting with Dark Powers, Second Chance, Wear Your Armor as a Second Skin
Skills Acrobatics +3, Appraise +12, Athletics +15, Bluff +41, Diplomacy +41 (+44 one on one), Disguise +33, Handle Animal +21, Heal +11, Intimidate +26 (+29 one on one), Knowledge (arcana) +21, Knowledge (history) +20, Knowledge (local) +16, Knowledge (nobility) +14, Knowledge (religion) +27, Knowledge (the planes) +35, Linguistics +9, Perception +43, Ride +6, Sense Motive +31 (+34 one on one), Spellcraft +27, Stealth +24, Use Magic Device +30; Racial +8 Bluff, Perception, Sense Motive, Stealth
Possessions combat gear, amulet of natural armor +3, circlet of persuasion, cloak of resistance +4, Dawnbreaker, ring of protection +2

Dawnbreaker This +4 keen ******* sword was the creation of an Empyreal Lord, designed to help hunt down and destroy vampires wherever they were found. It fell into Gaerlan’s hands when he slew its modern bearer, and has since become an icon of all it once opposed. Though it once possessed anti-vampiric powers, today it allows any vampire that wields it to apply his energy drain attack through attacks with the blade.

The Word of Mitra (Minor Artifact) Among the many treasures and scrolls Gaerlan looted from the treasury of the Archcathedral of Mitra, none were dearer to the church than its copy of the Word of Mitra. Inscribed on a vellum page is the power to alter the world and work miracles. Once per day as a standard action it can be used to duplicate any divine spell of up to 9th level or any arcane spell of up to 7th level at caster level 20th.

Gaerlan is proficient with all simple and martial weapons, with the ******* sword, with all types of armor, and with shields (except tower shields).

Binding Any creature that violates its freely given word to Gaerlan takes a -10 penalty to AC, spell resistance, and on all saving throws against his attacks and abilities for 24 hours.

Channel Negative Energy (Su) Gaerlan can channel negative energy as a 10th level cleric by expending two uses of his touch of corruption ability.

Cruelties (Su) Gaerlan’s touch of corruption inflicts his choice of bestow curse (DC 26), sickened (DC 26, 10 rounds), or staggered (DC 26, 5 rounds)

Dark General (Su) Undead with less than 1/5th of Gaerlan’s hit dice (up to 3 HD presently) do not count against his normal limits for undead he may control, whether created or through his channel attack. He gains Command Undead as a bonus feat.

Darkvision (Ex) Gaerlan has darkvision with a range of 60ft.

Fiendish Boon (Sp) 2/day Gaerlan may summon his nightmare, Furnace, as a full round action. Furnace appears adjacent to him. If Furnace is slain or banished Gaerlan may not summon him again until 30 days have passed and Gaerlan takes a -1 penalty on attack and damage rolls during that time.

Permanent Spells (Sp) Gaerlan benefits from a permanent telepathic bond with Irulen at caster level 16th.

Plague Bearer (Ex) Gaerlan suffers no ill effects for any diseases he may be exposed to, though he may still carry them and spread them to others.

Sidestep Secret (Su) Gaerlan uses his Charisma modifier in place of his Dexterity modifier for calculating his armor class and reflex saving throw.

Unholy Resilience (Su) Gaerlan adds his Charisma modifier to all saving throws.

Vampiric Weaknesses As a vampire Gaerlan is subject to numerous weaknesses, as follows:

  • He may not enter a private home or dwelling without an invitation from someone with the authority to invite him.
  • Gaerlan is nauseated within any area possessed by the strong odor of garlic.
  • Gaerlan recoils from mirrors and strongly presented holy symbols. He must stay at least 5ft. away from them and cannot touch or attack the creature brandishing the object. He may overcome this revulsion after the first round with a DC 25 will save each round. Presenting a holy symbol or mirror is a standard action.
  • When in direct sunlight Gaerlan’s fast healing does not function and he loses ½ of his maximum hit points per round. This amount is halved in cloudy conditions or at twilight. When in direct sunlight he is staggered and cannot use his supernatural vampire abilities.
  • When immersed in running water Gaerlan takes damage equal to 1/3rd of his maximum hit points per round. If reduced to 0 hit points in this way he is destroyed.
  • A wooden stake driven through Gaerlan’s heart kills him, though if the stake is removed he returns to life (unless his head is also removed and anointed with holy water).

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 Post subject: Re: Lords of Talingarde
PostPosted: Mon Jul 28, 2014 12:55 pm 
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Lucavi Delacroix
The Paladin in Chains, The Living Saint, The Artisan of Flesh, General of the Felix Legions, Grand Master of the Knights of Mercy


Lucavi Delacroix, the Paladin in Chains, is finally at peace. Despite his position as general of the temporal armies of Talengarde and spiritual leader of its cleric forces at arms – primarily the Knights of Mercy – his days are largely filled with his own private devotions and form of worship. He spends most days in Ghastenhall in his great studio, where he labors to create his living works of art – beings twisted and tortured into living expressions of his faith. It is there that many Knights of Mercy seek him out for guidance, which he provides as he can (often with flame or the lash).

His evenings are spent in his own sprawling chambers where he debases and is debased in turn by those masterpieces of his craft he keeps for himself. Puella the Vile often joins him in these evenings, though she rarely indulges in his particular pleasures, preferring instead to observe and offer guidance to him as necessary.

For all of his relatively benign existence, Lucavi remains the mightiest champion of the Church of Perdition in Talingarde. He is a warrior without equal, and among the forces of good even the mightiest angels would hesitate to challenge him. He is a man that could have been King, but chose instead to remain a knight.

In spite of his apparent attention to all of his spiritual and artistic pursuits Lucavi’s location in Ghastenhall is not one chosen by chance or whim. From Ghastenhall he provides a buffer against Grand Duke Godscar, he secures the Heartlands, and can react with his Knights of Mercy anywhere in Talingarde with relative speed. Indeed, his clarity of mind is perhaps greater than it has ever been, and for that he is an all the more lethal foe.

Lucavi Delacroix
Male Half-Fiend
Samurai 17

LE Medium Outsider (native)

Init +1 (+1 Dex); Senses darkvision 60ft.; Perception +18
Aura fell presence (-2 vs fear, 60 ft.), Evil (overwhelming)
Languages Common, Infernal, comprehend languages

AC 42, touch 10, flat-footed 24, Combat 42
(+13 armor, +4 deflection, +1 Dex, +8 natural, +6 shield)
hp 451 (17d10 + 302 + 1); Damage Reduction 10/Magic; Damage Reduction 3/--
Resist +2 vs. cold, electric, fear, fire, acid 10, cold 10, electricity 10, fire 10; SR 31
Immune frightened, panicked, poison
Special unholy aura (1d6 Str each time good creature strikes Fort DC 25), warding (end active smite or challenge, immediate action)
Fort +27, Ref +23, Will +25

Speed 30 ft., fly 60ft. (good), climb 30ft.
Melee Blade of Balin +33/+28/+23/+18 (1d8 + 18 + 2d6 fire + 2d6 unholy /17-20) and
4 chains +25 (1d8 + 8 +2d6 fire and 1 bleed) (15ft. reach) or
touch +27 (by spell)
Ranged +1 chakram +28/+23/+18/+13 (1d8 + 11) or
ranged touch +18 (by spell)
Space 5ft.; Reach 5ft. (15ft. chains)
Base Atk +17; Combat +27
Atk Options challenge (6/day, +17 dmg, DR 5/-, +2 AC, 6/day), power attack (-5/+10), smite good (6/day. +4/+17/+4/+2 AC)
Special Actions honor in all things (4/day, +4), resolve (9/day)
Combat Gear +1 chakram x4, potion of cure serious wounds x4, potion of heal, potion of invisibility x2, potion of lesser restoration x4

Spell-like Abilities (Caster level 17th; concentration +21)
1/day – blasphemy (DC 21), contagion (DC 17), desecrate, horrid wilting (DC 22), summon monster IX (fiends only), unhallow, unholy blight (DC 18)
3/day – darkness, iron body, poison (DC 18)
At will - acid splash
SQ dread rider, mount, mounted archer, order (warrior), weapon expertise (longsword)
Abilities Str 30 (26), Dex 13, Con 36 (32), Int 16, Wis 17, Cha 18
Feats Armor of the Pit, Brutal Throw, Greater Weapon Focus (heavy blades), Greater Weapon Specialization (heavy blades), Hardy, Maneuver Master, Power Attack, Skill Focus (intimidate), Weapon Focus (heavy blades), Weapon Specialization (heavy blades), Toughness
Traits Attempted Murder, Infernal *******, Master your Beasts
Skills Athletics +15 (+20 jumping), Diplomacy +22, Disguise +9, Escape Artist +6, Handle Animal +17, Heal +13, Intimidate +28 (+36 with Hasmal), Knowledge (history) +10, Knowledge (local) +10, Knowledge (nobility) +10, Knowledge (religion) +18, Perception +18, Perform (oratory) +10, Profession (cook) +11, Ride +17, Sense Motive +21, Survival +18
Possessions +4 heavy steel shield, amulet of natural armor +5, band of the stalwart warrior, Blade of Balin, boots of striding and springing, Chains of Phlegethos, Collar of Hell, heavyload belt, muleback cords, scholar’s ring

Chains of Phlegethos This +4 adamantine dastardly warding full plate is engraved with hundreds of tiny images of individuals suffering the torments of hell – some are burned, others whipped, more pulled apart – a hundred horrific tortures in minute detail. In addition to its normal powers, each time the wearer kills a humanoid he gains a greater heroism effect for 1 minute.

Collar of Hell This spiked human leather collar is etched with infernal writing and barbed on the inside with relatively small but razor sharp spikes that dig into the flesh if its wearer painfully at all times. It is also, no matter the size of its wearer, a little bit too tight around the neck, and not so subtly constricts breathing. It grants its wearer a +4 enhancement bonus to both Strength and Constitution while worn.

Blade of Balin Once the weapon wielded by the goodly Sir Balin, Lucavi has used the blade to write a violent and bloody history of torture, murder, and mutilation. Tempted with the blood of paladins, angels, and the innocent in equal measure, the Blade has become an unholy relic. It is a +4 unholy keen flaming longsword that grants its bearer the benefit of a permanent unholy aura effect (CL 20, DC 25).

Chains (Ex) Through unholy magics, twisted science, and Lucavi’s dark and fiendish heritage the Knot bound four living chains to his back. They provide him with a number of benefits. First, each can be used with a level of dexterity analogous to a human hand to grasp and manipulate items within 15ft. of him. Second, they can be used to climb, granting him a 30ft. climb speed. Third, Lucavi can maintain a grapple or pin with no penalty by using one of the chains, and can maintain up to four at a time in this way (one per chain). Finally, they can be used to make four secondary natural attacks with 15ft. reach, each dealing 1d8 piecing or bludgeoning base damage and causing 1 point of bleeding damage. Each is currently enchanted as a +3 flaming weapon.

Challenge Lucavi gains a +17 damage bonus and DR 5/- against the target of his challenge, and a -2 penalty on AC against everyone else. Challenge targets within Lucavi’s threatened area take a -2 penalty to their AC against all opponents other than Lucavi.

Deadly Rampage (Ex) Lucavi does not provoke attacks of opportunity when attempting to overrun a creature. He can make a single melee attack against the creature as a free action if the overrun attempt succeeds.

Dread Rider When within 30 feet of Hasmal, Lucavi gains a +8 bonus on Intimidate checks. Once per round as a free action, he can make an Intimidate check to demoralize a foe he has flanked with Hasmal or charged.

Fell Presence Those within 60 ft. of Lucavi and Hasmal suffer a -2 penalty on saves against fear.

Honor in All Things (Ex) Lucavi draws strength from his sense of honor. Whenever he makes a skill check or saving throw, he can call upon his honor as a free action to grant him a +4 morale bonus on the roll.

Honorable Stand (Ex) 2/day as a swift action Lucavi can declare an honorable stand while challenging an opponent. While making an honorable stand he is immune to the shaken, frightened, and panicked conditions. He does not fall unconscious when his hit point total is below 0. Finally, whenever he makes a saving throw he may expend one daily use of his resolve to reroll the saving throw after the first roll is made. He must take the result of the second roll, regardless of which is better. If he retreats from battle against his challenged foe he loses the ability to challenge for 24 hours.

Masochism (Su) Lucavi gains a +1 bonus on all attack and damage rolls for every ten points of damage he takes each round (up to a maximum of +4/+4 after taking 40 points of damage).

Mounted Archer (Ex) Lucavi takes only a -2 penalty on attack rolls with ranged weapons when his mount takes a double move. This penalty increases to -4 while his mount is running.

Resolve 9/day, recharges upon defeat of challenge target.
Determination: Lucavi can remove the fatigued, shaken, or sickened condition. If the condition has a duration longer than 1 hour or is permanent, this ability removes the condition for 1 hour, at which time the condition returns. Standard action.

Greater resolve: Whenever Lucavi is struck by a confirmed critical hit he may expend one use of his resolve as an immediate action to treat that critical hit as a normal hit.

Resolute: Whenever Lucavi is required to make a Fortitude or Will save, he can roll twice and take the better result. He must decide to use this ability before he rolls the saving throw. Immediate action.

True Resolve: So long as he has at least two uses of resolve remaining Lucavi can expend all remaining resolve to avoid death. Regardless of the source of the attack that would have killed him, he is left alive, at -1 hit points (or lower if he was already below -1), unconscious, and stable.

Unstoppable: When Lucavi is reduced to fewer than 0 hit points but not slain, he can instantly stabilize and remain conscious. He is staggered, but he does not fall unconscious and begin dying if he takes a standard action. He does fall unconscious if he takes additional damage from any source. Immediate action.

Way of the Samurai: Lucavi may expend a use of resolve as a standard action to focus his mind and will. Once during the next minute he may choose a single attack roll, skill check, or saving throw and roll three times for it, selecting the best result. He must decide to use the ability before the roll is made.

Smite Good (Su) 6/day as a swift action Lucavi may declare a smite good against a good aligned target. He gains a +3 bonus on attack rolls, +3 deflection bonus to his armor class, and deals an additional 17 points of damage on each hit against his target. The smite persists until the target is dead or Lucavi rests.

Strike True (Ex) 1/day Lucavi may declare an attack to strike true. He makes an attack roll as normal, but if the attack hit it is considered a critical threat. He must roll to confirm the critical as normal. The attack deals maximum damage, ignores damage reduction, and causes the target to become blinded, deafened, sickened, or staggered for 1d4 rounds (Lucavi’s choice). This is a standard action.

Terror (Ex) As a standard action Lucavi can call on Hasmal to howl, spreading terror among his enemies. Enemies within 60ft. who can see Hasmal must succeed in a Will save (DC 21) or be shaken for 17 rounds. Creatures with 8 or fewer Hit Dice become frightened instead. An opponent that succeeds on the saving throw is immune to this ability for 24 hours. This is a mind-affecting fear effect.

Weapon Expertise Lucavi can draw a longsword as though he possessed Quick Draw. He gains a +2 confirmation bonus on critical hits with a longsword. In addition, he treats heavy blades as a fighter when determining the effects of weapon specific feats.

Male riding dog (wolf animal companion)
N Large animal

Init +3 (+3 Dex); Senses low light, scent; Perception +7
Languages Canine

AC 43, touch 17, flat-footed 38, combat 17
(+9 armor, +3 deflection, +3 Dex, +1 dodge, +17 natural)
hp 188 (14d8 + 100)
Resist +4 vs. enchantment, fire 30
Special Defenses Improved Evasion
Fort +18, Ref +15, Will +9

Speed 50 ft.
Melee bite +26/+21 (2d6 + 22 plus trip)
Space 10 ft.; Reach 5 ft.
Base Atk +10; Combat +21
Attack Options power attack (-3, +9)
Special Actions breath weapon (30ft. cone, once every 1d4 rounds, 10d6 fire damage, Reflex DC 23 half)
SQ Barding training 1, challenge
Abilities Str 32, Dex 17, Con 23, Int 3, Wis 14, Cha 7
Feats Combat Reflexes, Dodge, Improved Natural Attack, Light Armor Proficiency, Power Attack, Skill Focus (Survival), Weapon Focus (bite)
Skills Acrobatics +7 (+19 jumping), Perception +7, Survival +22 (+26 scent tracking); Racial +4 jumping, +4 Survival when tracking by scent
Tricks attack, come, defend, down, guard, heel, improved attack, track+4
Possessions +4 Hide barding (spiked collar with throat and belly protector), permanent greater magic fang (+4), tag of defense +3 (natural, deflection, resistance)

Devotion Hasmal has a +4 morale bonus on saving throws against enchantment spells and effects.

Link Lucavi can handle Hasmal as a free action or push him as a move action. Lucavi has a +14 bonus when using Handle Animal on Hasmal.

Challenge Hasmal gains 1/2 of the bonuses and penalties from Lucavi's challenge when he is within 30 feet of his master.

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Puella the Vile
Lady of Sorrows, Sister of Suffering, Vicar of Belial


Puella the Vile, in spite of holding the highest ecclesiastical position in Talingarde, rarely concerns herself with the day to day running of the Church of Perdition. Instead she has largely recused herself, preferring to spend her time and attentions traveling the nation to inspect local chapters, tending to Lucavi’s spiritual needs, and educating the crown prince in spiritual matters before he takes the throne. Though far less so than she was during the Knots initial campaign, Puella remains relatively reserved, preferring to spread her evangelical message with actions rather than words.

Puella travels lightly relative to many ranking members of the church, typically only with a handful of bodyguards and a pair of servants. In spite of that, only a fool would attempt to strike her down. Among other things she is considered to be among the most benign of the evils of Taingarde, and many have in fact come to admire their ‘Lady of Sorrows’ and ‘Sister of Suffering’. Some tales claim that the many trials and tortures she endures are endured purely to spare the lay people of them, and few are willing to plot against her openly, especially with such icons of darkness as Grand Duke Godscar and the Living Saint prowling the world. Those few foolish enough to make attempts on her however have discovered that the guards around her are not for show, and she herself is no fragile maiden waiting to be struck down.

In truth, Puella is as she has always been: the glue that holds together the knot. It is she that sooths frayed tempers, massages bruised egos, and mitigates the most violent or destructive urges of her fellows in favor of keeping the peace. At the same time she is hardly as benign an evil as some believe. While she herself rarely indulges in violence or terror, those working at her command have done much in five years to draw Talingarde into the fold of hell, and into the Church of Perdition in particular. That she has directed much of her attention towards the youth of Talingarde, and towards education in particular, will likely pay dividends in the long run, but even in the present her plot to use the Church and the Knot’s forces to bring peace and stability to Talingarde after half a decade of war has mitigated the worst backlash against worship of the Adversary.

Some few among the Church view her position of power as almost heretical, holding that servant of Belial, and a woman no less, has no place at the top of the hierarchy of Hell, but those voices are very quiet indeed.

Puella the Vile
Female Devilbound Human
Scarred Witch 18 (Endurance)

LE Medium Humanoid (Human)

Init +6 (+6 Dex); Senses darkvision 60ft., see in darkness; Perception +24
Languages Common, Draconic, Goblin, Infernal
Aura Evil (Moderate)

AC 34, touch 20, flat-footed 28, CMD 28
(+6 armor, +4 deflection, +6 Dex, +8 natural)
hp 439 (18d6+369); Regeneration 5 (good)
Resist +4 vs. poison, +2 vs. pain, +1 vs. divine, fire 30
Special Defenses absorb targeted spell as immediate action (see combat gear), spite (excruciated deformation)
Fort +26, Ref +17, Will +21

Speed 30ft. fly 60ft. (average)
Melee staff of dark flame +9/+4 (1d6 + 1d6 fire) or
+2 cruel menacing athame +10/+5 (1d4+1)
Ranged touch +15/+10 (by spell)
Base Atk +9; CMB +8
Atk Options Archmage
Special Actions Hex (standard).
Combat Gear lavender and green ellipsoid ioun stone in wayfinder (immediate action, absorb targeted spell of 8th level or lower, 42 levels remaining)
  • Potions potion of cure serious wounds x2, potion of water breathing x2
  • Rods rod of quicken spell
  • Scrolls scroll of control weather, scroll of discern location, scroll of heal x2, scroll of regenerate, scroll of vision
  • Staves staff of dark flame
  • Wands wand of cure light wounds (44 charges), wand of lesser restoration (33 charges), wand of lightning bolt (caster level 10, 32 charges), wand of restoration (13 charges)

Spell-like Abilities (Caster level 18th)
1/day – blasphemy (DC 31), summon (ice devil, 9th level, 1 hour)
3/day – quickened fireball (DC 27), invisibility

Witch Spells Prepared (Caster level 18th, Concentration +32)
9th (9+1/day) – dominate monster (DC 33), foresight, mass hold monster (DC 33), mass suffocation (DC 35), miracle x4, summon monster IX, wail of the banshee (DC 35)
8th (5+1/day) – greater prying eyes, horrid wilting (DC 34), iron body, maze, mind blank, moment of prescience
7th (4+1/day) – greater restoration, harm (DC 33), heal x2, waves of ecstasy (DC 31)
6th (7+1/day) – eyebite (DC 32), flesh to stone x2 (DC 30), greater dispel magic x2, mass bear’s endurance, true seeing, unwilling shield (DC 32)
5th (7+1/day) – baleful polymorph (DC 29), blood boil (DC 31), cloudkill (DC 29), feebleminded (DC 29), greater contagion (DC 31), spell resistance, suffication (DC 31), waves of fatigue
4th (7+1/day) – arcane eye, black tentacles, dimension door x2, enervation x3, spell immunity
3rd (7+1/day) – animate dead, clairaudience / clairvoyance, lightning bolt (DC 27), pain strike (DC 29), protection from energy, speak with dead, stinking cloud, witness
2nd (8+1/day) – augury, bear’s endurance, blindness / deafness (DC 28), blood blaze (DC 28), detect thoughts (DC 26), gentle repose, spectral hand x2, web (DC 26)
1st (8+1/day) – beguiling gift, blood money x2, charm person, endure elements, identify, ill omen x2, interrogation
0th (unlimited) – arcane mark, bleed, detect magic, stabilize

Witch Hexes
-Agony(DC 33) – standard, 60ft., 18 rounds
-Cackle – move
-Coven – standard, +1CL
-Misfortune (DC 33) - standard, 30ft, 3 rounds
-Retribution (DC 33) – standard, 60ft., 14 rounds
-Scar (DC 33) - standard, touch, 18 scars
-Scarshield (+9) - standard, personal, 18 minutes
-Slumber (DC 33) - standard, 30ft, 18 rounds
-Summon Spirit – standard, one negative level

Abilities Str 9, Dex 22, Con 39 (33), Int 16, Wis 16, Cha 17
SQ Ambition, Hex, Fetish Mask
Feats Archmage, Craft Magic Item, Eldritch Heritage (Infernal), Greater Eldritch Heritage, Greater Spell Focus (necromancy), Improved Eldritch Heritage, Leadership, Quicken Spell, Racial Heritage, Skill Focus (Diplomacy & Knowledge [religion] & Perception), Spell Focus (necromancy), Toughness
Drawback Mark of Slavery
Traits Desecration, Resilient, Outcast, Once a Slave
Skills Bluff +8, Diplomacy +34, Disable Device +11, Disguise +13, Heal +20, Intimidate +26, Knowledge (arcana) +24, Knowledge (nature) +21, Knowledge (religion) +30, Perception +24, Spellcraft +21, Stealth +16, Swim +4, Use Magic Device +24
Possessions +2 cruel menacing athame, amulet of natural armor +4, bracers of armor +6, cackling hag’s blouse, fetish mask, ring of protection +4, witching gown (+5)

Fetish Mask Puellas fetish mask is carved in the likeness of her own face, but covered in hideous scars and wounds. In addition to the normal benefits it provides (+2 vs. pain, +2 heal, +2 intimidate) it has been enchanted to provide her with a +6 enhancement bonus to her Constitution score.

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Sebastian Teeg
Grand Duke Branderscar, Regent of Talingarde, Spymaster of Talingarde

While others in the Knot have seen to their desires, Teeg has, as always, seen to what was necessary. Though he might have desired retirement following the Knot’s campaign and victory, he has instead been pressed into the role of Regent (and quietly) Spymaster of Talingarde. As regent he has been surprisingly effective, despite his relatively meek demeanor. In fact, his reputation has often worked in his favor, causing others to underestimate him. His powers and abilities are poorly understood by many, and early on he was thought of as an outlier among the Knot, a bit player. Such could not be further from the truth, and many of Teegs more subtle gifts have made him a devastating political player, to say nothing of how his calm, patient, and logical personality lends itself well to the rigors of rule.

Teeg’s appearance of weakness in the early years of his reign worked to the Knot’s great advantage, as it drew out many seeking to undo them. Those poor souls that sought to confront him openly met with terrible ends at the hands of his bombs or poisons, while those who sought to outmaneuver him politically were shocked to discover themselves up against one of the brightest minds in all of Talingadre – as well as an opponent who with magic and alchemical compounds could go from meek and quiet to remarkably persuasive in a matter of minutes.

In recent years his lethal efficiency in both his role as Spymaster and Regent have given rise to relative peace in the capital and beyond, while his lack of ties to the greater atrocities of the rest of the Knot has earned him popular support as a moderate. On a personal level, his position has allowed him to advise and help raise the soon to be king, and Teeg has found the experience remarkably satisfying.

In his limited free time Teeg frequently experiments in creating new poisons, bombs, and blending of the two. Among his favorites creations are Death’s Breath, an insidious gas that is odorless and colorless but causes rapid unconsciousness and death that he can use as a trap or deliver with a bomb, Scarlet Fever, an vile toxin resistant to normal attempts to remove poison that slowly but inevitably kills its victim, and Aboleth Touch, which suffocates victims.

Sebastian Teeg
Male Agile Human
Alchemist18 // Mythic Rank 1

NE Medium Humanoid (human)
Init +39/+19 (+14 Dex, +20 Mythic, +4 Improved Initiative, +1 luck); Senses darkvison 120ft., Perception +26
Languages Common, Dwarven, Elven, Goblin, Gnome, Halfling, Infernal

AC 49, touch 30, flat-footed 33, combat 50
(+8 armor, +14 Dex, +4 deflection, +2 dodge, +11 natural)
hp 342 (18d8+234)
Immune poison
Special Defenses 1/day reroll will, Evasion, roll twice vs. mind affecting
Fort +25, Ref +33, Will +18

Speed 60 ft., fly 40ft. (average)
Ranged touch bomb +28/+28/+28/+23/+18 (9d6+10) [with rapid shot & haste] or
Touch bomb +27/+27/+22/+17 (9d6+10) [with rapid shot] or
Touch bomb +29 (9d6+10) or
+4 light crossbow +34 (1d8+4 and poison / 19-20 x2)
Melee +3 longsword +23/+18/+13 (1d8+8 and poison / 19-20 x2)
Base Attack +13; Combat +20
Special Actions bomb (unlimited; 29/day)
Combat Gear 10 +1 human bane bolts, 10 cold iron bolts, 10 masterwork bolts, 10 silver bolts, boots of speed (10 round/day, haste, free action), 1,00gp worth of alchemical ingredients (in utility belt)
  • Bombs darkfire bomb x4, death’s breath bomb x3, slow burn bomb x5, warm body bomb x4
  • Poisons aboleth touch (3 doses), black lotus extract (4 doses), cairn linnorm poison (2 doses), crag linnorm poison (4 doses), dragon bile (2 doses), kraken ink poison (3 doses), nightmare vapor (2 doses), pit fiend poison (8 doses), purple worm poison (4 doses), scarlet fever (4 doses), tears of death (4 doses)
  • Potions potion of bear’s endurance x5, potion of eagle’s splendor x5, potion of lesser restoration x5, potion of water breathing
  • Wands wand of sending (32 charges)

Alchemist Extracts Prepared (Caster level 18th)
6th (11/day) – caging bomb admixture x2, greater invisibility, heal x4, mislead, shadow walk, true seeing, wind walk
5th (6/day) – languid bomb admixture, overland flight x2, resurgent transformation, sending, spell resistance
4th (7/day) – dragon’s breath, fire shield, freedom of movement, greater darkvision, greater invisibility x2, restoration
3rd (8/day) – burst of speed, displacement, fly, heroism x3, protection from energy, water breathing
2nd (8/day) – bulls strength x2, invisibility x3, resist energy x3
1st (8/day) – cure light wounds x2, shield x3, true strike x3

Abilities Str 20 (12), Dex 38 (26), Con 22 (14), Int 30 (28), Wis 14 (12), Cha 12 (10)
SQ Dual initiative, discoveries (cognatogen, collective memory, confusion bomb, dispelling bomb, eternal potion, explosive bomb, extend potion, fast bombs, force bomb, frost bomb, grand mutagen, greater mutagen, infusion, madness bomb, precise bomb), instant alchemy, poison use, swift poisoning
Feats Brew Potion (bonus), Extra Discovery x5, Iron Will, Point Blank Shot, Precise Shot, Rapid Shot, Throw Anything (bonus), Toughness
Skills Appraise +21, Athletics +13, Bluff +23, Craft (alchemy) +52, Diplomacy +19, Disable Device +39, Disguise +14, Fly +27, Heal +18, Knowledge (arcana) +31, Knowledge (geography) +23, Knowledge (history) +28, Knowledge (local) +28, Knowledge (nature) +28, Knowledge (nobility) +33, Knowledge (the planes) +28, Perception +26, Ride +22, Sense Motive +23, Sleight of Hand +30, Spellcraft +31, Stealth +40, Survival +18, Use Magic Device +22
Traits Arson, Fast Talker, Quiet as Death
Possessions +4 light crossbow, +3 longsword, amulet of natural armor +3, boots of teleportation & speed, bracers of armor +8, cloak of resistance +5, crown of rule, gloves of great dexterity +4, luckstone, ring of protection +4, utility belt
Formula Book As an extremely experienced alchemist and Regent of Talingarde, Teeg has access to almost any conceivable formula, including all core formulas and many from additional sources.

Darkfire Bomb – These rare and expensive bombs require ingredients difficult to come by even in Talingarde, but inflict 9d6+10 vile damage upon their primary target and 19 vile damage to creatures within 10ft.
Death’s Breath Bomb – These bombs are often mistaken for duds, but are in fact much more dangerous. When thrown they release a small cloud of death’s breath poison in a 10ft. radius, forcing all those in the area to save vs. death’s breath poison (see below).
Slow Burn Bomb – These bombs are fitted with slow burning smokeless chemical fuses that can be set to detonate in as little as 1 round or as long as 1 hour. When they detonate they deal 9d6+10 damage to creatures or objects within 5ft. of them, and 19 damage to creatures within 10ft. If discovered before detonating they can be disabled with a Disable Device check (DC 30).
Warm Body Bomb – These bombs, once created, detonate when a living creature moves within 5ft. of them, dealing 9d6+10 damage to creatures within 5ft. of the bomb and 19 damage to creatures within 10ft. of the bomb. (Perception: Varies; Disable Device: DC 30)

- Aboleth Touch Poison (Contact; Fort DC 27; effect lose ability to breath air & speak for 1 hour)
-Cairn Linnorm Poison (Injury; Fort DC 28, frequency 1/round for 10 rounds; effect 4d6 acid damage and 1d6 Con Drain; cure two consecutive saves)
-Crag Linnorm Poison (Injury; Fort DC 24, frequency 1/round for 10 rounds; effect 2d6 fire damage and 1d4 Con drain; cure 2 consecutive saves)
-Death’s Breath (Inhaled; Fort DC 32, frequency 1/round for 10 rounds; effect 1d6 con and unconsciousness; cure 3 consecutive saves)
-Kraken Ink Poison (Contact; Fort DC 29, frequency 1/round for 10 rounds; effect 1 Str damage plus nausea)
-Pit fiend Poison (Injury; Fort DC 32, frequency 1/round for 10 rounds; effect 1d6 Con damage; cure 3 consecutive saves)
-Scarlet Fever (Injury; Fort DC 33; effect 1 vile bleed damage)

Crown of Rule This light circlet is Teeg’s badge of office and provides him with a +4 enhancement bonus to his intelligence and wisdom scores, as well as the ability to roll twice against all mind-affecting attacks.

Utility Belt This golden belt can be worn as either a bandoleer or a traditional belt, and contains a dozen small pouches, each of which actually opens to an extradimensional space that can contain approximately two cubic feet of material. When the owner of the belt reaches into a pocket looking for something that item always seems to be on top. In total there are twelve pockets with 24 cubic feet of space between them. Retrieving an item from the belt is a free action.

Teeg is proficient with all simple weapons, with light armor, and with the longsword.

Bombs (Su) Teeg may create bombs out of various volatile chemicals by infusing them with magical energy. He may do so and throw a bomb as a standard action at will, or may create up to 29 bombs per day quickly enough to use them as an attack action. In addition to normal bombs, Teeg may create the following:

Confusion bomb – 7d6+intelligence mod. Direct hit causes confusion (DC 29) for 18 rounds.
Dispelling bombs – acts as targeted dispel magic rather than dealing damage (+18).
Explosive bombs – 10ft. radius splash, 9d6+intelligence mod. Direct hit causes creatures to catch on fire (1d6 fire damage each round until extinguished). Extinguishing is a full round action that requires a reflex save (DC 29) or dousing the target with at least 2 gallons of water.
Force bombs – force damage, 9d4+intelligence mod. Creatures that take a direct hit are knocked prone (reflex DC 29 vs. prone)
Frost bombs – cold damage, 9d6+intelligence mod. Creatures that take a direct hit are staggered (fortitude DC 29 vs. stagger)
Madness bombs – 7d6+intelligence mod, +1d4 wisdom damage. Creaturs who have taken damage from a madness bomb in the last 24 hours take 1 less wisdom damage for each bomb (minimum 1 damage per bomb).

Cognatogen (Su) Teeg may brew, instead of a mutagen, a Cognatogen that provides a +4 alchemical bonus to a mental ability score of his choice, a +9 bonus on all knowledge skills, applies a -2 penalty to a physical ability score, and provides a +2 natural armor bonus. A cognatogen lasts for 18 hours.

Eternal Potion (Sp) Teeg may extend the duration of a single potion he drinks to permanent. He may select a different eternal potion at any time by drinking it. Currently Teeg is extending a potion of eagle’s splendor.

Extend Potion (Sp) Teeg may double the duration of a potion he drinks up to 11/day.

Grand Alchemy (Su) Teeg has made the grand discovery of a true mutagen

Instant Alchemy (Ex) Teeg can create any alchemical item as a full round action if he succeeds in a craft (alchemy) check and has the resources on hand to fund the creation. He can apply poison to a weapon as an immediate action.

Mutagen (Su) Teeg’s mutagen provides a +8 natural armor bonus, a +8 alchemical bonus to all physical ability scores, and a -2 penalty to all mental ability scores. It persists for 18 hours. The effects of Teeg’s mutagen are averaged into the above statistics.

Poison Use (Ex) Teeg never risks poisoning himself while applying poison to a weapon.

Swift Poisoning (Ex) Teeg may apply poison to a weapon as a swift action.

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Irulen Anirul
The Butcher, Irulen the Red, Grand Duchess of Godscar


Irulen Anirul, Grand Duchess Godscar, was in life a cold and clinical woman described by many as cruel but never intentionally so. Rather she, like Gaerlan, possessed no sense of empathy or kinship. Her current state of unlife has done nothing to curb those tendencies and has, instead, only encouraged them. Fascinated by living creatures and the concept of living potential, she has spent her life and unlife examining the concept and recording her findings. Towards that end she has vivisected countless thousands of beings, but also likely saved countless thousands with the tremendous medical breakthroughs her experiments have permitted. For a time, during her exile from Talingarde, she even served as a surgeon in the slums, providing access to critically needed medical care in exchange for the opportunity to continue her research. It was that time that earned her the monacker, Irulen the Red, for each day there was a line of petitioners before her offices that kept her arms splattered with blood elbow deep from dawn to dusk. Such pursuits still occupy most of her waking hours, though she has turned her attentions from petitioning poor to those that arouse her intellectual curiosity and more obscure forms of life – everything from dragons, to outsiders, to other undead.

The only being able to lure her from her studies is her brother, Gaerlan Cimo, with whom she shares a dark and twisted bond. In death, as in life, many stories have been told of the pair that link them as more than siblings, but few have any basis in reality. Despite his near obsession with his sister, neither’s interests have run towards the more perverse – at least in that respect. Though less immersed in their relationship than her brother, Irulen none the less holds a degree of affection for him remarkably greater than for most beings.

For the most part Irulen is rarely seen even in Nightfall proper, spending most of her time in labs deep beneath the fortress. She occasionally joins Gaerlan for court events, but more often passes in favor of dining in her chambers (often on particularly exotic creatures). Most of her remaining interactions take place with her Cabal of Six – powerful wizards lured into residence in Nightfall, dominated, or otherwise at her service – or the cairn linnorm Septrox that dwells deep beneath Nightfall. Septrox is unusually ancient and intelligent for a linnorm and desires as little work as possible to sate his appetites. In exchange for the undead he so enjoys – and the odd conversation – he guards the vampire’s hidden daytime resting place, a secret guardian few have ever laid eyes on. On occasion she calls upon servants for help with her work, but more often than not her sole companion is her imp familiar Regakii.

Irulen Anirul
Female Human Vampire
Necromancer14/Alchemist2 (Mind Chemist, Vivisectionist)

LE Medium Undead (Augmented, Human)

Init +10 (+6 Dex, +4 Improved Initiative); Senses arcane sight 120ft., Darkvision 60ft., see invisibility 120ft.; Perception +45
Languages tongues, Abyssal, Aklo, Aquan, Auran, Celestial, Common, Draconic, Druidic, Dwarven, Elven, Giant, Goblin, Halfling, Ignan, Infernal, Orc, Slyvan, Terran, Undercommon
Aura Aura of Evil (strong), bless (50ft., allies only)

AC 33, touch 19, flat-footed 26, Combat 39
(+6 armor, +2 deflection, +6 Dex, +1 Dodge, +8 natural)
hp 317 (2d8+14d6+237); Fast Healing 5; Damage Reduction 10/Silver & Magic
Immune ability damage, ability drain, bleed, death effects, disease, energy drain, exhaustion, fatigue, massive damage, mind-affecting, paralysis, poison, sleep, stunning
Resist +4 channel resistance, cold 10, electricity 10; SR 18
Special Defenses 1/day reroll failed save
Fort +18, Ref +25, Will +18

Speed 30ft., spider climb (20ft)
Melee whisper +24/+19 (1d4+6 and poison* / 17-20 x2)
Melee slam +20/+15 (1d8+2 and 2 negative levels)
Ranged touch +14/+9 (by spell)
Base Atk +8; Combat +20
Attack Options Sneak attack +5d6 and 5 bleed
Special Actions bolster (touch, +4, 7 rounds) change shape (dire bat or wolf, beast shape II), channel energy 8d6 (15/day, DC 25), life sense (20ft., 15 rounds), mutagen (+4 mental score, -2 physical score, +2 natural armor 90 minutes)
Combat Gear boots of speed (10 round/day, haste, free action), 500gp diamond x3, 1,500gp diamond x3, 5,000gp worth of onyx
  • Poisons cairn linnorm poison (2 doses), crag linnorm poison (4 doses), kraken ink poison (3 doses), pit fiend poison (4 doses), purple worm poison (4 doses),
  • Potions blood of the virgin x3 (as inflict serious), unicorn hearts blood x2 (as harm)
  • Rods suzerain scepter
  • Scrolls scroll of control weather, scroll of magic circle against evil, scroll of greater planar binding, scroll of greater teleport
  • Staves staff of animate dead
  • Wands wand of cat’s grace (34 charges), wand of enervation (23 charges)
*Typically pit fiend poison, see below

Alchemist Infusions Prepared (Caster level 16th, Concentration +28)
3rd (19/day) – cure series wounds x5, displacement x2, fly x2, heroism x4, paragon surge x2, protection from energy x4
2nd (7/day) – alter self, bull’s strength x2, darkvision, false life, invisibility, undetectable alignment
1st (8/day) – cure light wounds x3, detect secret doors, disguise self, shield x3

Necromancer Spells Prepared (Caster level 16th, +18 vs. SR, Concentration +28) Focused Arcane School Undead
8th (6+1/day) – horrid wilting (DC 32), maze, moment of prescience, orb of the void (DC 32), polymorph any object, two open slots
7th (4+1/day) – control undead (DC 31), finger of death (DC 31), limited wish, mass hold person (DC 29), reverse gravity
6th (5+1/day) – circle of death (DC 30), create undead, eyebite (DC 30), flesh to stone (DC 28), true seeing, one open slot
5th (6+1/day) – baleful polymorph (DC 27), cloudkill (DC 27), shadow evocation (DC 27), suffocation (DC 29) x2, telekinesis (+27), teleport
4th (7+1/day) – dimension door x2, enervation x6
3rd (7+1/day) – ash storm, deep slumber (DC 25), greater magic weapon, haste, slow (DC 25), strangling hair, suggestion (DC 25), one open slot
2nd (7+1/day) – blindness / deafness (DC 26), blood transcription, detect thoughts (DC 24), glitterdust (DC 24) x2, invisibility, mirror image x2
1st (7+1/day) – alter winds, decompose corpse, mage armor x2, ray of enfeeblement (DC 25), sculpt corpse, unseen servant x2
0th (unlimited) – dancing lights, detect magic, detect poison, light
Banned Abjuration & Evocation

SQ Cruel anatomist, discoveries (bleeding attack, infusion, intuitive understanding, poison use), permanent spells, perfect recall
Abilities Str 15, Dex 22, Con --, Int 34 (30), Wis 17, Cha 26 (22)
Feats Alertness, Archmage, Brew Potion, Combat Reflexes, Command Undead, Craft Magic Item, Dodge, Greater Spell Focus (Necromancy), Improved Familiar (imp), Improved Initiative, Leadership, Lightning Reflexes, Mad Mage, Piercing Spell, Quicken Spell, Reasoned Strike, Scribe Scroll, Skill Focus (Knowledge [nature] & Perception & Stealth), Spell Focus (necromancy), Spell Perfection (enervation), Throw Anything, Toughness
Traits Attempted Murder, Second Chance
Skills Acrobatics +11, Appraise +15, Bluff +26, Craft (alchemy) +40, Diplomacy +21, Disable Device +24, Disguise +15, Fly +14, Handle Animal +10, Intimidate +18, Knowledge (arcana) +43, Knowledge (dungeoneering) +33, Knowledge (engineering) +32, Knowledge (geography) +32, Knowledge (history) +32, Knowledge (local) +32, Knowledge (nature) +54, Knowledge (nobility) +32, Knowledge (the planes) +33, Knowledge (religion) +37, Linguistics +22, Perception +45, Sense Motive +26, Spellcraft +32, Stealth +41, Use Magic Device +26 Racial +8 Bluff, Perception, Sense Motive, Stealth
Possessions black robe of the archmagi, cloak of elvenkind, crown of mental prowess +4, mossy disk iuon stone (nature), orange prism ioun stone, ring of the eagle, ring of protection +2, whisper (+4 keen razor)
Spellbook As a powerful duchess, an experienced wizard, and one of the conquerors of Talingarde Irulen's spellbooks possess vast amounts of spell knowledge including virtually all wizard spells of under 5th level, half of all spells of up to 7th level, and more than a two dozen 8th and 9th level spells (including all necromancy spells)

-Cairn Linnorm Poison (Injury; Fort DC 28, frequency 1/round for 10 rounds; effect 4d6 acid damage and 1d6 Con Drain; cure two consecutive saves)
-Crag Linnorm Poison (Injury; Fort DC 24, frequency 1/round for 10 rounds; effect 2d6 fire damage and 1d4 Con drain; cure 2 consecutive saves)
-Kraken Ink Poison (Injury; Fort DC 29, frequency 1/round for 10 rounds; effect 1 Str damage plus nausea)
-Pit fiend Poison (Injury; Fort DC 32, frequency 1/round for 10 rounds; effect 1d6 Con damage; cure 3 consecutive saves)

Bolster (Sp) As a standard action Irulen may touch an undead creature to grant it a +4 profane bonus to attack rolls and saving throws. In addition, the undead gains 1 temporary hit point per hit die and a +2 bonus to their turn resistance for 7 rounds.

Cruel Anatomist (Ex) Irulen may use her Knowledge (nature) skill bonus in place of her Heal skill bonus.

Permanent Spells (Sp) Irulen has made arcane sight, see invisibility, and tongues permanent upon herself at caster level 16th. In addition, she and Gaerlan share a permanent telepathic bond.

Perfect Recall (Ex) Irulen adds twice her Intelligence bonus on all knowledge skill checks.

Swift Alchemy (Ex) Irulen can create alchemical items in half the normal time.

Swift Poisoning (Ex) Irulen may apply poison to a weapon as a swift action.

Vampiric Weaknesses As a vampire Irulen is subject to numerous weaknesses, as follows:
  • She may not enter a private home or dwelling without an invitation from someone with the authority to invite her.
  • Irulen is nauseated within any area possessed by the strong odor of garlic.
  • Irulen recoils from mirrors and strongly presented holy symbols. She must stay at least 5ft. away from them and cannot touch or attack the creature brandishing the object. She may overcome this revulsion after the first round with a DC 25 will save each round. Presenting a holy symbol or mirror is a standard action.
  • When in direct sunlight Irulen’s fast healing does not function and she loses ½ of her maximum hit points per round. This amount is halved in cloudy conditions or at twilight. When in direct sunlight she is staggered and cannot use her supernatural vampire abilities.
  • When immersed in running water Irulen takes damage equal to 1/3rd of her maximum hit points per round. If reduced to 0 hit points in this way she is destroyed.
  • A wooden stake driven through Irulen heart kills her, though if the stake is removed she returns to life (unless her head is also removed and anointed with holy water).

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 Post subject: Re: Lords of Talingarde (Characters as They Could Be)
PostPosted: Thu Jan 28, 2016 8:54 am 

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It has been years since anyone in Talingarde has seen Sebastien Teeg. Unobtrusive and plain beside his companions, theories brew as to his fate among the rare few who think of him at all, the remainder of the Knot drawing the lion's share of attention.

The simplest – and perhaps least satisfying answer – is that as deadly as the man's alchemy was, he was always quiet and mild-mannered; it takes no stretch of the imagination to conclude that, more likely than not, he has a reclusive nature.

Others believe that Sebastien Teeg ultimately lacked the cutthroat nature of his fellows, and that once he aided them in their rise to power, he was betrayed, his share of glory instead divided among his betrayers.

These theories are equally wrong.

The theory that lingers in the minds of all who hear it, though, is that Sebastien Teeg has gone nowhere at all, but walks among the people of Talingarde. More and more, Sebastien Teeg has become a bogeyman with which parents frighten their children. A doppelganger who could be anyone, anywhere, who could wear or steal any face, or even wear no face at all, or an invisible man, always watching, ever vigilant.

This theory is... less wrong than the others.

There are masters of disguise and men who walk invisible among the people of Talingarde. A cabal of skulks and assassins, poisoners and alchemists, agents of the Knot who no longer have names of their own. Sebastien Teeg lives on, his name like a cloak passed between them, a mantle to be worn when the defense of Talingarde and its masters calls for guile or poison.

Sebastien Teeg lives on, his mark on Talingarde a legion of golems and simulacra crafted by his hand, an army in service to the cause of Hell on earth.

In the years following the dark triumph of Hell over Talingarde, Sebastien Teeg was maneuvered into the role of spymaster, though his reluctance did little to diminish his efficacy. When not toiling on building an army of golems and simulacra the likes of which Talingarde had never known, Sebastien's consciousness vaulted between a multiplying number doppelganger simulacra throughout Talingarde, becoming a one-man conspiracy.

However, having long ago discarded the frailties of mortality as impediments to the consummation of his revenge, he lacked the humanity that might have anchored him when his retribution was fulfilled. The price of getting everything he wanted was having everything he had once wanted.

He became ever more reclusive, and when the other masters of Talingarde sought his company, it began to take longer and longer to draw him back to his true body from his simulacra. And then, finally, his network of simulacra, his one-man conspiracy, fell silent. Sebastien Teeg had fallen into torpor.

All the spells and rituals, all the dark magic at the command of the masters of Talingarde have failed to rouse him, but within lurks some faint echo of Sebastien Teeg, for the Nessian Knot – and the Nessian Knot alone – may handle the demilich with impunity. All divinations the Nessian Knot has devoted to the matter have revealed that only in the Nessian Knot's darkest hour will Sebastien Teeg rouse himself again.

Crowned by a circlet of iron, a blood red gemstone gleaming malevolently at its brow, the demilich keeps a silent, tireless vigil over Irulen during her daysleep.

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