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 Post subject: Re: KCG's Awesome Log
PostPosted: Fri Jun 17, 2016 9:31 pm 

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WHERE WE LAST MET OUR JERK HEROES, THEY WERE PLOTTING the highest of treasons. In this interlude, we find noble Mezentius and zealous Zeno having wandered off for some reason. What awaits them this strange night?
[19:01] <Zeno> "... and the Lady Athena leapt fully grown from Zeus' Mighty Skull!" Zeno finishes his story.
[19:02] <Zeno> "As I was saying back at camp, I want to look into our new friends story about his village."
[19:02] <Zeno> "The alchemists couldnt displace a while village to build a storehouse could they?"
[19:03] <Mezentius> "And if they did, I want to see what monstrosities they placed to guard it."
[19:03] <Zeno> "Anything we can do to limit the guilds economic power the better."
01[19:04] <@Azario> Their quest is clear, the pair of them walk into the night to the Alchemist Storehouse. Southeast of the capital, it is midnight by the time they arrive.
[19:06] <Mezentius> "Let us scout the place out." Mezentius looks around, as best as he can by the light granted by Artemis.
[19:06] <Zeno> The pair find a safe vantage from which to watch the storehouse, unseen, until morning.
[19:06] <Mezentius> Or is it Hecate at this hour? Mezentius can never quite remember that one.
[19:08] <Mezentius> Mezentius also invokes his power to speak with beasts, that the dwellers in the forest might tell them about this place.
01[19:10] <@Azario> The pair scout about, but before Mezentius can summon his power a gigantic snake appears! There is something distinctly...unnatrual about it.
[19:11] <Mezentius> "By Hercules!" Mezentius readies his spear.
01[19:11] <@Azario> Luckily its initial bite does not strike little Zeno.
[19:12] <Zeno> "By Zeus!" Zeno exclaims mightily as he dances back out of reach.
01[19:12] <@Azario> The snake slithers closer and tries to grab Zeno.
[19:13] <Mezentius> Mezentius leaps into battle while the snake is distracted with Zeno.
01[19:14] <@Azario> Mezentius scores a pair of terrible blows against the mighty beast.
[19:15] <Zeno> Zeno struggles against the beasts coils then suddenly relaxes. He closes his eyes and when he opens them lightning blazes. With a crack of thunder the snake is blasted with Diefic Energy.
03[19:16] * Azario is now known as DungeonMaster
01[19:17] <@DungeonMaster> Zeno's divine power blasts the snake from him. It hisses angrily.
01[19:18] <@DungeonMaster> It bites at Mezentius.
01[19:18] <@DungeonMaster> But to no avail.
[19:19] <Mezentius> Mezentius strikes back at the snake, hoping to hold its attention away from Zeno.
01[19:19] <@DungeonMaster> The snake is bleeding heavily. A normal animal would likely have fled.
[19:20] <Zeno> Zeno moves to support the Bearded King. Zeus' Blessing falls on him at Zeno's request. The God's truely favor this pair.
01[19:21] <@DungeonMaster> The snake bites at Mezentius once more, this time striking the warrior's arm.
[19:22] <Mezentius> A dangerous mistake, for this brings it even closer to Mezentius's own weapon. Filled with divine might, the warrior king rears up and attempts to lay the beast low.
01[19:23] <@DungeonMaster> The beast is nearly slain. It is a tattered ruin of scales and blood. Yet it fights on.
[19:24] <Zeno> Zeno flicks a finger at the snake and Zeus lightning descends on it again.
01[19:24] <@DungeonMaster> Zeus's light barely affects the creature.
01[19:25] <@DungeonMaster> It attempts a last bite, to no avail.
[19:25] <Mezentius> With the might of Herakles, Mezentius thrusts his spear straight into the gaping mouth.
01[19:26] <@DungeonMaster> The snake is transfixed. Even as the rest of its body goes limp, its jaw remains stuck on the spear.
[19:26] <Mezentius> "Well fought, Zeno, are you badly hurt?"
[19:27] <Mezentius> "I swear, by Herakles, I felt Zeus himself fill me with strength when you cast your blessing over me."
01[19:27] <@DungeonMaster> Zeno hears shouting from the distance. Apparently the mighty boom of his thunderwave alterted those nearby.
[19:28] <Zeno> "We have passed another of Zeus' tests. Who else could send a giant snake to find us? Now I fear his thunder has given us away."
[19:28] <Zeno> "Open the corpse and we will hide there until the men have passed."
[19:29] <Mezentius> "That is no fit hiding place for a King. Besides they may gift it with unlife, like they do with men. Let the woods conceal us." Mezentius turns and moves away, into the woods.
[19:29] <Zeno> Zeno looks back at the snake but follows anyway.
01[19:32] <@DungeonMaster> Four men arrive from the south and look at the snake. Two are carrying torches. "Forget the snake, I heard one of them go this way!" They run right at you.
01[19:35] <@DungeonMaster> They advance, shooting crossbows at you, but to no avail.
[19:36] <Mezentius> Mezentius leaps out of the shadows at the nearest guard guy.
01[19:38] <@DungeonMaster> Mezentius wounds the guard fiercly, though he is not quite done yet
[19:39] <Zeno> Zeno speaks, "ZEUS!" A thunder erupts among the Guard Guys.
01[19:41] <@DungeonMaster> Zeno's attack wipes out the attacked guard, while the rest shutter under the magical onslaught
[19:41] <Zeno> Almost casually he summons a spectral Spear to float beside his shoulder. He points to one of the still standing Guard Guys and the spear flies into him.
01[19:43] <@DungeonMaster> Zeno strikes down yet another guard. Two to go.
01[19:45] <@DungeonMaster> The guards rush Mezentius, who greatly wounds one of them as they approach. They beat at Mezentius with their maces ferociously.
[19:46] <Mezentius> Mezentius grins as their blows batter him but do not break his skin. "Now take back blow for blow!"
01[19:46] <@DungeonMaster> With a thrust of his spear, Mezentius ends one of the guards, and with a swing he pummels the remaining.
[19:49] <Zeno> Zeno's eyes flare with lightning and he raises a hand to call down Zeus' Fire. "Take heed, sheep! You are in poor company. Submit to Zeus' Will or feel His Judgement."
01[19:50] <@DungeonMaster> He looks intently at Zeno, then Mezentius, then his fallen comrades. "Alright alright." He throws down his mace.
[19:51] <Mezentius> "A wise choice. What is your name, soldier?"
[19:51] <Zeno> Zeno approaches him and lays a hand on his head. "Youve made the right decision. I see Zeus' Favor on you."
01[19:51] <@DungeonMaster> "Name? I'm Strom-wait what are you doing?"
[19:52] <Mezentius> "Then know that you have faced Mezentius of Karkhedon, and that I bear the mighty mark of Royalty, and also the pious Zeno, who is guided by Zeus himself!"
[19:52] <Zeno> "Im granting you the Blessing of Zeus. He has Chosen you to do Great Work."
01[19:53] <@DungeonMaster> "Oh. Wow. So you guys are foreigners? Um...so what do you want from me?"
[19:53] <Mezentius> "Tell us under whose orders you offered us battle, and of what awaits in the village."
[19:54] <Zeno> "Storehouse... That used to be a village," Zeno assists.
01[19:54] <@DungeonMaster> "Village? Village is gone, uh, sir, uh, Milord. Milords. Yeah, there's a storehouse here. I was hired by the Alchemist Guild after it was built."
[19:55] <Zeno> "What is inside?"
01[19:55] <@DungeonMaster> "I've never been inside. We aren't allowed. Some are, but they've never said anything about it. We just keep watch. But...all the creatures come out at night, so they only have a few of us out here."
01[19:56] <@DungeonMaster> "But I think there's more than just storage."
[19:57] <Zeno> "like what?
[19:57] <Zeno> "
[19:57] <Mezentius> "I believe you are right, Strom. I suspect that this storage is just a story for you and your companions. But tell me, what do you suspect?
01[19:58] <@DungeonMaster> "Well, the animals that come out all go back in when the Sun comes up, so I think there's a bunch in there. I also see a lot of really important looking folks go in sometimes. They don't even like us looking at them. I guess they do alchemist stuff in there too. Maybe calling it storage makes it sound less important?"
[19:58] <Mezentius> Mezentius nods sagely. "A cover story."
[19:59] <Zeno> "How many guards?"
[19:59] <Mezentius> "And how many beasts, would you guess?"
[20:00] <Zeno> "Estimate the flammability of the buildings contents on a scale of 1 to 10 with 10 being a childs hair."
01[20:00] <@DungeonMaster> "There's two more patrol groups aside from us. If they heard you like we did they might still be on their way. As for the animals, well you got the snake, but there's also a lion, a really big bird...and...I think they called it an elephant?"
01[20:00] <@DungeonMaster> "Lot more guards during the day."
[20:01] <Mezentius> "Hm." Mezentius considers. "Let us go off a short distance, so that we do not have to slay another group in the midst of conversation."
[20:01] <Mezentius> He does so, after collecting anything of interest.
[20:01] <Zeno> "Agreed."
[20:02] <Zeno> Zeno leads their prisoner, careful to hide their tracks.
[20:02] <Mezentius> "Now, Strom, let Zeno and I tell you of what we have learned of the Alchemists' Guild..."
[20:02] <Mezentius> Mezentius shares some of what the party has learned, once they are at a safe distance from the battlefield.
01[20:02] <@DungeonMaster> The slain guards each have a mace, a heavy crossbow, a total of 26 bolts between the three of them, and three sets of leather armor.
[20:03] <Zeno> Zeno explains how the Mighty Zeus chose them to pass Judgement on those affiliated with the guild and offers Strom salvation in exchange for a meager lifetime of service.
[20:03] <Mezentius> "And so you see why pious Zeno and myself have come here to investigate what further dark deeds they may be planning here." Mezentius concludes after their sharing of revelations.
[20:04] <Zeno> "Youre decision now could save thousands of lives." Zeno assures Strom.
01[20:04] <@DungeonMaster> Strom listens intently. "Wow. I mean...I just needed the money. I really didn't want to get mixed up in anything like that. Wait, I know you guys, you're on those wanted posters! Oh man, this is really deep, isn't it?"
[20:05] <Zeno> "Far deeper than you know. Her Lady Athena has Blessed this man in person."
[20:05] <Mezentius> "As deep as Poseidon's depths, Strom. But we must not forget that above those depths, the eyes of the gods are upon us."
01[20:06] <@DungeonMaster> "Whoa. Alright, I'm in. I don't want nothing bad to happen. This is my homeland, after all. My family's been here 3 generations."
[20:07] <Zeno> "Then this is the time for us to proclaim Zeus' Judgement on this land and give it back to the common man. Together we will explain to your bretheren that their salvation is at hand as well."
[20:07] <Mezentius> Mezentius nods. "Let us move on boldly."
[20:07] <Mezentius> He stretches his mighty limbs, refreshed from the break. Almost like a short rest might have passed during their conversation.
[20:07] <Zeno> "Zeus be with you," Zeno pushes Strom ahead.
[20:08] <Mezentius> Mezentius takes the lead position of all, to better guard the other two from harm.
[20:08] <Mezentius> And so they press on, king, then soldier, then priest.
01[20:09] <@DungeonMaster> "So you want to find the others, then?"
[20:10] <Mezentius> "Yes, that is a good first step."
[20:10] <Zeno> "Actually, just take us to your boss."
01[20:10] <@DungeonMaster> "Uh...sure. Yeah the boss stays right at the entrance
01[20:10] <@DungeonMaster> "
[20:10] <Mezentius> Perhaps these destinations will be one and the same, Mezentius speculates. In any case, he nods his assent to Zeno's plan.
01[20:13] <@DungeonMaster> Strom leads the two to the lamp-lit entrance of the compound: beyond these gates is a small courtyard and then the storehouse proper. A grizzled and armored man stands at the entrance. "Strom, what in tartarus are you doing? Who are these jokers? Where's your squad!?"
[20:14] <Zeno> "We are the Voice of Zeus. We are here to inspect this facility and decide if His Holiness deems it worthy to stand." Zeno stately flatly.
01[20:14] <@DungeonMaster> He draws a longsword and shortsword, ready for anything. "Who sent you? I ain't expecting no inspection. Certainly not one from no holy man."
[20:15] <Mezentius> Mezentius strides forward. "I, Mezentius of Karkhedon, follow Zeus in this. Will you hear us out, or must there be battle?"
[20:15] <Zeno> "Zeus sends me with salvation for the lost as well as justice for the weak. Listen to my words and let there be no blood shed."
[20:16] <Zeno> "If you seek truth about our Blessing then look to your companion."
01[20:16] <@DungeonMaster> His eyes widen in alarm. "I know that name, you're that maniac who threw the guildmeister's body over the wall!!" He whacks a nearby bell, sending a very loud noise resonating through the night.
01[20:17] <@DungeonMaster> "Oh hells, that's the alarm! The squads will be on their way!!"
01[20:18] <@DungeonMaster> Strom seems very indecisive.
01[20:19] <@DungeonMaster> The boss charges forth, dodging Mezentius' thrust expertly. He then laws out a barrage of attacks...against Zeno!
[20:21] <Zeno> His attack is THUNDEROUSLY REBUKED! No man may casually lay hands on the Voice of Zeus!
01[20:23] <@DungeonMaster> The Boss doesn't seem all that affected by the rebuke.
[20:24] <Zeno> Zeno strikes at the boss with his spear while deftly spinning away.
[20:25] <Zeno> He ducks behind the Bearded King and summons his spiritual spear to attack again
01[20:25] <@DungeonMaster> He is struck, but stands firm.
[20:25] <Mezentius> Mezentius throws caution to the wind against the evidently well-protected captain. Zeus will protect him where armor may not.
01[20:26] <@DungeonMaster> Mezentius badly wounds the Boss. He's tough but no normal man can weather such attacks for long.
[20:27] <Zeno> "Take heed, mortal, Zeus can still provide Grace." Zeno warns.
[20:27] <Mezentius> "Do you begin to see the error of your ways?" Mezentius's eyes glimmer in the moonlight.
01[20:27] <@DungeonMaster> Strom cries out. "They're here! What do I do!?"
01[20:28] <@DungeonMaster> Sure enough two sets of four guards are incoming from the north and south
[20:28] <Zeno> "Pray for Zeus' Guidance, Strom. You know what to do." Zeno instructs.
01[20:28] <@DungeonMaster> "Ah dammit" He pulls his mace out and charges the Boss."
01[20:29] <@DungeonMaster> Though he accomplishes nothing.
01[20:29] <@DungeonMaster> The Boss attacks Mezentius before ducking away.
[20:30] <Mezentius> Mezentius laughs off the pinpricks.
[20:30] <Mezentius> A move that costs him more than it gains.
01[20:30] <@DungeonMaster> Mezentius gets another stab in as the Boss retreats
[20:32] <Zeno> "You cannot so easily escape Zeus' Judgement," Zeno declares and sends a flash of lightning after the boss.
[20:33] <Zeno> His spiritual Spear darts forth.
01[20:33] <@DungeonMaster> Neither harm the boss.
[20:34] <Mezentius> "Let any man among you who loves his homeland and his people stand with us!" Mezentius cries. "As Strom stands with us!" Mezentius's physical spear proves truer in aim this time.
01[20:34] <@DungeonMaster> The Boss falls to the ground.
01[20:34] <@DungeonMaster> "They killed the boss, get em!"
[20:35] <Zeno> "This bloodshed is unnessecary. Drop your arms and pray for salvation!"
01[20:35] <@DungeonMaster> Strom cries out. "We're gonna die!"
[20:35] <Mezentius> "He chose to stand with invaders and with traitors." Mezentius calls, knowing he likely has but one chance to be heard before battle is joined. "Will you do the same?"
01[20:35] <@DungeonMaster> "You're the foreigner, you big freak!"
[20:36] <Zeno> "We are the chosen servants of Zeus. We are here to Save you."
01[20:36] <@DungeonMaster> They reply with crossbows
[20:36] <Zeno> Zeno does not seem alarmed by this turn of events.
[20:37] <Mezentius> Mezentius's eyes blaze. "Do you not know Royalty when it looms before you! Then have the battle you crave! But I will spare those among you who seem honest men."
01[20:38] <@DungeonMaster> But instead of moving in they retreat further away. Clearly they intend to kill you from a safe distance.
01[20:40] <@DungeonMaster> "One at a time, just like the boss taught us!"
[20:40] <Zeno> Zeno falls to his knees as the arrows drive into him. He looks up and wipes blood from his lip. He Speaks Aloud, "ZEUS!" and a group of guards is struck my thunder.
[20:41] <Zeno> His ghostly spear chases after, striking one.
[20:44] <Mezentius> "He who has ears, let him hear! Zeus fights for us! Stand down, before another thunderclap sends you down to Hades - for we have not come to fight the men of the Duchy, but to fight for them!"
[20:49] <Mezentius> Seeing his words have no effect, he moves towards the wounded group and hurls a javelin.
01[20:49] <@DungeonMaster> "You're next, you big foreign freak!"
01[20:50] <@DungeonMaster> Strom bolts. "I don't wanna die I don't wanna die!"
01[20:51] <@DungeonMaster> The guards take aim again
01[20:52] <@DungeonMaster> Miracuously none strike Zeno.
[20:52] <Zeno> "Zeus be praised," Zeno stands and faces the onslaught.
[20:53] <Zeno> "Throw down your arms! We bring redemption from the plague that faces the Duchy!"
[20:53] <Zeno> He snaps a bolt off his chest and light radiates, healing himself.
[20:57] <Mezentius> Mezentius finally catches up with the retreating guards. The fools should have run straight away from him, instead of at an angle. He teaches them of their folly, confident in his recklessness since they are not, after all, able to take advantage and still shoot at Zeno.
01[20:58] <@DungeonMaster> Mezentius knocks out one of them, and pummels another.
[20:59] <Mezentius> He grins fiercely now that they are within his reach. Can they still ignore him and focus on Zeno, now that he is in their faces?
01[20:59] <@DungeonMaster> Another barrage at Zeno. They are disciplined if nothing else!
[21:03] <Zeno> Zeno catches 3 of the arrows on his shield. He breaks them off with the haft of his spear.
01[21:03] <@DungeonMaster> The trumpet of an elephant is heard from the north.
[21:04] <Zeno> "By Hades!" Zeno exclaims. "The lion!" he calls as a reminder to Mez as he continues south. A he fires a blast over his shoulder.
01[21:05] <@DungeonMaster> Zeno takes out a second guard
[21:05] <Mezentius> Mezentius pounces on the embattled pair remaining.
01[21:06] <@DungeonMaster> Mezentius puts them both down
[21:07] <Mezentius> He seizes both by the scruffs of their sorry necks. "To the woods, Zeno, and the protection of Artemis!"
[21:09] <Zeno> "May her arrows fly true!" Zeus says back short of breath.
01[21:09] <@DungeonMaster> The elephant charges, covering ground very quickly
01[21:10] <@DungeonMaster> Out of the corner of your eyes you see the Boss get back up and run north
[21:11] <Zeno> Zeno leans into following Zeus' Will, and races for the treeline.
[21:12] <Mezentius> Mezentius makes for the trees, trusting that it will not be able to get through thick woods. He falls slightly behind Zeno, given his burden and armor, but that is well enough. Zeus shall doubtless guard him against elephants as well as he does against the weapons of men.
01[21:14] <@DungeonMaster> The elephant catches up to Mezentius, but moved too much to attack.
[21:14] <Zeno> "I fear..." Zeno pants, "His Will might not include you any longer. But rest peacefully in Hades knowing you died a hero."
[21:14] <Zeno> Zeno disappears into the trees.
[21:16] <Mezentius> The idea of Zeus's will not including Mezentius is so preposterous that, much like weapons do, it bounces off Mezentius's skull rather than penetrating his ears. The King carries on.
01[21:17] <@DungeonMaster> The elepahnt charges behind you, trying to gore you on its tusk.
02[21:18] * Zeno ([email protected]) Quit (Ping timeout: 186 seconds)
01[21:18] <@DungeonMaster> Mezentius is gored, but stands his ground
03[21:19] * Zeno ([email protected]) has joined #KCGsGame
[21:21] <Mezentius> Mezentius disappears into the woods.
01[21:21] <@DungeonMaster> The elephant stops at the edge, blocked by close trees. It trumpets again, then walks away.
[21:22] <Zeno> Zeno continues moving, watching for feline attackers.
[21:22] <Mezentius> Mezentius does not slacken his pace until he is well away, although he keeps an eye out for Zeno or Strom.
01[21:22] <@DungeonMaster> Zeno is many yards ahead of Mezentius, evidently having abandoned him.
[21:22] <Mezentius> He beelines away from the storehouse. Hopefully swift movement will carry the wounded party far away before the lion can arrive.
[21:23] <Zeno> Zeno looks back over his shoulder "Ah praise Zeus! He delivered you!"
[21:24] <Mezentius> "So he did." Mezentius grins in pain. "Though the mighty elephant tested even me. Let us hurry away, Zeno."
[21:24] <Mezentius> "We must get to a safe distance."
[21:25] <Zeno> "What a rousing success!" Zeno says, "Im quite pleased. Those men will ponder Zeus' Will forever."
01[21:26] <@DungeonMaster> Zeno is suddenly aware they are being watched.
[21:26] <Zeno> "By Hades" Zeno mutters, "Highness!" he warns.
[21:27] <Mezentius> "Indeed. But the great beast - that will take some slaying. A hero may lay low a lion or a bear, but it will take a band..." Mezentius pauses and takes up his shield.
01[21:27] <@DungeonMaster> A lion that glows red roars at you from the west.
01[21:29] <@DungeonMaster> It pounces! At Zeno, seeing as he's the smaller prey
01[21:29] <@DungeonMaster> What will become of our heroes!? Find out eventually!!!

 Post subject: Re: KCG's Awesome Log
PostPosted: Fri Jun 24, 2016 7:00 pm 

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01[18:27] <@DungeonMaster> Zeno awakens in an unfamiliar environment. He finds himself sitting in a chair, in a very large room. A very fat man in mage robes stands before him.
[18:28] <Zeno> Zeno tries to move his hands.
01[18:29] <@DungeonMaster> Zeno notices he does not have hands. He is otherwise not tied down in any way.
[18:29] <Zeno> He also silently give Zeus his thanks for delivering him from "I DONT HAVE HANDS!?" he exclaims. "What have you done to me!!??"
01[18:29] <@DungeonMaster> "Yes, apologies, I can't have you casting spells now can I? I am Sergius, a high-ranking member of the Alchemist's Guild."
01[18:30] <@DungeonMaster> "I'm told your name is Cyrano?"
[18:30] <Zeno> "You sick monster. You could have just taken my spell focus."
01[18:30] <@DungeonMaster> "If I did that you'd be far less inclined to hear my proposal."
[18:30] <Zeno> "I am Zeno, Voice Proper of Zeus. You face His Holy Wrath for impeding my mission," Zeno appears completely calm.
01[18:31] <@DungeonMaster> "Perhaps, but I don't see you fulfilling that wrath anytime soon. Will you hear me out?"
[18:32] <Zeno> "Of course. I am willing to listen to your plea before Judging you. It would be unethical to simply slay you without knowing your purpose."
03[18:32] * Mezentius ([email protected]) has joined #KCGsGame2
01[18:33] <@DungeonMaster> "I can give you your hands back. In fact, I can ensure you will never lose a limb ever again. At least not for long."
01[18:34] <@DungeonMaster> "We have made a major breakthrough in our research to craft a greater soldier, one not subject to such paltry things as injury or death."
[18:34] <Zeno> "So you are endeavoring to protect the Duchy by creating a stronger defense through magic?" Zeno asks.
[18:36] <Zeno> "Have you considered the possibility that my lord's brother Hades will take offense to your dabbling in death?"
01[18:37] <@DungeonMaster> "We are crafting a product to sell. What the Duke does with it is not truly our concern. Through many experiemts with trolls and other creatures, right here in this facility, we have concocted a treatment that grants remarkable regenerative abilities to humans. And no, I am not at all concerned with Hades or any other god. The Deathbreather guides us."
[18:39] <Zeno> "The Deathbreather?" Zeno asks.
01[18:42] <@DungeonMaster> "Our great master, the archetect of our glorious plot. He rules whether one knows it or not, a true King of Kings. He guides us, and will give us our great reward. He will accept your service as well."
[18:42] <Zeno> "You are asking me to abandon Zeus and sign on with the Alchemist Guild? Do you know how being a priest works?"
01[18:43] <@DungeonMaster> "Your hands, eternal life, and a grander god awaits you. You need only assent."
[18:45] <Zeno> "I can assure you that your god is not Grander than the One I serve. He Who Banished Titans is above all that is under the sky."
01[18:46] <@DungeonMaster> "I'll warn you now, Cyrano, if you refuse my offer I will gouge our your eyes, castrate you, and you will spend all the days of your life begging for scraps of food among foreigners."
01[18:46] <@DungeonMaster> He brandishes a knife, as though to show he's not bluffing.
[18:49] <Zeno> "Sergius," Zeno begins calmly, "Even if you gouge my eyes, Zeus will find your crimes. Remove my testicles and Zeus seed will spill upon the duchy. Cast me out to the foreigners, that they will heard the messege of Truth from my intact tongue. You will pay for your crimes against the God's. Be it at my hand or anothers."
[18:49] <Zeno> Zeno looks away, apparently finished speaking.
01[18:51] <@DungeonMaster> "So be it." Sergius approaches. The sound of thunder suddenly booms and...a voice comes from it. "Well spoken, my faithful servant. Father Zeus sees all." Sergius looks around, alarmed.
[18:52] <Zeno> Zeno joins his captor is looking around alarmedly.
01[18:53] <@DungeonMaster> "Call upon my name once more, righteous Zeno, avenge this wrong against you, and come to your well deserved rest."
[18:54] <Zeno> The unbound priest stands and raises his arms to the heavens. "Zeus!" he shouts, the sound of his voice reverberating.
01[18:55] <@DungeonMaster> At once a pillar of impossible light shatters the ceiling of the room, blasting down upon Zeno and Sergius alike.
03[18:55] * Lysander ([email protected] ... enlink.net) has joined #KCGsGame2
01[18:57] <@DungeonMaster> Though Zeno feels his body being destroyed, he feels no pain. Only the joy of an intimate encounter with his true master. Sergius on the other hand screams in agony as his body is shredded. Zeno feels himself rising, and sees that he now rides upon a massive eagle. Looking below he sees his own broken body. His reward awaits.

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01[18:28] <@DungeonMaster> Mezentius suddenly finds himself standing in what appears to be a cave. Though there is no obvious source of light, he has no trouble seeing. Before him is a tunnel leading into darkness, but standing in the way is an impossibly tall man. 10 feet tall and well built, he has pale skin, short black hair, and wears a black toga. He is facing away from Mezentius.
01[18:32] <@DungeonMaster> "Mezentius, my boy, you are something else."
[18:32] <Mezentius> Mezentius takes a deep breath. "Through fire and darkness." he murmurs, then raises his voice. "Stranger, how have I come here?"
01[18:32] <@DungeonMaster> "You fought man and beast until man and beast bested you."
[18:34] <Mezentius> "Ha. Fall in battle? I suppose I did..."
[18:34] <Mezentius> "So do Minos and Rhadamanthus await me below?"
01[18:35] <@DungeonMaster> "Arrogance is a common trait of your kind. Herekles and Theseus thought nothing of combat with the deadliest of foes."
[18:37] <Mezentius> Mezentius smiles tightly. "Aye. Well, Herakles bested his lion, and though I fell with my name on his lips... it seems that I did not."
[18:37] <Mezentius> *his name on my lips
[18:39] <Mezentius> "Why have I found myself here, and not at the river's bank, waiting for passage among the throngs of the dead while Charon plies the waters in his boat?"
[18:40] <Mezentius> "I slew seven men before I fell - yet I find myself alone with you, and not with the crowds of the dead on their path further below."
01[18:41] <@DungeonMaster> "We have much to discuss and very little time to do so." He turns to you. His face is handsome, yet hard. A man of grim undertakings. "Mezentius, I know Athena hinted, but do you want to know why Karhkedon fell?"
[18:43] <Mezentius> "It seems to me I see the mark of royal blood in your countenance. Am I wrong?"
[18:44] <Mezentius> "And if there is aught I do not know of Karkhedon's fall, then I would hear it indeed."
01[18:45] <@DungeonMaster> He laughs, genuinely amused. "Royal? Such a mortal concept. Unbefitting even the least of the Olympians. Mezentius, have you ever known a man who fights as you do? Many are skilled yes, but with the sheer power you command? Blow after blow striking with barely a scratch to show for it?"
[18:47] <Mezentius> "None save my father. They say it runs in my family - the mark of Royalty. But I am an only son, and besides my father... none."
[18:48] <Mezentius> "I had hoped to find my equals in the courts of the North, or in fair Hellas. But I found only dukes, no kings - and no men spoke of these dukes' prowess in battle."
[18:49] <Mezentius> Mezentius bows his head. "Then you are Hades. King of a third part of the universe - that part in which I stand now."
01[18:52] <@DungeonMaster> "Oh you loyal naive child. What boy doesn't see the man who raised him as a hero in his own right? I am sorry to break your faith, and indeed I by no means disparage the combat prowess of Lousos, but he was not a man like you. I tell you the truth...Karkhedon fell because Lousos had no heir."
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[19:37] <Mezentius> "...What are you saying?"
01[19:39] <@DungeonMaster> "You are not Mezentius of KarKhedon. There is noble blood in you, from your mother's side, but you are no royal. No, you are far more. You are Mezentius...Son of Hades."
[19:40] <Mezentius> For once Mezentius is left speechless.
[19:42] <Mezentius> "...You, Hades, claim me as your son?" he manages at last.
01[19:42] <@DungeonMaster> "I wish we could talk more, my son, but now is not the time. You have a great quest before you. Find your friends. Discover your true foe. Save these lands from the Deathbreather." He hands you a vial and a banner, as if from nowhere. "Drink this when you awaken, and tie this to your spear. Goodbye, my son". And Mezentius vanishes.

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Mezentius suddenly awakens. He is covered in ashes. All that is about his is ashes, his mighty spear, and a few scraps of clothing clinging to his body. And the vial and banner in his hands.
01[19:44] <@DungeonMaster> He is in great pain. He sees that the vial looks like the healing potions he's seen before.
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[19:44] <Mezentius> "By Hercules..." Mezentius starts up. "Zeno! Valian!"
[19:44] <Mezentius> He looks around.
01[19:45] <@DungeonMaster> He sees he is in the very same place he fell. He hears the elephant's trumpet in the distance.
[19:46] <Mezentius> Seeing no sign of them, and mindful of the words of the divinity, he drinks the draught he has found, and fastens the banner to his spear.
01[19:47] <@DungeonMaster> He feels healing energy overtake him, and a reserve of strength.
[19:47] <Mezentius> Then - the sound of battle calls! Mezentius takes up his spear.
[19:48] <Mezentius> There will be time to think upon what he has heard later. He rushes in the direction of the elephant's call.

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WHERE WE LAST MET OUR HEROES, LYSANDER And Valian discovered they have a talking canine friend. They also found a dead snake, some dead humans, and apparently a live human poorly hiding from them. They are near the storehouse of the Alchemist Guild where Lysander's village once stood.
[19:02] Stunned by the irony of having his companion's divine gift rendered utterly pointless, Valian does not immediately respond to Lobos.
[19:03] He's playing through conversations in his head while motioning to the live human poorly hiding. "Get up here," he snarls, unhappy with the distraction.
01[19:04] The man approaches nervously. "Are you guys with those two Zeus fanatics by any chance?"
[19:04] "If by fanatic you mean devout and faithful worshipper, yes."
01[19:07] "Sure, okay. Well I met them about an hour ago...tried to kill them...and they spared me. I don't know what they did to me, but my mind feels...clear. Like I was in a fog for weeks. Then they went to talk to the boss, and things went down hill really fast. They got chased by the elephant to the south. I don't know what happened, but the lion came back about twenty minutes ago dragging the little one in its mouth into the storehouse. I've been hiding here because I'm afraid to die."
[19:09] "Your fears are well founded, because I'm considering killing you."
01[19:09] "Please don't. I can tell you everything I know about this place. I was a guard here. Just the outside, though."
[19:09] "Did you just tell me that you abandoned my friends after they spared your life and freed you from an enchantment?"
[19:09] "And I shall do a sight more than consider, if you caused the deaths of these, my former townsmen."
[19:09] "Your words may buy your life, or perhaps a touch of mercy when the Furies come to claim your soul."
01[19:10] The man seems very concerned.
[19:10] "You better show us where this storehouse is."
[19:10] "And speak all that you know if it, and quickly, if you fear the gods' judgement."
[19:10] Lysander seems rather more... grim than Valian has yet seen him. Though perhaps he has good reason.
[19:11] "If Zeno was truly killed, and Mez unable to protect him, I don't know what sort of horrific monster they might have faced. I have trouble imagining a normal elephant and lion put an end to them."
01[19:12] "It's right over there." In the darkness an enormous wall shape appears. "Okay, so the three of us went to talk to the boss. I don't know why they wanted to talk. I guess that's their way. The boss was having none of it though, he said they were outlaws. He rang the warning bell and the rest of the guards showed up. They kept fighting, though. Orders were to focus on the little one, because he's a mage we were told. Eventually I ran for it because I was certain we weren't going to make it. Then the elephant showed up and chased them down south."
03[19:12] * Zeno ([email protected]) has joined #KCGsGame
[19:13] "A mage? A mere mage?! You insult the chosen priest of Zeus."
01[19:13] "Right right, priest. Sorry, sorry!"
[19:15] The lanky fire-thrower holds his wrath down to a mere glower at the apology. "What else do you know of the place, knave?"
01[19:16] "I tried to tell them there were other guards, and guardian beasts, but it was their call. There are four of them. The snake, which is already dead, the elephant, the lion, and the owl...but I've never seen the owl."
01[19:16] "They come out at night, when there are only a few guards. At day time there are just a bunch of human guards."
[19:17] "The sacred bird of Pallas, corrupted and enslaved? What blasphemy is this?!"
01[19:17] "I don't know! I just work here. I came here for work, cuz I couldn't find any in my village, and the rest is just a blur!"
[19:18] "Let's move. We might still be able to recover Zeno's body, and send him on his way to the Ferryman."
[19:18] "I am sorely tempted to scour this wretch from the earth, and let the judges of Hades sort out his guilt or innocence. What say you of his fate, friend Huntsman?"
[19:20] "If our friends let him live, we should do the same."
[19:20] "If our friends have indeed passed on, he has from now until we discover that fact to put as much distance between me and him as possible."
[19:21] "Not all gods are so merciful as Zeus... but very well. Let us go, the fires of divine wrath within my soul burn for release upon a deserving enemy."
[19:21] "For if I find that your cowardice has slain the mighty Mezentius and...er...zlain the zantastic Zeno, it will be your undoing as well." He turns to Lysander. "Let us be off."
[19:22] Too late, he thinks that he should have used 'murdered' for Mezentius.
[19:22] "Aye; the Erinyes hunger. Let us find them their meat."
[19:22] They move off into the warehouse, seeking out the fate of Zeno.
01[19:22] The man runs off. Valian easily sees more tracks that lead to the dead people, and then going down south towards the wide walls.
[19:24] He follows the tracks, moving as quickly as he can.
01[19:25] As the three of them approach, they hear a lot of commotion in the direction of the storehouse. Suddenly an elephant's trumpet shatters the quiet.
[19:26] "This beast is no friend to us, Valian. It thinks only of rage and slaughter."
[19:26] "Cernunnos will guide my hand."
[19:27] "There will be no reasoning with the demented guardians of this place. Let us release them, to be judged as the Wealthy One wills."
[19:29] "Be wary. An elephant is as dangerous as all hell."
[19:30] "Indeed, such is known to all men of sense. But fortunately..." He flares green fire in his hand. "So are we."
[19:31] "Let the chill of Cocytus guard me from harm," he intones gravely. A cloying, icy mist surrounds him.
01[19:34] As they approach the tree line, they see what's going on. 6 men are moving about (two dragging some dead ones towards the gate). The elephant is also walking back into the gate as one man, the only one wearing proper armor, watches this all happen. After the elephant enters, the men all go in behind them and close the gate.
01[19:35] Suddenly a shaft of light as bright as the Sun strikes the very very large compound. Thunder roars across the sky. As the light disappates, you see Zeno rising into the sky on the back of an eagle. And then he's gone.
[19:36] "There be our foes... how are we to enter?"
01[19:36] Also you see human and elephant tracks leading further south.
[19:36] "Ah... it seems that Zeno's faith has carried him beyond the Furies' reach. Even Elysium be too poor a reception for a soul of his caliber."
[19:37] Valian ponders. How can he get into the sky?
[19:38] Vengeance is the only thing left to him now. He will set fire to the compound and kill those who try to escape the flames.
[19:39] He sets about turning the compound into these fools barrow.
[19:40] "Let us avenge. Do we approach by stealth, like a plague in the night, or openly, as conquerers?"
[19:41] "Like a turtle safe in its shell, we must set that shell on fire, and slay it when it emerges."
[19:42] "I like your thought."
[19:43] "ONce the flames begin, I have the power to fan them with unnatural speed."
01[19:49] Mezentius shows up. He is mostly naked and covered in soot, but otherwise seems alright.
[19:49] "Mezentius? Be thou flesh or vengeful shade?"
[19:49] "See! His shade is leading us towards vengeance."
[19:50] <@Mezentius> "Lysander! Brave Valian!"
[19:50] "Fire the damn storehouse!"
[19:51] <@Mezentius> Mezentius strides towards his companion, stirring up clouds of ash and dust in his wake. "I knew you would come. Evil dwells here!"
[19:51] Taking heart at his dead friend's words, Valian sets about securing his entire supply of alchemist's fire together.
03[19:51] * Kain is now known as Valian
[19:53] "Poetic though it would be, I doubt even your arm is strong enough to hurl it over the wall. Perhaps if we could breach the outer layer, and trap them between the wall and the flames..."
[19:54] <@Mezentius> "Before you make your attack, let me warn you that three hellish beasts remain. Pious Zeno and I together slew an infernal serpent, but a lion charged with hellfire and a great trumpeting beast still stalk these parts. And another which I have not yet seen.
[19:57] "What is your counsel then, Mezentius? I would avenge you."
[19:57] <@Mezentius> "I know not whether I am shade or living man, Valian, but know that I can feel the strength of my right arm restored, and I will fight beside you when the time comes."
[19:58] <@Mezentius> "But I counsel that we wait until nightfall, and face the beasts. It was Zeno's hope that some of the guards might be brought to see the light, if the evil in this place were purged."
[20:00] "The light of your ordeal shines in your eyes, it is yet night, Mezentius."
01[20:00] "This lion and elephant maybe are tested on like I am." Lobos suggests.
[20:00] <@Mezentius> "And tell me, have you learned aught of his fate? I stood between the infernal lion and he, and held its teeth and claws off from him when he was sorely wounded, but it breathed a great gout of fire that engulfed us both, and only I endured. Since then I have not seen him, to know whether he was slain or survived to be imprisoned."
[20:00] <@Mezentius> "It is night still? By Hercules, I swear that I can see as if it were broad day."
[20:01] "He was taken by his Lord," Lysander speaks of Zeno.
[20:02] "A great eagle lifted him aloft."
[20:03] "Let us hunt then. We will pick these fools off one by one, and subdue them. If we should find the guardian beasts, we will lure them into a trap."
[20:04] <@Mezentius> "Aye. So we will. But if pious Zeno is gone, let us first of all find a new ally. For though it be Zeus's gain, still his loss will be keenly felt by us below."
[20:04] "I know where we might find such aid."
[20:05] "Among the so-called bandits I dwelt among, there are several who might be willing to join with us in battle, some of them skilled enough to be more than arrow-fodder."
[20:07] <@Mezentius> "Then I counsel that we swiftly move to join forces with them."
[20:08] They swiftly move to join forces with them.
[20:09] <@Mezentius> "I told Zeno... before... that the great beast would take more than just two heroes to bring down. For I felt its tusks, and though they did not lay me low, it was such a blow as I have never been dealt, save by the Guildmeister himself."
[20:09] "I sense his hand in this from beyond the grave."
[20:09] <@Mezentius> "But if a band of heroes can combine forces against it, then I believe that it will be slain, brought down by darts and weapons from every side."
01[20:10] And so the heroes depart the thrice-damned compound, no doubt to return at a more sensible time! As they travel Mezentius has time to ponder the banner he has affixed to his weapon. It appears a stylized depiction of the cosmos: a stormy heaven above, land, seas, an underworld, a home, and a hearth within. Seeming to represent Zeus and his siblings. It fills him with confidence.
[20:10] "Aye, for elephants are dangerous as Tartarus."
[20:11] "That is truly a portentious banner you bear, Mezentius. Its symbols fill me with confidence in our common cause."
[20:11] <@Mezentius> Mezentius ponders the banner. "So it does for me as well."
[20:11] Valian spares no words for the banner, bound to Mezentius' cause by friendship and not common religion.
01[20:12] Lysander leads the heroes to a place that seems nothing special. A tightly packed copse of trees an otherwise sparsely wooded area. But all is not as it appears.
[20:12] For the companions have with them a talking wolf.
[20:12] Nothing will ever be as it appears again.
[20:13] "We have arrived; let not your eyes be decieved, for our camp is cunningly hidden from unwelcome eyes."
[20:14] Of no great opinion of bandits' cunning these days, Valian prepares to be underwhelmed.
[20:14] Or at best, whelmed.
[20:14] <@Mezentius> "Advise us, Lysander, will they appreciate a man who approaches them boldly and with pride and courage, or humbly and with winning words? For I have learned that boldness is often looked down upon in these lands - but perhaps free men still love courage?"
[20:15] He heads into the copse, and reaches into a patch of moss, then pulls; the section of the tree pulls open, revealing itself to be a hidden door. "It matters not how you present yourself, for simply by the fact that I allow you entrance, they will know you as friend."
[20:16] "Were I taken captive by the Guild or some such fiends, it would be simplicity itself to lead them about for days, they all unknowing they trod upon our very roofs."
[20:17] Whelmed it is.
[20:17] "Boldness is no mark of disdain among us, valor is prized... though Valian's looks might win him a cool welcome, at first. Many here suspect that foreign powers are the cause of the Duke's corruption, rather than looking closer to home."
[20:17] Valian gives an unreadable glance and smooths his hair over.
[20:17] He is one with this land.
[20:18] <@Mezentius> "Then we will have to prove ourselves with deeds as well as words." Mezentius enters with the others.
01[20:18] Beyond the door a tunnel slopes downward. As Lysander knows, the compound is somewhat dug in, though open air once beyond the trees. They form a natural fence.
[20:19] <@Mezentius> Mezentius eyes the tunnel walls as they descend beneath the ground. Are such places below the earth his true, natural home?
[20:19] He makes the appropriate signs and identifications to any sentries.
01[20:19] Lysander hears the familiar crow call, signalling the okay.
[20:19] If these bandits be of Lysander's worth, they might not be so bad. Valian tries to temper his prejudice.
[20:22] <@Mezentius> Mezentius looks about for these bandits as they emerge.
01[20:23] Going within, they find that the camp is like a small village surroudned by solid wall of trees. Several small shelters dot the area, people moving about doing very tasks. Two identical and rather handsome young men approach Lysander. "You're back, what did you learn? Who are these guys? Why is he naked?"
[20:25] Lysander greets those he knows as they pass, if they should reveal themselves. "Hail, Markus and Milkus," he greets them cordially, if not truly warmly. "I have learned much, that others oppose the Duke and his Alchemist puppetteers," he says with a nod towards Val and Mez. "Mezentius hath survived a brush with the first of Tartarus, in feline form, though his clothes were not so fortunate."
01[20:26] "Whoa" they exclaim together.
[20:27] "These are Mezentius and Valian, warriors mighty and bold, who share our cause. With some aid from myself, they did slay a full dozen of the guild's hired swords; twice over, as the thugs were raised from death to fight on against us."
[20:27] "We slew the guildmeister as well," Valian adds.
[20:28] <@Mezentius> "Indeed, I faced alone the fiery beast, and a dozen - indeed two dozen - mortal men could never lay me low." Mezentius proclaims boldly.
01[20:28] "He's dead? Alright!"
03[20:28] * Zeno is now known as Sam
01[20:28] Sam the monk approaches. Another hero of the people like Lysander.
[20:28] "Thats great news. Lets celebrate... by meditating!!"
01[20:28] Markus and Milkus excuse themselves suddenly.
[20:28] <@Mezentius> "We have come here with Lysander seeking allies who could join us in our fight for justice. A fight that begins by retaking the village that once lay here, and was so unjustly razed."
[20:29] <@Mezentius> "Farewell, then, Markus, Milkus. I hope we will speak more later.:"
[20:29] <@Mezentius> "What is your name, stranger? You have the countenance of a good man."
[20:30] "I am Sam." he replies.
[20:30] <@Mezentius> "Sam, you speak with Mezentius of..." Mezentius hesitates, trailing off.
[20:30] "I am also an enemy of the alchemist guild. We should move quickly to capitalize on the death of the guildmeister."
[20:30] "Indeed he is; Sam is a monk, of a monastary that was destroyed by their foul machinations."
[20:31] "Their faces are SO stupid."
[20:31] "Tell me, brother Sam, where is old Constantinus? He will wish to know of these glad tidings, and may have counsel for us."
[20:32] "It was Constantinus who devised the camoflague that has saved us from so many an ambush; he is as much a leader and a sage as we have among us."
[20:32] "...Karkhedon," Valian finishes Mezentius' introduction, giving the man a concerned look.
[20:32] "He left with some of the others to make a new camp on the Isle of Repose"
[20:32] "They are probably dead," Valian informs Sam bluntly.
[20:33] "Sergius of the Alchemist's Guild took over many minds, and turned them into cannibals."
[20:33] ""Wait, did you say CONstantinus? Hes here. I thought you said ConSTANTinus. Sorry."
[20:34] "Well then, likely not dead."
[20:35] "LIkely not, I saw him at breakfast."
[20:35] "Unless he fell into a coma induced by 'meditating'."
[20:35] "Pretty sure you mean mediCating."
01[20:35] An old man approaches. Though his long white beard demonstrates his great age, he moves still with strength. Constantinus. "Lysander, who have you brought to...oh. It's you." He regards Valian and Mezentius with a sort of surprise. Like he's seen an old friend.
[20:35] "I never joke about meditation."
[20:36] <@Mezentius> "CONstantinus?"
[20:36] "No? Haven't been partaking of Diancecht's leaf a bit?"
[20:36] He looks up as the old man comes in. "Have we...met, Sir?"
01[20:37] "Yes, that's me. You two must be Valian and Mezentius. A dream told me of your arrival. Come, we have much to discuss." He leads you to his old man father figure hut.
[20:37] "I told you was sagely."
[20:37] "Yeah you was."
[20:37] "So sage." Sam says.
[20:38] "Sausage?"
[20:38] "No thanks.:
01[20:38] "Don't suck up, it's a bad habit."
[20:39] <@Mezentius> Mezentius looks for a seat in the old man father figure hut. "Tell us, then, host, what your dream foretold."
[20:39] "Of course." Lysander follows Constantinus into his hut. He waits to tell their story, as to not repeat the dream.
01[20:39] There are no seats, you sit on the floor like the mystical peoples of the east.
[20:39] <@Mezentius> "That we may judge whether it is of ivory or horn."
[20:40] Sam easily folds into an advanced yoga position.
[20:40] Valian takes a hunter's squat.
[20:41] <@Mezentius> Mezentius stands, legs planted apart.
01[20:41] "The voice in the dream told me in no uncertain terms that you two would arrive. I even beheld your guises, though you were in armor at the time, Mezentius. The voice told me I must complete the gifts Athena bestowed upon you, and prepare your allies as well."
[20:42] Valian wonders what completing Athena's gift would entail. Already he can outrun a deer.
[20:43] <@Mezentius> "Yes. I believe my armor must have burned and melted away in the beast's inferno. Iron is a fragile thing, compared to the body of a k..." Mezentius's habitual response to such inquiries gets in before his thoughts catch up, and when they do, he trails off.
[20:44] "Yes, we need all the help we can get, against the target we must assail. What counsel can you offer us, Constantinus?
01[20:44] "Valian, you were given speed enough to keep up with any friend or foe, but I can train you in truly defending your allies from harm. Mezentius...this banner of yours, I saw it in my dream as well, and can teach you how to use it. As for you Lysander, you're going to have to learn how to use a sword if you plan to get that thing reforged. And I believe I have something for you as well, Samuel."
[20:45] He opens one eye. "Oh?"
[20:46] A sword for someone else, Valian thinks.
[20:47] <@Mezentius> "I now truly believe that it was Pallas Athena, and no other, who we met in the woods. If you are her agent in this, Constantinus, then I will listen to your teachings."
01[20:49] "Now we've too little time for me to teach you what you must learn...so I'm afraid I'm going to have to use something special." He gets up and opens a chest at the foot of his bed, which is a mat on the ground. He pulls out a ring...and a small hourglass. "I wish we had more time, for this is a grave magic."
[20:50] <@Mezentius> Mezentius watches, intrigued. White magic... just what is needed to counter the black magic of the Guild?
[20:50] Lysander watches with interest. "I'd long suspected you had such knowledge."
01[20:51] He tosses the ring to Sam. "This will come in handy to you sooner than I'd hope." it has a small amethyst gem inset.
[20:51] "Thank you" Sam replies.
01[20:52] "Now, the time has come. Prepare yourselves." He turns the hourglass around and places it on the floor. Immediately something feels wrong, like the air itself has changed.
[20:53] <@Mezentius> "By Herakles..." Mezentius murmurs.
[20:54] "Gwydion's tits..." Valian mutters.
01[20:54] "Now...we have time enough to do what is needed." He digs through the chest some more and pulls a longsword from it, handing it to Lysander. "Begin weapons drills with this, outside. The rest of you come with me." He gets up and walks out.
[20:54] He's going to have an awful lot of swords if everyone keeps giving him one, Valian thinks.
[20:54] <@Mezentius> Mezentius follows.
[20:55] Valian glides silently behind Mezentius, concerned about the man's reluctance to name himself king.
01[20:55] Outside, there is very obviously something wrong. Everyone is perfectly still. No sound whatsoever. The air feels cold and strange.
[20:55] Sam seems happy to just be tagging along.
[20:55] "Embrace the chaos from which the gods forged all..."
[20:56] Valian makes a mental note to share one of the 365 sacred herbs with Same once they have some time.
[20:56] <@Mezentius> "Mighty magic indeed..."
01[20:56] "Sam, grab a practice staff and begin drills with Valian. Valian, block the blows as best you can with your swords."
01[20:57] "Mezentius, let me teach you everything I know about inspiring your men."
[20:57] "Like this?" Sam sets about trying to insert the staff into one of Valians many orifices.
[20:58] Flash and Arrow make theirselves known quickly.
01[20:58] "Yes yes. Valian you will continue to block these until he knocks you unconscious. Then you will recover, and begin again. Until I say otherwise. Lysander, you will drill until you cannot move your arms, then you will watch Valian until you can."
[20:58] Sam's bow staff whirls masterfully, but Valien's defense holds the hard cedar pole at bay.
[20:59] <@Mezentius> "That is well. The men of the Duchy need much inspiration."
[21:00] "Of course." Lysander takes the practice sword, and starts swinging.
01[21:00] "Mezentius, this is the Banner of the Olympians. Tis no ordinary material. Even if you are crushed beneath a thousand mountains it will remain. Yet guard it with your very soul, for it is a gift like none other."
[21:02] <@Mezentius> "While I still draw breath, I shall defend it."
[21:03] Sam knocks the crap out of Valian.
[21:03] Valian accepts this, cleans his pants and sets about blocking better.
01[21:03] "Good. As for drawing breath, it is well for men to fight knowing they die for a worthy cause, yet knowing they fight for a victorious one will spur them even further. For a man who knows he will die will disregard his well-being, but the man who fights to see a glorious tomorrow is one that will not only fight beyond his strength, but fight intelligently."
01[21:04] Constantinus gives several useful pieces of advice along these lines. So enrapturing is his lesson that time seems to fly by. It's hard to tell how much is passing.
[21:04] Sam waits patiently for Valian to tidy himself then goes back to beating on the ranger.
[21:04] <@Mezentius> No time at all, would be Mezentius's guess.
01[21:05] "Now Mezentius, rouse us. Hold the banner high and inspire us to battle!"
[21:05] Valian accepts another spine shattering blow on his kidney, wondering what color his **** will be in the morning.
[21:06] Sam extends a hand to Mez, offering him rest.
01[21:06] After no one knows how many beatdowns and recoveries, Constantinus changes Sam and Valian's lesson. Instead of defending himself, Valian must now defend Constantinus from attack.
[21:06] He looks around, wondering if Lysander is watching him or still swording.
[21:06] <@Mezentius> Mezentius raises his banner high. "The gods themselves march behind us, companions, and fill us with strength! With their aid we shall be victorious!"
01[21:07] "Good, Mezentius, now more! More!"
[21:07] Sam catches Constantinus with a sucker punch as he cheers on the King.
[21:07] Valian's blades snake out to intercept.
[21:07] The staff shatters as it impacts the crossed swords.
01[21:08] Lysander finds that the blade's weight is no longer strange in his hands. It's becoming as normal as holding a dagger or club.
[21:08] Lysander is unused to this sort of exercise, but hearing the exhortations of Mezentius fill him with renewed energy, and he continues tring to mimic Valian's swings.
[21:08] "Well done," Sam bows and launches a handful of daggers at the Bandit Leader.
[21:08] Valian kicks a rock into the air, cuts it into five pieces, and sends them flying into the daggers' paths.
[21:09] "You have mastered the basics of combat," Sam says flatly.
[21:10] "Perhaps something more advanced." he shifts his weight and raises his arms to his sides. "See how you handle this."
[21:10] <@Mezentius> "No foe can stop us now!"
[21:11] Sam throws a simple jab at the Xon.
[21:11] Con
[21:11] Bandit guy.
[21:11] It is a perfectly executed jab.
[21:11] Valian imposes disadvantage upon it.
[21:12] Although it appeared that the punch would land, suddenly it doesnt.
01[21:15] This goes on for an undetermined amount of time. Suddenly Constantinus declares "Stop. Come back with me everyone." He leads you back into his leader hut.
[21:16] Valian stops. He lets Mezentius take the lead, but follows the men back.
[21:17] <@Mezentius> Mezentius leads the party back to the leader hut.
[21:17] Lysander follows them, his leaden arms hanging limply.
[21:18] Training is nothing new to Sam. He hardly breaks a sweat. He does offer some encouraging words for his sparring partner. "Youre blocks are sloppy and youre swords are poorly weighted for someone of your size. You will likley get us all killed." He pats him on the back.
01[21:19] Once he does so, he takes the hour glass into his hands. "I pray this was enough. Lysander, Samuel, bury me with my ancestors once this is all over." He shatters the hourglass in his hands and lays down upon his mat. The air suddenly feels normal again. Constantinus' flesh turns to dust, and only his skeleton remains.
[21:19] Oh ****.
[21:19] "Uh... what?"
[21:19] Valian refrains from speaking aloud.
[21:19] Sam carefully scoops the dust into a jar.
[21:20] Valian helps, renewing his vow to introduce Sam to the 365 herbs of Miach.
[21:20] "Lys, we must find the burial grounds of his ancestors. Someday. First, lets go beat up alchemists."
[21:20] <@Mezentius> "May the Three Kings below judge you kindly, good Constantius."
[21:20] <@Mezentius> "But now - yes. We have work to do!"
[21:20] "I can hardly believe he is gone."
[21:21] "The dust will keep." He pours a sealing coat of wax atop the cork to the jar. "You can carry it if you like."
[21:21] "May you continue to inspire us with your sacrifice as you did with your words, good Constantinus, and the Furies serve as your honor guard to the Elysian fields."
[21:21] Lysander reverently accepts the jar and puts it away as safely as he can.
[21:22] Valian gathers up the bones, removes one from Lobos' mouth, and hands them to Sam.
[21:22] "We shall bury the bones here before we leave, perhaps to find a more suitable, permanent resting place."
01[21:22] Lobos whines. "What happened? Old man is bones now."
[21:23] He ties them into a neat bundle. "Perhaps i could apply my woodworking skill upon them?" he thinks aloud
[21:23] "This is death, friend Lobos. It comes for us all, in its own time. Constantinus chose the time and manner of his passing, a gift given to few of us with honor."
01[21:23] Sam knows he could indeed make a nice box for the bones.
[21:23] <@Mezentius> "Magic, Lobos." Mezentius thinks nothing of the talking wolf. He is used to understanding animals.
[21:23] "I believe its called scrimshaw," Valian tells Sam.
01[21:24] "Humans die fast. Wolf stays flesh for long time after die."
[21:24] "Someday I will turn this into art, but not today." he tucks the bones away safely.
[21:24] <@Mezentius> "Now. Lysander, summon those among the camp who are worthy men willing to fight for their homeland and people."
[21:25] "Yes go Lysander. We must follow these men into battle against the alchemist's guild."
[21:25] "Of course."
[21:26] Lysander goes and brings back three men, the three best for this type of mission. "Markus and Milkus are indispensible in matters of infiltration and sabotage; Sir Pepin is a knight bold, the greatest fighter among us, excepting perhaps Sam. Bringing more on such a task would, I think, only alert our foes and bring doom upon our quest."
[21:27] "Exactly the men I had considered." Sam nods approvingly.
01[21:28] Sir Pepin approaches. "Hail, good companions. Know that though peasants ye be, I will think of ye as knights in spirit."
[21:29] "What is your plan, brave leader?" Sam asks Mez.
[21:29] "Call Mezentius not by that word, Sir Pepin; for he is a king in exile."
[21:29] "Are you seriously going to call a King a peasant?"
[21:29] "Or the son of a knight?"
[21:29] "Ah, a king? Then we are entangled in your destiny it would seem."
[21:29] "Let us go forth and sever the yarn that ties you to your quest."
01[21:30] "Truly!? Then you have my sword, good King Mezentius."
[21:30] "And my..." he looks at his empty hands. "Well, my whatever."
[21:30] <@Mezentius> "My destiny and yours are bound together, good Sam." Mezentius agrees. "As for your sword, Sir Pepin, I accept it gladly. May it cut a path to victory!"
[21:31] "A victory we shall find by following which path, King?" Sam asks.
[21:31] "Forgive me, Valian, I knew not of your noble parentage. But now that our band is assembled - seven, a most holy number, second only to twelve - let us be about our mission of vengeance."
[21:32] "Yes, lets. I have lingered in this camp too long.
[21:32] "
[21:32] They move out on their quest.
[21:32] <@Mezentius> "The path to war!" Mezentius expands his speech to include the group. "The time for hiding in the forests is over - now battle looms before us!"
[21:33] But hopefully still battle in forests, Valian muses, his internal monologue in overdrive today.
[21:35] <@Mezentius> Mezentius rallies their new companions as the band issues forth. Their target - the Alchemists' stronghold.
01[21:53] As they approach, they see a number of rather twitchy looking guards standing at the gate. They seem to be expecting something. They have a rather cannibalistic look in their eye.
01[21:59] The time for battle has begun
[22:01] "Let me slip in for a closer look..." Markus quickly ducks into the vegetation and slides in close, preparing to snipe once the others engage.
01[22:02] Markus is probably hidden well.
[22:03] <@Mezentius> "You shall not sate your unholy hungers this night, by Herakles!" Mezentius casts a javelin at the lead guard, then raises his banner high and closes in.
01[22:04] The guard roars in fury as the javelin stabs his chest.
[22:05] Lobos lunges for the guard.
01[22:05] Blood is spilt and Lobos spills more. The guard seems exceptionally pissed.
01[22:07] Blood slips back into the guard's body.
[22:07] "I um... I think this is a really bad idea," Milkus pouts before rushing after his brother.
[22:08] "WAIT UP MARK!" he shouts.
01[22:08] The guards probably saw that.
[22:08] Sam attempts to disapear into the brush as well
[22:10] Milkus' shouting likely covers his disappearance.
01[22:10] The two northmost berserkers get into the motion!
01[22:12] Unfortunately for them the one who tried to charge at Mezentius is brought to the ground by Lobos and can't get close enough for an attack!
01[22:14] And then he gets scewered by Mezentius as he approaches!
01[22:14] The other berserker is luckier and strikes poor Lobos on his back.
[22:15] Lobos is barely injured by the blow, so filled with Mezentius' wise words is he.
[22:17] Lysander intones a curse upon the guard who dares strike their canine companion, and follows it with a greenfire blast.
[22:17] "To feed upon human flesh is abomination. By the mere contemplation of it, you are all made anathema to the holy twelve. Alecto, Megaera, Tisiphone, make me your deputy and your instrument!"
[22:18] He is really obsessed with those furies, Val thinks.
01[22:18] While the furies do not finish off the berserker, he clearly has only seconds left.
[22:18] If Lysander could read Valian's mind, he'd be impressed that he recognizes the Furies' names.
01[22:20] Two more berserkers charge forth, at Lysander and Mezentius!
01[22:21] Lysander ably dodges the berserker, but Mezentius calmly takes a blow on his chinny chin chin.
[22:27] Valian rushes across the yard with the speed of Hermes, and draws his blades, hoping to slay both of those attacking his companions. "For ZENO!" he yells.
01[22:28] Valian stabs the berserker up good, though not *quite* good enough.
01[22:29] Two more berserkers rush into the fray against the mighty Mezentius!
01[22:30] They make good effect of their blades. Better if they faced a mere man.
[22:30] <@Mezentius> "And for justice and chivalry!" Sir Pepin advances into the fray, trying to cut down the berserker bothering Lysander.
01[22:31] Pepin makes great effort against the berserker. Though it is not slain, it's clearly outmatched
01[22:32] The last two move in to surround the heroes
01[22:33] Pepin strikes one who brazenly enters his guarded territory.
[22:35] Markus takes a shot at the nearly-dead berserker near Lysander and Lobos.
01[22:36] Markus' aim is true, and the berserker goes down with a gurgle.
[22:36] And he fades back into the shadows.
[22:37] Or not, as the case may be.
[22:37] <@Mezentius> Surrounded by a half-dozen foes, hemmed in by blades... Mezentius laughs. He is back in his element at last. The great spear flashes as he wields it against the pack of foes pressing in against him.
01[22:38] A pair of foes goes down before him, and a third gets knocked a bit in the fury of it all.
[22:38] <@Mezentius> "O Hades! See the gifts I send you with this right hand of mine!"
[22:39] Lobos springs upon another foe.
01[22:40] Lobos takes a hunk out of the berserker's butt, but he does not fall on it
[22:41] "Maybe we should stand back and let the professionals handle this, eh brother?" Milkus' voice tremors as he creeps up to take a shot.
01[22:42] Milkus proves his worth as well, and another berserker goes down frothing
[22:43] Sam steps out from behind a tree and jams his thumb in one guards eye.
[22:44] He twists the guards should back and brings a fist down on his throat.
[22:44] Then sweeps his knee out from under him
[22:45] "You don't see me getting out of cover, do you Milk?"
01[22:46] The berserker doesn't even have the chance to foam at the mouth from that brutak take down.
[22:47] Sam rolls the brute over gently and crosses his arms over him before looking for a new target.
[22:48] Lysander maneuvers around the fight, and switches his Hex to a new target. He makes a slashing motion with the spellsword hilt, and flame leaps from it like an overlong blade.
01[22:49] The magic bashes into the berserker's back, leaving him roaring. And foaming.
[22:52] Val slips away and tears into those flanking Mezentius. "By Zeno's Thunderbolt! DIE!"
01[22:53] Zeno smiles upon his companions as another berserker is felled
01[22:53] One of the two remaining berserkers strikes at Mezentius, but to no avail.
[22:54] <@Mezentius> Pepin engages his foe with the pommel of his blade. "A knight shows mercy." he proclaims. "Perhaps if the source of evil here is cleansed, he can be brought to his senses."
[22:55] <@Mezentius> "If not... a knight also shows justice."
01[22:55] Pepin successfully knocks the berserker unconscious.
[22:56] Markus decides to let the hero-types have the glory of finishing the fight, and creeps towards the gate to look inside.
01[22:57] Markus sees it's a complex lock holding the gate closed. Beyond it is a courtyard about 40 feet in length, and then teh building
[22:57] <@Mezentius> Mezentius's spear ends the last berserker's battle.
01[22:57] There is a very large door, large enough for an elephant to walk through
[22:58] <@Mezentius> Mezentius stretches his mighty arms, the small red bruises left by the impact of blades on his bare flesh swiftly fading. "It is good," he proclaims with a grin, "to be back."
01[22:58] Mezentius knocks this one unconscious too.
[22:59] Lobos springs, checking himself in midair as the man falls.
01[22:59] And so the battle ends. No doubt more guards wait within. As well as the fearsome guardian beasts. What else awaits them inside the building? What damage has the divine lightning wrought? Find out some other time!

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01[19:07] WHERE WE LAST MET OUR HEROES, THEY WERE yelling at a paralyzed cannibal. Mezentius was attempting to break him out of his funk.
01[19:09] Between Mezentius' forcible statements and Samuel pulling his finger, the cannibal seems to come around. He blinks a bit. "Whoa. Ow. Hy head. My everything. Owwwww."
01[19:09] Mezentius suddenly sits down. "I think have to think about things for a while. Go one without me."
[19:10] <@samwise> Sam takes a few steps back to allow Valian to take the lead.
[19:10] "Do you now think to cast pleas for mercy upon Alecto's pity-deaf ears, man-eater?"
[19:10] Concerned about Mezentius' new melancholy, Valian puts a manly hand on his friend's shoulder.
[19:11] <@samwise> "I believe... he knew not what he was doing." Sam suggests quietly.
[19:11] "And?" Lysander seems unsure how that is relevant.
01[19:11] "What have I been doing...?" He seems very concerned and in pain.
[19:11] "The Compelling Orb binds men's thoughts and deeds to its magic."
[19:12] <@samwise> "Would you hold a man guilty for crimes committed while he was being coerced?"
[19:12] "You've been duped, you weak minded fool."
01[19:12] "Compelling Orb? Is that what's been in my head? They said they were going to give us something to make us stronger...and then...it all felt like a dream."
[19:13] "More like a nightmare. You've committed atrocities beyond belief. What do you intend to do about it now for restitution?"
[19:13] "Yes," Lysander says flatly to Samuel. "For that man should have taken his own life rather than go against the dictates of the gods, just as this man would have done better to starve than to serve the evil of the Guild in the first place."
01[19:14] "I...well...I can't move...but that damn fat Sergius ******* and that Chancellor Amon are going to pay. Soon as I can get up." He struggles to move his arm but to no avail.
[19:15] <@samwise> "Would you have me execute a comrade in arms?" Sam asks?
[19:15] "You would put forth effort to atone for your crimes? That may be your only hope to avoid the lashes of Tartarus."
[19:15] <@samwise> "He appears to have a grudge similar to ours."
[19:16] "He is entitled to trial by combat. However, his combat will be against the guild. If he survives, he will be deemed innocent. If he falls, guilty."
[19:16] "Should ou die having struck no blow against your vile masters, you are doomed to be the chewtoy of Cerberus for all time."
01[19:17] "So what, are you guys enemies of the Guild then? You seem to really hate them."
[19:17] "Yeah, we do, but enough about us. Get up."
01[19:17] He seems to struggle, but all he seems to be able to move is his face.
[19:18] "Good gods, man, haven't you had enough time for a short rest yet?"
[19:18] <@samwise> "Take one, while we try to get that lock open."
01[19:19] "You're breaking in? You know the elephant is right inside, right?"
[19:19] "You know a better way?"
[19:19] <@samwise> "Perhaps your first task in fighting the guild is to battle the elephant?" Sam suggests/
01[19:20] "I don't, sorry. They just keep him right up front in there in case someone actually does break in."
[19:21] <@samwise> "Where do they feed it?"
01[19:21] "Well it eats some things out here when they let it out at night, but they also keep a lot of food stored in there."
[19:22] <@samwise> "Who holds its leash?"
[19:22] "Then forward we go, though elephants be dangerous beyond all reason, and we must surely wade through a mountain of its dung like unto a miniature parody of Olympus."
01[19:22] "I think Sergius controls it...maybe."
01[19:22] Markus and Milkus suddenly announce simultaneously, "It's open!"
[19:23] <@samwise> "So it just tramples everyone that goes through this gate? How do you take deliveries and such?"
01[19:23] The gate swings open.
01[19:24] A rumbling can be heard from the storehouse entrance right beyond the gate.
01[19:25] And something like a trumpet.
[19:25] <@samwise> "Get clear of the gate!" Sam says before following his own advice
01[19:25] The front door bursts open and oh hey there's the elephant.
01[19:26] It trumpets in absolute fury, it's skin suddenly starting to grow large stone like protrusions.
[19:26] "Yes, we are enemies indeed, for your masters are enemies of the gods, thou mutated beast! Abandon them and be spared oblivion!"
[19:27] <@samwise> Milkus' eyes go wide. "shutthegateshutthegateshutthegate!" he chants at hus brother.
[19:33] Lobos holds back at his master's side.
[19:35] Milkus "NOPES" the hell out of the rampaging elephant's way, ducking into cover as he goes.
[19:36] Absolutely confident in his powers, Lysander calls down the power of the gods' wrath to cloud the beast's eyes.
[19:37] "Thou goest, Lysander," Pepin cheers.
01[19:38] The elephant refuses to be blind.
[19:38] "That really should have worked. Thou art truly an insult to the divines, beast."
[19:38] Pepin's crestfallen face is blinding in and of itself.
[19:39] <@samwise> Maarkus follows his brother's lead, diving under the same bush.
[19:40] Val backs up, takes aim and opens fire.
01[19:41] The arrows embed themselves in the elephants stony hide to no effect.
[19:41] Lobos stays at his master's side.
01[19:43] Meanwhile, it now barrels forth. As it clears the gate, it stamps down with tremendous force, rocking your world. The ground ripples beneath your feet, and a fissure opens up right before you, swallowing a few of the dead cannibals. The elephant bellows in triumph.
01[19:44] The walls behind the elephant crumble, and some wall cracks form in the storehouse itself.
[19:44] "Who are truly your enemies? We who assault this place, or the masters who have warped you beyond all nature?!"
[19:45] Valian wonders if Lysander is trying to seriously talk the elephant out of destroying them all.
01[19:45] The elephant roars back.
[19:46] He also wonders if the Compelling Orb would have been of any use, but Mezentius' reverie has taken that off the table.
[19:46] He also wonders if he left the iron on.
[19:46] <@samwise> Sam dances atop the crumbling earth and disappears into a small fissure for cover.
01[19:48] The can't-move former cannibal is freaking out right now.
[19:48] "A knight does not shy away from combat most noble. A token, fair Lysander, before I fell this beast?" He does not wait for an answer and moves in on their foe.
[19:50] "Thy zeal is all to thy credit, sir Pepin!"
[19:50] "And verily do I credit thy thighs with mine zeal!"
[19:50] Milkus pokes out his head, and takes a quick potshot at the beast, hoping it won't notice him, then fades back into the underbrush.
01[19:52] The bolt strikes the beast in its flank, though not as deeply as one would prefer. The stone-hard hide is no ordinary obstacle.
[19:53] Lysander pours eldritch energy upon the stone-skinned brute.
[19:54] "Well struck, Lysander!"
01[19:54] The blast knocks a stony piece of flesh off of the creature. Magic seems more effective against it. It roars again.
[19:55] <@samwise> Markus pops up, a shadow of his brother, takes his shot, and disappears again
[19:57] Valian moves in, his wolf at his side. He flings a flury of spears at the elephant.
01[19:59] The spears are on point, one after another striking the elephant's stony head. Despite it's rocky protection they clearly do damage to it. It's bellows are less confident and more just in pain.
01[20:00] The elephant charges at Valian, giving Pepin an opportunity to attack.
01[20:01] His greatsword knocks another hunk of stone off the creature's flesh as it moves.
01[20:02] As it approaches Lobos gets a good bite in.
01[20:03] The elephant's fury is naught but sound, as it fails to gore the mighty Valian.
[20:03] <@samwise> Sam dashes across the battlefield to gain advantage.
[20:07] Pepin lifts his mighty blade, checks to make certain Lysander is looking at him, and charges the elephant.
[20:09] "A knight must punish a naughty beast, yes he shalt!"
01[20:09] Pepin makes a devistating strike against the beast's rump. So devastating he decides not to hit it a second time for another six seconds at least.
[20:09] It is unclear if the naughty beast is the elephant or Lysander.
[20:10] Milkus continues to shoot 'n scoot.
[20:11] Badly, it seems. Nerves must be taking their toll on him.
[20:12] Lysander holds his ground and directs green fire into the elephant's wounds.
01[20:12] The green fire goes into the elephants not-wounds. And do nothing.
[20:13] <@samwise> Markus appears, shoots, and scoots.
01[20:14] This one hits. Markus is the better twin.
[20:15] <@samwise> "Stop running Milk
[20:15] <@samwise> ! We have to stand our ground!"
[20:15] "I'm too pretty to get trampled!"
[20:16] <@samwise> "You chicken! We have to help!"
[20:17] Valian moves in on the creature, ducking and weaving as he draws Flash and Arrow. He puts them to work on the monster's trunk while Lobos flanks from the...er...flank.
01[20:17] They are a lethal pair, wounding the stone beast grievously, and even bringing it to the ground. Though it is not yet slain.
01[20:18] The elephant stands back up and tries to stand on Lobos.
01[20:19] And succeeds. The wolf whines piteously from the stamp.
[20:20] <@samwise> Sam monkly punches the elephent. You know... There.
01[20:22] The elephant's left testicle's rocky shell cracks in half. It's whimper is also piteous.
[20:23] "Your pain will end soon."
[20:23] Lysander just barely manages not to wince at the sight.
[20:24] Pepin puts one hand on his hip, lines his blade up with the elephant's arsehole, winks at Lysander and thrusts.
[20:24] Then twists the blade.
01[20:24] It's skin fissures like the ground. It roars in agony.
[20:26] "Be thou not cruel, Pepin, mocking of one's enemies is unbecoming of a follower of Zeus."
[20:26] Milkus aims for the eye...
01[20:27] The bolt flies right into it. The elephant stands motionless as its layer of stone skin sheds off, leaving a bloodied ordinary beast. Then it falls into the pile of its own rubble.
[20:27] "What doest I have to do to fetch his eye?" mutters Pepin frustratedly.
[20:28] <@samwise> "We have to get out of the open." Sam suggests.
01[20:28] The stones amidst the beast begin to coalesce into a vaguely humanoid shape. It looks left, looks right, and then sinks into the ground, vanishing entirely.
[20:29] "Into the warehouse! Press the attack, while we have the momentum!"
[20:29] "Into the compound," Valian agrees. "Let's move."
[20:29] Lysander waves the hilt of his spellsword, pointing towards their target, drawing on its power to refuel his own.
[20:29] <@samwise> Sam kicks through the rubble, looking for a clue to the elephants origin.
[20:29] Milkus, looking inordinately pleased with himself, follows with a swagger.
[20:30] <@samwise> "Ok lets go," he says after a quick look.
[20:30] <@samwise> "Oh i bet you think youre something now dont you?" Markus calls him out.
[20:30] <@samwise> "You were hiding under that bush for the most part."
[20:31] Valian throws one leg over Lobos and the two rush off towards the warehouse.
[20:31] "Just goes to show that finesse can win the day, brother."
[20:31] <@samwise> "Theres no time for that," Sam says to Markus. "We have to move."
[20:31] <@samwise> and so the party rushes for the cover of the warehouse.
01[20:34] Even as the doors open the overpowering odor animal filth and alchemy washes over you. A large bed of straw dominates much of the room, and leftover pieces of food are scattered across the floor. On the ceiling are numerous small orbs that emit light, allowing you to see well enough. There is a door to the north, and the room to the west is an open archway.
[20:35] Valian heads north.
[20:36] The rest follow.
[20:36] <@samwise> Sam pockets a few of the globes as he passes through.
01[20:37] A large black structure dominates this room, with large metal pipes extending from it into the ceiling, one going north and three going west. In the small spaces around pair of poorly-dressed halflings, one male and one female, diligently wipe it with fairly clean rags. Their partially shaven heads reveal heavy stitching surrounded by inflamed skin, as though they had recently had surgery. They also seem somewhat malnourished as far as halflings go. They take no notice of you and continue their work.
[20:37] "Ho there, be you abiding minions of this foul place, or unwilling slaves?"
01[20:38] They continue to work. They don't seem to respond at all.
[20:40] "Hmph." Lysander takes a closer look at the (no doubt blasphemous and unholy) machine.
01[20:40] As Lysander appoaches, he hears the very faint sound of flowing liquid.
[20:42] "What is that... do you hear that sound, as if of unholy blood being pumped through a heart and veins that should not be?"
[20:42] Valian looks around the room. If the halflings refuse to respond, he knocks them unconscious.
[20:42] <@samwise> Sam assists in his monkly way
[20:43] <@samwise> To destroy the machine would be costly to replace." he suggests.
[20:43] "It is... water? They have defiled the simple well from which my village drew the life-giving waters of the earth? To what end?"
01[20:43] The only other things in this room are two mats, presumably for them to sleep on.
01[20:44] The halflings do not respond to Valian's presence and are duly knocked out.
[20:44] "Yes, yes, it would... though I wonder what foul miasmas it might unleash upon us."
[20:44] <@samwise> Sam scans the room trying to determine what work was being done."
[20:45] Valian has no time for the guild's slaves. Hopefully he will have time to drag them out of here before the flames reach them.
01[20:45] Valian sees another room to the north. This room is packed with crates to the point where you cannot even enter. The scent of salt and jerky wafts from the crates. Near the door is a small valve connected to a pipe descending from the ceiling.
[20:45] Valian begins throwing crates out of the way to get to the northern room.
[20:45] <@samwise> Sam assists again.
01[20:46] It is difficult work, but they manage to slowly clear out the northern room. As some of the crates break, it's clear they are indeed filled with various preserved foodstuffs.
01[20:46] As Valian digs to the heart of the matter, he finds this is indeed just a food storage room.
01[20:46] Some animal food as well.
[20:47] He takes the food and tucks it away in his pack before investigating the valve.
[20:47] <@samwise> "Lets keep moving." Sam suggests.
01[20:47] The valve is loose enough to turn left, but it does not budge turning right.
[20:47] "Take it if you wish; I would eat nothing from this place."
[20:48] <@samwise> Sam takes some food too.
[20:48] <@samwise> "Perhaps well find a wagon further in."
[20:49] Valian turns the valve promptly.
[20:49] He cranks it hard to the left immediately.
01[20:49] The valve utterly baffles Valian, but to his great shock it spurts out water onto the ground.
01[20:49] Who'd have thought!?
[20:49] He keeps turning it to the left.
01[20:49] The water begins pouring with more force
[20:49] <@samwise> "Is there a drain?
[20:49] <@samwise> "
01[20:49] There is no drain.
[20:50] <@samwise> "Why would there be a spicket and no drain?"
[20:50] Valian looks up at everyone with an empty look in his eyes. "Water."
[20:50] "It won't save you from a hungry owlbear."
01[20:50] But perhaps a thirsty one.
[20:50] He continues turning the valve to the left.
01[20:51] The valve stops turning left after another turn. The water is on full blast.
[20:51] <@samwise> "Enough of it would. Enough water could destroy and entire inn id imagine."
[20:51] Valian looks around for something he can use to turn the valve further left.
01[20:51] Valian could potentially use a piece of wood as leverage
[20:51] He does so.
[20:52] It is vitally important that he turn the valve further.
[20:52] "Break it in the on position, and the building will flood! Do it!"
01[20:52] Valian breaks the valve off. Now no one can turn the water off. Ever.
[20:52] <@samwise> Milkus' jaw drops, unable to comprehend what madness is occurring.
[20:53] "Water." Valian points to the liquid. "Let's move."
01[20:53] Meanwhile you notice that the halflings have gotten up again. Whatever bumps on their head that were there are gone. They are wiping the machine again.
[20:53] <@samwise> "Well done." Sam says, patting the ranger on the back.
01[20:53] In fact their heads look even better than before.
[20:54] Valian ignores them and moves to the western door.
[20:54] <@samwise> "Now this doesnt bode well."
[20:54] <@samwise> He opts to ignore the creepy halfling as he doesnt care for children.
[20:54] "The water healed them," Valian explains.
01[20:54] Valian enters the western room, for the door is not locked. This room houses numerous weapons: spears, javelins, as well a trio of suits of armor standing on display against the wall. Two seem rather worn and dusty, while the middle is magnificently ornate. All three have a sword and shield somehow attached. Pipes cross the ceiling into the room to the west.
[20:55] Valian examines the armor more closely.
[20:55] <@samwise> "A wagon." Same mumbles again.
[20:55] He also takes the spears and javelins.
01[20:55] There are 20 javelins and six spears.
[20:56] <@samwise> Sam offers to help carry stuff.
01[20:56] As Valian touches them the armor begins to move. "Intruders will be destroyed." The center one announces.
[20:56] "Water," Valian responds.
[20:58] "Ah, the old moving statues trick! Such trite cliches will not save you!"
[21:03] Lysander enters the room and fires away at the less ornate statue on the right.
01[21:03] The magic bounces off its shield
[21:04] <@samwise> Milkus hears noises, but shrugs and looks at markus
[21:05] <@samwise> Sam on the other hand, runs up to assist Val.
01[21:06] Valian almosts has an idea, but then starts thinking about water again.
01[21:08] The armors attack!
01[21:08] Their swords brutalize the air.
01[21:09] "Employees only. Intruders will be destroyed."
[21:09] Pepin moves as fast as he can towards the fray.
[21:10] "I am an employee! I have a letter of admission to the guild!" Valian declares.
01[21:11] "Identification please."
[21:11] "Milkus, Markus, get thee into the fray!"
[21:11] "Belay that."
[21:11] Valian proudly displays his guild admission letter.
[21:12] <@samwise> "Where did you get that?" Sam asks.
01[21:12] A light shines from the center armor's head onto the letter. "Welcome back NEBIN. Please enjoy your weapons." The armors go back against the wall.
[21:12] <@samwise> Sam raises an eyebrow but says nothing.
[21:12] "I am Nebin. Remember that name, all of you. I am a very famous guild member!"
[21:13] He takes the spears and javelins and leaves.
01[21:13] The center armor's sword is glowing slightly, now that you get a good look at it.
01[21:13] As is its shield.
[21:13] <@samwise> "That could likely be put to better use
[21:13] <@samwise> "
[21:13] Val turns around. "Probably. But we have work to do first."
[21:14] "I, Nebin the Astounding, need that sword and shield," he tells the center armor.
[21:14] "What witchcraft is this?," Lysander asks Valian.
01[21:15] "Please replace with viable alternatives." it says as the sword and shield clatter to the ground.
01[21:15] "In 5."
01[21:15] "4."
[21:15] Valian deposits Arrow and his morningstar.
[21:15] In the center armor's hands.
01[21:15] "Thank you. Have a guildtastic day, NEBIN."
[21:15] "The guildtasticest."
[21:16] He takes the items and moves on. "I dub this weapon Arrow II."
[21:16] He then moves west.
[21:17] "This is truly a bizarre place."
01[21:17] There is a door very close behind that door.
[21:17] <@samwise> "It is what it is." Sam replies
01[21:17] It is unlocked
[21:17] And Val keeps on moving.
01[21:18] This room houses a desk and numerous empty vials. The shelf space looks like it could have contained many more. A bottle of ink and a quill are on the desk, but there are no signs of parchment. There is a black-scaled creature in the corner, held to the floor with metal restraints, its body covered in open sores. More pipes run west.
[21:20] Valian examines this black scaled creature. Is it a dragon? A bear? A snake?
[21:20] He bends his keen ranger mind to the task.
01[21:20] Looks like a dragon. It looks up at you. "You...are new."
[21:20] <@samwise> Sam positions himself to defend the ranger as he ponders.
[21:21] "Yes I am. Do you wish out of there?" Valian asks. He hates to see any creature imprisoned.
[21:21] Even a no doubt hateful dragon.
01[21:21] "I want to kill them all. But getting out would be fine too."
[21:22] <@samwise> "Are you healthy to destroy them?"
[21:23] Valian frees the dragon. If it helps them or wrecks the place, fine. If it turns on them, he'll never show gratitude to another filthy thing in this place.
01[21:23] It hisses in impotent rage. "They cut me, take my blood, my acid. HATE! THEM!"
01[21:23] As the dragon is freed, it curls up and begins licking its wounds.
[21:23] "You are free now." Valian moves on.
[21:24] <@samwise> "There is elephant to eat out front," Sam suggest as he follows.
01[21:24] "Wait. Human. Name your enemy's family. When I am big I will kill their decendants."
[21:25] <@samwise> "If they be enemies of Valian, i daresay they will have no descendants."
[21:26] <@samwise> "Promise him a favor, if you would repay him. To be delivered by his request at some later date."
[21:26] "Guildmeister Bergos."
[21:27] "The Guild is our greatest enemy, followed by puppet, Duke Graling."
01[21:28] "The Guild!" he hisses. "Yes, I will hunt them into extinction and boil their souls! You have made a mighty friend of Akaliko!" The dragon blasts acid at the desk, which crumbles, then it trots away.
01[21:28] "Kill them all! Kill the guild! Kill the Gralings! Kill kill kill!" it sings as it leaves.
[21:28] <@samwise> "Someone write that name down." Sam suggests, wisely.
01[21:29] A roar is heard from the next room over. Weak but still fierce. Pretty draconic.
[21:30] <@samwise> "Lets hope the neighbor is as charming."
[21:30] Valian keeps moving. He does not care. If the prisoners flee, good. If they attack, he will cut them down, like the rest of this damned guild.
[21:30] "Akaliko... sounds almost feline, somehow, despite his reptilian countenance."
[21:30] <@samwise> "Say, Pepin? Do you want to come stand by us?"
[21:31] <@samwise> "Here in the front?"
01[21:31] As Valian moves into the next room, he opens the door. This room houses a desk and numerous empty vials. The shelf space looks like it could have contained many more. A bottle of ink and a quill are on the desk, but there are no signs of parchment. There is a red-scaled creature in the corner, held to the floor with metal restraints, its body covered in open sores. Here the pipes diverge go entirely into the ceiling.
[21:31] "Another one?"
[21:32] "What about you, dragon?" Valian asks. "Freedom, or death?"
01[21:32] "Freedom...then death...to all these Guild pests..."
[21:33] "Works for me." Valian frees this dragon as well. A mistake? Only time (a very short amount of it) will tell.
[21:33] "That is the correct answer."
[21:33] <@samwise> "Remember Valian's mercy."
01[21:33] The dragon is freed, and immediately breaths fire against the wall. It is scorched by despite its wood appearance does not burn. It then begins licking its wounds.
[21:34] "Where are the masters here?" Valian asks it.
[21:34] <@samwise> "What do you know of your captors, Dragon?"
01[21:34] "It took an army to capture the mighty Furnacca. And a thousand armies to capture her again."
[21:34] "Do they have an army left?"
01[21:35] "The fat one stays in the north room, but I have not seen him since the booming thunder. The rest stay to the south."
01[21:35] "There is also a lion who burns with stolen fire...but not mine."
[21:35] "Whose?"
[21:36] <@samwise> "Are you well enough to join us or would you be better to leave for now to wreck greater vengeance with us later?" Sam asks.
01[21:36] "Some weaklings! Who cares! There are also the mindless humans who walk around. And...the Chancellor he calls himself. He is not what he appears to be."
[21:36] "What is he?"
01[21:37] "He hides it well, but I can smell it. The dragon's scent. One of those weak forest dwellers!"
[21:37] Valian gestures for Pepin to check out the room to the northeast.
[21:38] <@samwise> Sam ducks into the room behind Pepin.
[21:38] "A faerie dragon. Excellent. Fare well Furnacca."
[21:38] Valian heads south.
01[21:38] "I go now! I will heal and begin my reign of terror anew. Know this, that I will kill Guildsmen as thank you. But then we are even." She leaves.
01[21:38] Pepin checks the north room. Whatever this room once was, it is now an absolute mess. The ceiling has a gaping hole in it, and there appears to have been a fire on the floor. A number of beds and chairs lines the walls with leather straps attached, as well as several torture devices and surgical tools. Directly under the hole is a bleach white skeleton. Next to this skeleton is a bloated, mangled, and burned body festering with maggots.
[21:39] "Get any of his stuff, Pepin," Valian calls as he continues to the south.
[21:40] <@samwise> Sam stifles a vomit.
01[21:40] Valian enters the southern room. Whatever this room used to hold, now there is only a burning lion.
01[21:40] It roars thunderously.
[21:40] <@samwise> "Theres a door to the northwest," Sam calls back.
[21:40] "You murdered Zeno. Be you god or demon, today you follow after him."
[21:40] <@samwise> "Dont get grumpy, Val. Im just saying."
[21:41] Valian draws his blades and prepares to meet death.
[21:41] "Indeed."
[21:41] <@samwise> "Val?" Sam calls, "You guys ok?"
[21:42] "It is time to dethrone this burning king."
[21:42] "Come, all join the fight!"
[21:43] "I was too late to save you, Zeno," Valian states, seemingly to no one.
[21:43] "Not this time."
[21:45] "This time, I save you."
[21:45] <@samwise> "Pepin! Val needs us!" Sam grabs the knights shoulder.
[21:45] Pepin moves in.
[21:45] "Lysander needs me."
[21:46] "You shall burn in the fires of Tartarus for the murder of the Prophet of Zeus, monster!"
[21:46] <@samwise> Sam darts into position.
[21:47] Valian moves in, slashing at the creature's flank as he circles it.
01[21:48] As Valian's blades sink into the beast's flesh, flames jump out to scorch him
[21:49] They do not even touch his flesh, as he fights under Mezentius' banner.
01[21:49] Truly he is with them, even though he's actually outside thinking.
[21:49] Lobos leaps at the monster's throat.
01[21:51] Lobos drags the beast down, though he burns his mouth in the process.
01[21:54] The lion gets back up and unleashes a gout of flame against Lobos and Pepin.
01[21:54] But not yet!
[21:55] Even as it climbs to its Lysander pronounces a dire curse, invoking the kingdom of Hades to reach out and drag at the lion, following it with a blast of his trademark green hellfire.
01[21:55] It roars back.
01[21:56] And then it blasts with fire.
01[21:59] Lobos succumbs to the flames, and Pepin is toasted rather nicely as well.
[22:01] "Shouldest I not maketh it, Lysander, there is something I would say unto thee," Pepin attacks the lion.
01[22:02] Pepin nearly slays the beast, the flames that lick back of little consequence to him.
[22:02] <@samwise> "Watch out!" Sam interrupts as flames spout towards the knight.
[22:03] "Thou wilt live Pepin, fear thou not!"
[22:04] <@samwise> Sam runs into the room and grabs the lion by the jaws. The he pulls them apart.
01[22:05] He almost seems to do it, but at the last second the jaws of fire snap back shut.
[22:05] <@samwise> The monks hands blister, but his focus narrows as he continues to strain.
[22:05] "You killed my Zeno."
[22:06] "Prepare to die."
[22:06] Valian crosses his swords together and snips them over the lion's neck like a giant pair of scissors.
01[22:07] Valian's snips the head off, and the flames immediately die off.
[22:07] "I'm calling out, light the fire again!"
[22:08] Valian kneels and calls upon the lore of Miach to heal Lobos.
01[22:08] As the blood pools where the lion lays, a small flame spontaneously alights from it. It grows until it is the size of a man. The flame looks left, looks right, and then...sort of just walks away because there's no fire to escape into.
[22:08] <@samwise> "What the..." Sam says wisely.
[22:10] <@samwise> Sam circles the corpse, considering it.
[22:10] "Elementals."
[22:10] <@samwise> "My thoughts exactly."
[22:10] "Bound to their hosts by foul alchemy."
[22:10] <@samwise> "So gross."
[22:10] "Let's move on. There are more guild members to die."
[22:10] "Are not even the fundamentals of nature sacred to these swine?"
[22:11] "No. Clearly not."
01[22:11] Lobos wines.
[22:11] <@samwise> "There was another room back there, and these doors here to explore."
[22:11] "Did you not just see the fire elemental?"
01[22:11] "I don't want to die again." He says.
[22:11] "More to consign to the flames of Tartarus. Let us move, and kill."
[22:11] "Did you not just hear me say that it was bound by foul alchemy?"
[22:11] "Also, we need to rest."
[22:11] "My wolf has spoken to me."
[22:12] "Like the great philosophers of old, friend Valian, my question was a rhetorical one."
[22:12] "Rhetoric will not help you when a hungry owlbear is tearing off your arm."
[22:12] <@samwise> "This room isnt safe. Too many doors."
01[22:12] Markus and Milkus walk in.
[22:12] "Very well, if you insist upon bowing to the weakness of the flesh."
[22:13] "If you do not wish to bow with us, you may continue on. We will catch up when we are able."
[22:13] <@samwise> "We can go home now, right?" Milkus asks as they enter.
[22:13] "Milkus, Markus, secure the halflings and take them to Mezentius."
[22:14] "I will be your strong sword arm should thou wish to carry on, Lysander," Pepin offers.
[22:14] <@samwise> "But you guys might need us here!" Markus retorts.
[22:15] Valian considers killing everyone that has not done as he asks, but pushes down the demon within.
[22:15] He leads Lobos out of the warehouse and sits with Mezentius, who continues meditating.
01[22:15] The NPCs follow the orders and come back a couple minutes later.
[22:16] Lysander consents to wait, and meditates to focus his rage.
01[22:16] After 59 minutes and 54 seconds, the door to the south opens. The head of the Chancellor pops out. "Oh come on, really?" He sighs and closes the door behind him.
[22:19] Some time after that, the group returns.
01[22:20] The south west door waits impatiently
[22:20] And it is opened, by brave Pepin.
[22:20] He flings it wide with a heroic flourish.
[22:20] Lobos growls, having not smelled anything beyond this door.
01[22:21] This room holds three large men covered in scars. And the Chancellor. The men are armed with long and short swords.
[22:22] "At last, the foul master of this foul den of... foulness."
01[22:22] "Well it took you long enough! I was afraid I would miss you entirely, and then you wouldn't even hear my cool taunting speech!"
01[22:22] "Do humans say cool? Has that caught on?"
[22:22] <@samwise> "Do you have a taunting speech?
[22:22] <@samwise> "
01[22:23] "Oh yes. Welcome you stupid fools to your deaths! There before you are three warriors masterfully trained and enhanced with the fruits of our labor! You cannot kill them! And so you will eventually die. And I will escape."
[22:23] "Ignore the guards, kill him first."
01[22:23] And with that the Chancellor slips through a hidden doorway in the wall and escapes.
[22:24] Valian gives Lysander a grim look.
[22:25] Pepin gives him a longing one.
[22:26] "As taunting speeches go, he's no Shere Khan," Lobos observes.
[22:26] "Fine, kill them fast and then go after him!"
[22:26] Valian translates his wolf's speech to the group.
[22:29] <@samwise> Milkus stands back out of the way, not wanting to shoot anyone in the back or something.
[22:30] Valian moves in.
[22:32] He slashes at the center one, then moves to the side and holds Flash out against the man's chest.
[22:32] "Are you afraid of me?" he asks
01[22:32] He grins through the obvious pain. "I fear nothing anymore."
[22:33] "You should."
[22:33] <@samwise> Sam darts through the doorway and leaps straight up, snapping his legs out, driving Vals sword into the man's chest.
[22:33] "If you do not remember fear in this life, Hades and the Furies shall remind you of it after."
[22:34] <@samwise> Sam drops to the ground, rolls back, and darts back out of the room.
01[22:35] He stumbles a bit, but doesn't quite go down like a man ought to.
[22:38] "Put him down, for his life be forfeit to thy cause," Pepin encourages Lysander.
[22:38] Lysander pronounces his Hex upon the wounded guard, and scours him with fire.
01[22:39] Even this blast of magic isn't quite enough to do the job. Goodness these guys are tough.
[22:40] "Fear not, brave Lysander, for if he shall not go down for thee, I shalt!"
[22:42] <@samwise> "We have to draw them into the open!" Sam says.
[22:43] <@samwise> Markys shoots at a guy
01[22:43] Markus finally seems to take him down.
01[22:44] Except it actually hit his armor so no he didn't
01[22:44] The vicious wound against the center warrior's chest begins to heal before your eyes.
01[22:44] But not yet
[22:44] Pepin moves in. "Nay, I deny thee!"
01[22:45] Now his wound begins to heal before your eyes.
[22:45] Pepin punches him.
01[22:46] And then they finally attack
[22:46] "Zounds!"
01[22:46] The slip their shortswords away and grab their longswords two handed because that takes less time.
[22:49] Valian groans as the blade cuts through him.
01[22:49] With perfect precision they slice as one. Which may be why only one of them hits their target.
01[22:49] "The Deathbreather has made us immortal. You will die this day."
[22:50] "You first," Valian snarls.
[22:50] "Blasphemy, only the gods are immortal! Anything beneath them can be killed!"
01[22:50] "The Deathbreather is the new god of this world! We are his chosen warriors!"
01[22:52] Valian's blade cuts down the middle warrior and then he makes a good account of himself on the one next to him
[22:53] He turns and prepares to aid Sam with the fastball special.
[22:53] <@samwise> Sam takes a huge risk and opens the other door to the south, hoping to circle behind
01[22:53] This room also has a desk, empty vials, ink, and a quill, as well as a jar of acid. A troll, looking near-death, is restrained with metal screws drilled into its arms and legs against the wall.
[22:53] Sam is cursed forever more in Valian's mind, as he has made him look like an idiot! A total *******!
[22:54] ****!
[22:54] <@samwise> Sam darts to the other door to flank
[22:56] <@samwise> Sam suddenly appears through the rear door and kicks the bad guy onto Vals sword, vindicating himself
01[22:56] Well it's the thought that counts
[22:58] Lysander switches his curse to the other guard in his line of sight, and blasts him as well.
01[22:59] Lysander hits him good. It clearly hurts, but...still.
01[23:00] Markus fails to do anything useful
01[23:00] Pepin almost succeeds
[23:00] "Ares why have you abandoned me?"
01[23:01] Valian's flesh is clearly made of sword magnets.
[23:01] "I'm starting to get a little woozy here..."
01[23:01] The three slash again.
[23:02] "You'll regret this when the Tosscobbles hear about it..." Valian slurs.
01[23:02] The third one got up again because his wounds healed of course.
01[23:03] Milkus makes himself useful, and gets one in the shoulder.
[23:05] <@samwise> Sam thinks quickly and runs back into the troll room, grabs the vial of acid, and throws it at the bad guys.
01[23:07] The acid clinks harmlessly against their armor and breaks on the ground
[23:08] "Free the troll," Valian commands.
[23:08] "And then stay the hell out of its way."
[23:10] "Take his advice, Sam, we'll distract them!"
[23:10] Lysander blasts his former target again. "Stay down, curse you!"
01[23:10] He goes down a second time
[23:12] Pepin hacks up the fallen body.
01[23:13] An arm and a leg are removed, and a few teeth are knocked out for good measure
01[23:13] He comes to again, but it takes all his focus just to get up on one leg. No chance of making an attack. The other two are more fit
01[23:14] Hearing the plan, one moves to attack Sam
01[23:14] They manage to heal at least
01[23:15] "What the...my arm, my leg!"
[23:15] Milkus runs to free the troll.
[23:16] If he can, he gets as far away from it once he frees it.
01[23:16] Markus quickly loosens one of the arm screws, which is enough for its arm to burst loose. He has just enough movement to step aside
01[23:16] The troll begins grabbing the other screws
[23:17] Valian brings his wrath down upon those before him.
01[23:17] "Uh oh." the one legged warrior says.
[23:19] "You don't get it, Boy."
[23:19] "This isn't a mudhole. It's an operating table."
[23:19] "And I'm the surgeon."
[23:20] <@samwise> Sam silently questions any school that would teach his techniques.
[23:21] Blades go in, blades come out.
[23:21] Sun comes up, sun comes down.
01[23:21] Valian butchers him further. His head is still one, but now he has no arms and no legs attached
01[23:21] The remaining two with limbs seem far less certain about their position.
[23:21] <@samwise> The monk spins and kicks the guy in front of him, deftly disengaging and getting out of the trolls way.
[23:24] <@samwise> Markhus shoots.
01[23:24] Markus scores.
[23:25] <@samwise> Markhus sticks out his tongue at his brother.
[23:25] <@samwise> Milkhus ignores him.
01[23:25] The troll claws out its leg screws and screeches with hunger and rage. It looks right at the warrior in the next room
01[23:26] Pepin gets him good too. He's nearly down.
01[23:27] "The troll, it seeks their flesh!"
[23:27] <@samwise> "Then let him have it!" Sam replies.
[23:28] Lysander finishes off Pepin's target.
[23:28] "Reclaim what was stolen from you, trollish brute!"
[23:28] "I think it's technically a brutish troll."
01[23:28] He goes down. Good thing Lysander didn't miss or that would have been embarrassing.
[23:28] "Same thing."
[23:28] "But technicalities don't help youout when an owlbear is tearing off your balls."
01[23:29] He gets up again, his wounds already healing, but he panics and instead of attacking he starts clawing at the wall the Chancellor escaped from
01[23:30] The other, still relatively fit, attacks
01[23:31] Actually he goes down again, but the other does still attack
[23:32] Val deftly parries the assault.
[23:32] He's going to start pulling veins out.
01[23:32] The third of course lays helplessly without his limbs. He seems to be attempting to wiggle his torso back to one of his arms
[23:34] He starts digging through the warrior's chest cavity using the magic sword.
[23:34] Using it like an entrenching tool, and he's got a whole lot of hole to dig.
01[23:34] Valian digs out his heart, which stops him from wriggling.
[23:34] Valian bites the heart in half.
01[23:35] He also hits the standing one good too
[23:35] "LUGH!"
01[23:36] "How...no...what...HOW!?" The third one is not pleased with how this is going.
[23:36] <@samwise> Sam slides along the back wall, helping himself to a spear from Val's pack, and jams it into the still standing guyl
01[23:37] Sam kinda slides around like a jackass to no effect.
01[23:38] But does get a good kick in.
[23:38] Lysander blasts the torso trying to wiggle itself to an arm. Nuh-uh.
[23:39] "No, abomination. You will not rise again."
01[23:40] That torso isn't going anywhere
01[23:40] Markus doesn't hit the prone unconscious warrior
01[23:41] The troll squeezes through the doorway.
[23:41] <@samwise> Milkus jabs him with an elbow. "****"
01[23:42] He claws at the last standing warrior
[23:42] Valian notices that Milkus may have lost his goddamn mind.
[23:43] Valian gasps, as the end of the world is surely nigh.
01[23:43] That's how much damage the warrior takes from teh troll
01[23:44] He doesn't quite go down though
[23:44] The very pillars of reality are crumbling around him.
01[23:45] The last warrior goes down. Now the troll can feast in peace.
01[23:46] It growls in a gutteral tongue. "He says 'go away, my food'. Methinks we should depart."
[23:46] <@samwise> Sam makes slow and careful motions around the troll
[23:46] Valian agrees. The party falls back to Mezentius to regroup and recover.
[23:46] <@samwise> "Mez? Did he come out this way?"
[23:46] Lysander follows, grumbling about the Chancellor getting away.
[23:47] Valian does not respond, as he and Lobos are moving out of the warehouse, *BACK* to Mez.

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DungeonMaster WHERE WE LAST MET OUR HEROES, THEY HAD just subjected a trio of super soldiers to a fate worse than death at the claws of a troll. Now outside and reunited with their still contemplative friend Mezentius, a pair of prisoners, and some weird halflings, they plot their next move.
Lysander "It were shameful to have to depend upon a beast for our victory. Only greater triumphs can erase this blot upon our story."
Valian "You could always go back in there, pull him off them, and beat them yourself," Valian suggests.
Samuel "What? The troll was a tool. A lackey we pressed into service. Valian, make sure the bards know thats how it went down. Ok?"
Valian "I'm not sure we're on speaking terms with any bards currently."
Valian "Where is a very famous performer around when you need one?"
DungeonMaster The gods laugh riotously.
Samuel "We need some bards. Do we know any? Markhus? Can you sing?"
DungeonMaster Markhus is nowhere to be found. Markus shrugs on his behalf, however.
Samuel "What about you Milkus? You could be famous."
Samuel Sam gives up waiting on a response. "So what do you guys make of the halflings then?"
Valian "Feebleminded."
Lysander "Mind-addled by some trick or sorcery, no doubt."
DungeonMaster The prisoner, who now can move, offers a reponse. "Oh those two? I think they were loboto-lotobo-I think they did something to their heads."
Samuel "Ah, so youve had plenty of time to clear your head. Any knew information pop in there other than the halflings medical condition?"
Valian "Or new information," Valian supports Samuel.
Lysander "Such as where the Chancellor may have fled?"
Samuel "He came out this way, yes?"
DungeonMaster "Uhhh...the Chancellor? Wouldn't he go back to the palace or something? That's where he lives right?"
Valian "Probably the monestary," Valian muses.
Samuel "I dunno. You didnt see him?"
DungeonMaster "I did, but then he just sort of ran off. Could have gone anywhere really."
Valian "Well, we've won this victory. Let's ransack the place, and move out to plan our next move."
Lysander "Didst thy feble mind note not the direction of his cowardly flight? Or art thou in his thrall yet?"
DungeonMaster Valian and friends notice water starting to pour out from the storehouse.
Samuel "Great. So were going to go finish tidying up inside. Perhaps your village can use the building as a library or something?"
Valian Valian suspects not, based on his sabotage.
DungeonMaster "Well he went that way" the prisoner points north, "but that might have been just to go around the walls."
Lysander "At the current rate, a memorial fountain seems more likely."
DungeonMaster Mezentius snaps out of his reverie.
Samuel "Or a swimming pool. Mez, would you like to join us in the warehouse?"
Mezentius Mezentius shakes himself. "Yes."
Samuel "Great. How about Markus and Milkus can guard the prisoners out here and the rest of us can go in and mop up?"
Lysander "If thee insist, though I would fain be about the pursuit of our true foe."
Mezentius "First, tell me. I saw a black dragon, a red dragon, and the Chancellor leaving this place while you were within."
Mezentius "Are these things all known to you?"
Valian "We released them."
Valian "More or less."
Samuel "Right. We set the dragons free in your name and the Chancellor escaped our clutches."
Valian "More in the dragons' case."
DungeonMaster Markus and Milkus agree to stay outside where it is safer.
Mezentius "Then all is well. Let us finish our work here and then, as Lysander says, pursue the other pressing matters that abound everywhere."
Mezentius Mezentius stores away the talisman he had been contemplating.
Samuel "Im of a mind that we finish reclaiming this land for your people. As our friend inferred, the Councillor isnt a hard man to find."
Valian Valian tells Mezentius of their trials within, including the avenging of Zeno.
Samuel "Zeno sounds like he was a great man. It is too bad his message of faith died with him. There are many who need faith these days." Sam sounds supportive.
Lysander "The messenger may have fallen, yet the message shall continue to resound throughout the land."
Mezentius "Valian, I am glad to hear that you avenged him. I knew that with or without me by your side you would act with honor and courage."
Mezentius "When peace is restored, I shall dedicate a monument to him. For now," Mezentius takes up his spear and enters the storehouse.
Samuel Sam follows.
Valian Valian mentally reviews his actions, trying to ascertain whether Mez's assessment is correct.
Lysander Lysander follows the others, broodingly.
Samuel Sam sketches a quick map in the floor to show Mez what they have already explored and steps back to lend help where he can.
DungeonMaster Inside, they see that water continues to pour from the northern room, and is making its way through the various hallways. The sound of a troll's roars can be heard as a muffled echo.
Valian Valian makes sure to explain the troll situation to Mezentius.
Mezentius Mezentius absorbs the updates as he leads the party towards the nearest unexplored area.
DungeonMaster The party arrives at the lion corpse. They vaguely recall Pepin mentioning seeing a skeleton and a rotting corpse two rooms north of here
Samuel "This door here, Mez. Its likely a closet." Sam says
Mezentius Mezentius finds out by opening it.
Lysander "Perhaps we should look for something to deal with the troll, should it turn from ally to foe," Lysander wonders aloud.
Valian Valian pats Arrow II and Flash.
Valian "These will work."
Mezentius "Zeno's Bane." he scowls at the fallen lion. "I see your deeds are as good as your words. I will take its skin before I go."
Samuel "A thump in the nose would turn him back to friendly ill wager."
DungeonMaster They find themselves in the room where the red dragon was held. An unexplored room lies behind the northeastern door.
Lysander "Can the beasts not heal from any mortal harm, save that delivered by flames and vitriol?"
Samuel "We havent looked in there yet. Could be undead. Weve met all manner of horrors here."
Mezentius Mezentius throws open this door in turn. "If it is the walking dead, then I shall send them back to their rightful Lord."
DungeonMaster Mezentius opens the door effortlessly. Whatever this room once was, it is now an absolute mess. The ceiling has a gaping hole in it, and there appears to have been a fire on the floor. A number of beds and chairs lines the walls with leather straps attached, as well as several torture devices and surgical tools. Directly under the hole is a bleach white skeleton. Next to this skeleton is a bloated, mangled, and burned body festering with maggots.
Lysander "Disgusting."
Valian "Indeed trolls can, Lysander. And the foul abominations grown here and infused with their flesh were also fed dragon's blood, to nulify that particular weakness."
Samuel "What happened here?" Sam asks.
Valian "I suspect this is where lightning struck," Valian muses quietly.
Lysander "Nothing that should have happend upon the gods' green earth. Like the troll, an application of cleansing fire seems called for."
Samuel "Lightning rarely blows holes in roofs." Sam replies skeptically.
Mezentius Mezentius strides within and looks about. Is all here reduced to ruin, or is there anything of interest or concern left?
DungeonMaster Valian recognizes the bloated corpse immediately. He had its head in his bag for a day after all. Sergius!
Valian "Sergius, that damned snake....then this must be...Zeno."
Valian "You did not know him, Samuel, but his faith in his god was enough that the lightning and thunder would indeed blast a hole in the roof."
DungeonMaster An amulet lies around Sergius' neck, identical to the one Zeno wore. He also has a ring on his dead pudgy fingers. Beyond that and the torture devices the only other thing of interest is the door to another room.
Mezentius Mezentius recovers the artifacts that once belonged to Zeno.
Valian Valian strips Sergius of anything Mez has left him with.
Valian Before gouging two holes in the dead man's skull. "Pay your ferryman with that," he mutters.
Samuel Sam reverently collects Zeno's bones, wrapping them in a blanket. "These are relics. Proof of the God's influence on mortal affairs."
Lysander "It shall go ill for this treacher's soul," Lysander nods approvingly. "Even as Zeus takes Zeno to his side."
Mezentius "It is well that we should show his corpse all due honor and funerary rites. As for Serguis, let him wail for an age on the near side of Styx." Mezentius turns his attention to the remaining door.
DungeonMaster Samuel feels a tingle of warmth as he gathers the bones, like simply being near them is a blessing.
Valian If nothing else catches his eye, Valian moves to the closed door and opens it.
DungeonMaster This room houses a tub and a bed. A pile of bones sits in the corner, and a small partially open drawer is next to it: clothes are sticking out. There is also a small desk with some papers, more ink, and a quill.
Samuel Sam gawks at the hole in the roof. "Gods..." he whispers, as though saying the word for the first time ever.
Mezentius Mezentius paces over to the desk, seeing what the dead man may have written with his paper and quill.
Lysander "I am tempted to purge this place with fire... but now that Saint Zeno's body has been removed from it, the cleansing flame is too good for what is left here."
DungeonMaster Mezentius finds a series of highly complex diagrams, as well as rough sketches of humanoids, dragons, and a troll. Beneath all these is a handwritten note.
DungeonMaster "My dearest, I will bring you back to life. I will bring you back and all will be right in my life again. We are so close to the answer, so close. Death is no obstacle now. The Deathbreather controls life and death. He will bring us into eternity."
DungeonMaster Mezentius also finds a great deal of coins.
Mezentius The handwritten note soon finds itself split in two by a blow from the spear that sinks deep into the desk beneath it. "Impiety and sorcery."
Mezentius "Lysander, do you take the other papers, and see if you can divine what their meaning is. Perhaps they will reveal some of our enemy's plans."
Lysander Lysander nods, and sets to examining the writings left behind.
Mezentius "If not, at least this coin may win us some allies in the city."
Samuel "A bard, perhaps." Sam suggests.
Valian "A very famous performer," Valian adds.
Samuel "Right." Sam confirms.
Mezentius Mezentius levers his spear out of the desk with much cracking of wood, and sees whether there is anything else of use or interest in the room or about the dead man's corpse.
DungeonMaster Mezentius notices a telltale bulge in the corpse's robe pockets, indicating something within them.
Valian Or that it's just happy to see him.
Valian Valian checks the suspicious bulge so that his king need not.
DungeonMaster Valian finds a pair of vials, identical to the healing serums he's recovered elsewhere.
Mezentius "Death is no obstacle now..." Mezentius muses.
Lysander "Many have tried to rob Hades over the centuries. None have succeeded."
DungeonMaster Lysander realizes these notes are written in Infernal, of all tongues! They appear to detail the methods by which the Alchemist Guild infused the soldiers with their regenerative abilities. It also notes that this process also makes them far more suseptible to control by the compelling orb.
Mezentius "I would make certain of it, Lysander. He who rises once from the dead may well rise twice."
Mezentius "Do you remember how Hercules disposed of the Hydra's immortal head?"
Samuel "He hired a local boy to do the job for him?" Sam asks
Lysander "Yes, of course I... AAGH!" He screams as knowledge of the fiendish tongue, which he knew not he knew, is revealed to him.
Valian "Lit it on fire?" Valian guesses.
Valian Lysander's pained reaction confirms his guess's correctness.
Samuel "So are we ready to move on?" Sam prompts.
Lysander "These words... written in the language of devils, of Hell! It tells... of what blasphemous means their soldiers were created, and how they were controlled after being given their regenerative powers."
Mezentius "He buried it under a great stone too mighty for any one man to lift. I would do the same to Sergius and this man before we leave. If they come back to their bodies, let them be trapped in an eternal tomb."
Samuel "Do we have a great stone?"
Valian "And can we lift it?"
Samuel "No one man could. If we had one."
Lysander "Let us find a support beam, and collapse the entire building upon them." Lysander stops, realizes he was speaking Infernal, then repeats himself in human language.
Samuel "I dont understand why you want to destroy the building. Dont your people need shelter?"
Mezentius "We have seven. I trust we will find a way to bury them so that the earth holds them fast." Mezentius turns, though, to seek out remaining doors. There is more to explore before they implement this plan.
DungeonMaster While everyone else recognizes the value of Lysander's plan, Valian finds himself occupied with water again.
DungeonMaster Which is seeping into this room now.
Valian He swirls it idly with his finger.
Samuel "Val?" Sam snaps his fingers, "I think were moving on."
DungeonMaster Everyone but Valian also remembers that the Earth Elephant opened a rift just outside that a number of bodies could be buried in.
Valian "Ah right. Water."
Mezentius "Let us move swiftly. The water is rising."
Valian Valian shakes himself and follows.
Samuel "Right. Lets go."
Mezentius Mezentius leads the way to another unopened door.
Lysander "Or... put them in the elephant's rift, cover them with dirt and stone, and let the rising waters drown them for all time!"
DungeonMaster Mezentius finds more of the party's handiwork...or is it? Three skeletal remains, that seems to have been savaged by a great beast. The others recall this was where the unkillable warriors were fought.
DungeonMaster Another troll roar is heard, this time closer.
Mezentius Confirming that this room has been opened before, Mezentius moves on.
Mezentius Keeping on the move also seems like a good way to stay ahead of this troll.
DungeonMaster Mezentius finds the troll.
Mezentius Perhaps it is not so good a way to stay ahead of it, then.
DungeonMaster Along with several dead humans.
Valian "He was a prisoner like the dragons. It pleased me to free him," Valian explains to Mez.
DungeonMaster "MY FOOD!" it shouts threateningly.
Lysander "As it seems he dealt with the creatures we could not," Lysander says grudgingly. "Hail, devourer. Wilt thou attack thy liberators?"
Valian "Yes, thank you for offering," Valian replies to the troll, moving in to share.
Mezentius "Nay, Valian, hold back." Mezentius puts out a restraining arm.
Valian He pulls some jerky from his pack, and looks at Mezentius. "What?"
Lysander "That was a threat, it thinks we wish to steal its food."
Mezentius "I believe it is threatening us lest we leave. I see no quarrel with the beast - let us depart."
Samuel "Leave it be. It will grow bored and wander off in time."
Valian The jerky waves dangerously close to the troll's reach...
DungeonMaster "MINE!" The troll strikes, seeming to want more than just the jerky.
DungeonMaster Luckily Valian dodges the initial onslaught.
Samuel Sam attempts to pull Val back into the room and shut the door.
DungeonMaster Incidentally, all Valian sees in this room is a bunch of bunks.
DungeonMaster And dead humans.
DungeonMaster With weapons and armor no doubt.
DungeonMaster Samuel succeeds in pulling Valian away from harm and closing the door. The troll swipes out at Valian and his jerky in vain.
Valian Valian drops his jerky as Samuel manhandles him.
Samuel "Back up Mez! Well get the drop on him if he comes through."
Mezentius This aligns with Mezentius's own thinking.
Lysander "Agreed."
Lysander Lysander charges up a blast of green flame, which sadly, is not actually flaming enough to count as fire damage.
Mezentius He takes a few steps back, covering the door with his spear in case the troll tries to burst through.
DungeonMaster As everyone positions themselves...sounds of eating appear to resume from the room.
DungeonMaster Horrible, horrible sounds.
Samuel The party waits to see if the troll bursts through, spears at the ready.
DungeonMaster How does something eat that loudly?
Valian "Just a misunderstanding, guys. Let's go."
Samuel "Agreed. Lets go try to see where the councilman gave us the slip."
Mezentius Mezentius nods and leads the party forth. On Sam's suggestion, they search for the secret door on their way out to see whether the passage may hold anything of interest.
Mezentius There are also the bodies to dispose of in the great gash in the earth.
DungeonMaster After a few minutes of probing the walls, Mezentius finds a hidden switch in the wall, which caues a part of the wall to pop out. Looks like it can be pulled.
Samuel "I was in a bar with something like this in it once..." Sam recalls.
Mezentius Mezentius pulls it, and investigates whether it leads to a passage with anything of interest or whether it is simply opens a door straight to outside.
Samuel "No matter how much I pulled there the secret door didnt open..."
DungeonMaster The wall sort of pulls out, while the other part goes in. It seems this piece of the wall spins on an axis, letting one slip through it and then closing it again behind them.
Samuel Sam offers to slip in first.
Mezentius Mezentius is close behind.
Lysander Lysander is next.
DungeonMaster As Samuel enters, he sees a long dark hallway, with a lot of vials against the wall. Unlike the ones in the other room, these appear to still have something in them.
Samuel "it appears to be some sort of hallway." He informs his friends.
Samuel His eye catches the vials. "Gods blow me... its a trap! Get back!"
Lysander Lysander gets back against the door, and uses his mystic sight to see if there is magic in the vials.
DungeonMaster Sure enough, something seems to tip them over. First one set, which unleashes a hissing sound against the wall. Acid perhaps. Then the rest, which bursts the hallway into flames.
Samuel Sam scrambles to get past the huge King.
Valian Valian leaps forward, trying to get between Samuel and disaster.
Samuel Sam's breath catches in his throat as the flames and acid strike him. He cant even scream in pain.
Lysander "Damnation!" Lysander cries out as the trap burns his flesh.
Valian Valian stands next to his king, watching the world burn.
Mezentius "With me, Valian!" Mezentius sneers at the feeble flames, moving to rescue his less sturdy friends and draw them back to safety.
DungeonMaster Mezentius and Valian (somehow) avoid the trap, but the others aren't so lucky. They see that the walls are catching fire as well now. This place will go up in smoke soon enough...the parts without water at least.
Valian Valian smiles at the thought of water.
Valian He picks up Samuel this time and throws him across his shoulders, striding out of the acidic flame.
Samuel "We've got... to move!" Sam pleads.
Lysander "Retreat, retreat, there is no glory in dying a fool!"
Mezentius Mezentius nods. "Regroup outside. Avoid passing the troll's door."
Mezentius A King fears no flame. Mezentius recovers the bodies before making his own exit.
Lysander Lysander heads for the exit with the others.
Mezentius (Although it must be said, Dear Readers, that it doesn't hurt that the bodies were in now-watery areas)
Samuel "The lion..." Sam reminds Mez as Val carries him out.
DungeonMaster While the three mortals near the exit, Mezentius splits off to grab some foes. The three near the exit, they see the flames have caught up to it. Damned Hellenic Fire!
Samuel "No no no!" Sam chants as he realizes Val is about to charge the flaming door.
DungeonMaster Luckily the door is open and they make it through without further harm.
DungeonMaster Lysander gets hurt more however.
Mezentius A minute after the others reach safety, Mezentius appears in the doorway, wreathed in flames, the trophy, the hell-lion's corpse, draped across his shoulders.
Lysander The warlock emerges scorched, but alive.
DungeonMaster The party emerges to a frantic Markus, or perhaps Milkus, and Pepin. "Something's grabbed Milkus! A force of wind knocked us over, and then a great bird grabbed him and flew off!"
Samuel "Are you shitting me?" Sam asks as he scans the sky.
DungeonMaster "Verily" Pepin adds, "it wath invisible, and then appeared as it grabbed fair Milkus!"
Valian "Perhaps Zeus carried him off to Olympus too?" Valian hazards a guess.
Lysander "Ye gods, will this day never run out of fresh horrors to visit upon us?"
Mezentius "By Hercules!" Mezentius casts Sergius into the trench and pins his body to the ground with a spare javelin. He will have to keep for now.
Samuel Sam struggles to stand and summons all his strength to stay out of the birds grasp/
Mezentius "Which way did it go?"
DungeonMaster Suddenly and without any warning, a body falls upon the halflings. It is Milkus, deeply gouged and now battered and dead.
DungeonMaster Lobos growls. "I found Milkus!"
Samuel "We have to find some cover!" Sam suggests.
DungeonMaster After a few moments the halflings crawl out from under the battered corpse, bones popping back into place.
Valian "The water," Valian murmers, scanning the sky.
Mezentius "Gather round, within the cover of my spear, in case it should appear again." Mezentius commands.
DungeonMaster Scanning the sky with eyes and ears...there appears to be nothing about. Not even the faintest sound of fluttering.
Lysander "Milkus! Ah, he was a stalwart scoundrel. There will be a reckoning for this."
DungeonMaster Markus is silent with shock.
DungeonMaster The male halfling speaks. "What is going on?"
Lysander "It seems we are being hunted."
Samuel Sam closes his eyes, thinking back to when his teacher was training him to catch arrows. "You have to feel the arrow coming, Son." he would say to him. The monk tries to envision the owl flying invisibly above them as an arrow.
Valian "You're giving away our position and I'm going to cut your vocal cords out next time you do," Valian answers.
Lysander Lysander shuts up.
DungeonMaster The halfling covers his mouth.
Valian Valian tracks the sky with his longbow.
Samuel "Do we just wait?" Sam whispers.
Mezentius Mezentius keeps his spear at the ready as the more vulnerable in their party cluster about him. "If it does not appear soon, we will move for the woods." he murmurs to Sam.
Lysander Lysander nods, and readies to blast anything that attacks.
Samuel "If I were a bird... where would I sit..." Sam mumbles, scanning the treeline.
DungeonMaster A short eterntiy passes. And nothing. The halflings sit with hands over their mouths, the most they've done since you met them.
DungeonMaster The party heads for the woods, and nothing else seems to happen.
Mezentius "For cover, then." Mezentius begins to move, making sure the group stays organized.
Samuel "We need to rest." Sam reminds the king. "The fire and acid played hell with my stoicism."
Valian Valian brings up the rear, bow still trained on the sky.
Valian "It'll be no rest at all if the bird plucks you from your bedding," he whispers to Samuel.
Lysander Lysander follows, hands surging with eldritch power.
Mezentius Mezentius nods, and once they are in the woods he seeks out a site where they can rest fairly safely. Perhaps sheltered from the sky by a conifer's branches?
Valian Valian, a rather experienced woodsman, helps to find such a shelter.
Samuel "The last thing that bird wants to do is snatch up a monk," Sam assures Val.
DungeonMaster Valian, with his expert outdoorness, effortlessly spots a place secure enoguh: if anything appraches the branches would give it away.
Samuel Sam collapses into a heap on the pine needle covered ground under the tree and falls asleep.
Mezentius The party settles down to rest.
Valian Valian stays on guard.
Samuel Sam wakes up early the next day and prepares a meal for the party.
Samuel "What is our plan now?"
Mezentius Mezentius speaks with Markus during the rest and tries to fortify his spirits.
Lysander Lysander meditates, calling on his bizarre powers to heal the burns that he suffered.
Valian Valian focuses. "Water..."
DungeonMaster As they rested, Mezentius realized the evasive powers of the ring he recovered. And Samuel realized the blessings of the bones he holds.
Samuel "Water wont help you much when your being eaten by an owlbear.
Valian "Unless the owlbear is thirsty."
DungeonMaster Valian and Mezentius feel a sudden shudder: something was taken from them.
Mezentius "I feel in my heart that our former companion has withdrawn his favor from us." Mezentius confides to Valian. "I see by your face that you have felt it too."
Valian Valian scowls. "They've left for the elven lands."
Mezentius "I cannot help now but wonder what has happened with the horde while we have been battling the Guild..."
Mezentius "Perhaps."
Mezentius "We should make sure of it if so."
Lysander "Markus, it is your sad duty to take your brother's body back to our camp for burial, and your joyful one to tell them that the village land has been reclaimed."
Lysander "What is this, friends? You would turn aside from our endeavor?"
Valian "I told Tuvar to meet us at the Monestary of the Hidden Fist."
Valian "I think we should head there after we have finished our business here."
DungeonMaster Pepin stands. "Should we not also determine the state of the Duchy? Surely momentous happenings abound."
Valian "Hence 'after we have finished', Pepin, but yes. We should be on with it.
Valian "
Mezentius "So we should indeed." Mezentius sighs. "Ah, what is a King without messengers and heralds..."
Lysander "Ah, good, good. On the trail of the Chancellor Deathbreathit is, then?"
Samuel "Perhaps these halflings would be interested in employment?"
Samuel "What do you think stout ones? Would you be interested in serving a king?" Sam asks.
Samuel "Do either of you play the lute?"
DungeonMaster "A king? Who's a king?" the female replies.
Samuel "The man with the beard of course." He points to Mez.
Mezentius "If anything became clear to me while I sat and pondered on all that has happened of late, good Samuel, bold Valian,"
DungeonMaster "Oh. I didn't know there was a king around here. Pleased to meecha. I'm Donnie Tosscobble, and this is Raph."
Samuel "Well met." Sam replies.
Mezentius "Tosscobble?" Mezentius is jolted from his train of thought.
Lysander "It is good that you can speak after all, good halflings."
Valian "Hmm, can you get a message to Lidda?" Valian asks.
DungeonMaster "Yessir your kingship. Lidda? You know Lidda?"
Valian "My heart beats for her."
DungeonMaster Donnie and Raph exchange a look of horror.
Valian "...and as I'd like it to keep doing so, I'd sort of like to make sure we're on the same page."
DungeonMaster "Uh...you sure you know her...?"
Valian "Deadliest woman with a blade in a fifty mile radius?"
Valian "Killer of the Guildmeister? Eradicator of the Rat Pack?"
DungeonMaster "Alright alright. Not sure she got a thing for big'uns, but yeah we'll find her. Sure Uncle Jack is worried sick about us anyways. That all, chief?"
Mezentius "Yes, Jack. Please also commend me to him. And give him a warning from Mezentius that there are fell deeds afoot in the Duchy. He should look to the safety of his kinsmen."
Valian "I want to make sure she's aware of what has happened with her target."
DungeonMaster "You got it, your Kingship. Um, what happened to her target?"
Valian "Returned from the dead. Something like that could put any assassin out of business."
Samuel "Its bad for someones reputation," Sam affirms.
DungeonMaster "Oh. Yikes. Yeah we'll get right on that. Don't even worry bout payin us. Whatever you did you got us out of that place and I can think straight again."
Mezentius "Godspeed."
Samuel "We should send Markus with gold to bury his brother."
DungeonMaster The pair take off with as much haste as their tiny legs can carry them.
Lysander Lysander gives Markus the coins that his brother will need for the Ferryman.
DungeonMaster Markus nods solemnly, and begins hitching up some kind of makeshift sleigh to cart his brother in.
DungeonMaster Out of branches and such.
Samuel "Let me give you a hand." Sam offers.
Valian Valian helps Sam.
Samuel "Did you just make wheels out of crosscut logs?" Sam asks.
DungeonMaster Between Samuel's woodcarving and Valian's special knowledge of all things forest they manage to help hitch up a proper transport for departed Milkus.
Samuel "Ive never seen anyone lash together an axle out of birch like that," Sam sounds impressed.
Valian "A man learns a lot sitting under a tree, listening."
Lysander "And the bed of pine needles was truly inspired."
DungeonMaster Nodding in gratitude, Markus takes off with his brother behind him. Pepin wavers. "Shouldst I not accompany him, lest both brothers fall?"
Lysander "Ask thee the king to whom thy service is sworn."
DungeonMaster "I would beg the pardeon of you both, fair Lysander."
Samuel "Thats up to you of course, Sir Knight. We would like to have you join us, but if you feel led to return with Markus we'll not stop you."
Mezentius "Follow your heart, good Pepin. I shall not command you not to help the needy. But if you would accompany him, then I charge you to rejoin us at the first milestone from the City."
Samuel "Follow you heart," Sam repeats.
DungeonMaster "I shall dutily return to you, Your Majesty. We shall meet again." Pepin takes off after Markus.
Mezentius And Mezentius sets out for the city.
Samuel Sam slaps Lysander on the shoulder. "He'll rejoin us soon enough."
Lysander "Unless he is claimed by the grave ere we meet again."
Samuel "He's a brave man, and capable. A good knight."
Mezentius "Think not dark thoughts, Lysander, but harden your heart for courage and hope. War looms and we cannot dwell on the dangers we all face."
Samuel "Valian, do you think that between the two of us we could make out a trail the councilman left?"
Mezentius "And indeed, I think that we ourselves are likelier to find a battle waiting than he. The Duke and the Alchemists have sought to bar our way with their minions before."
Valian "There is no trail I cannot follow," Valian answers Sam.
Valian "Indeed, I could track a rabbit into the Underworld itself."
Samuel "I would love to see the look on his face when we catch him before he can reach the safety of the town."
Lysander "Bar our way? Let them try."
DungeonMaster Valian effortlessly finds the trail. One human, several hours ago.
Samuel "Which direction is he going?"
DungeonMaster As they follow it, it seems at first to head towards Perseus City, but then starts going south. Perhaps to New Herekles.
Samuel "Do you think we can catch him, Val?" Sam asks.
Valian "Only one way to find out," Val replies.
DungeonMaster Following it further, it is obviously headed to New Herekles. It joins the main road going south.
Samuel "He could have caught a carriage or a horse anywhere on the road."
Valian Valian informs Samuel if that happened.
DungeonMaster And yet the human tracks continue. Fainter now for being on a hard dirt road and not untouched earth, yet not beyond Valian's ability.
DungeonMaster Being late evening, the road is rather empty.
DungeonMaster About a mile away from the cite of the city, something too obvious to miss catches everyone's attention. A great...craft of some kind appears overhead, heading due north.
Lysander "What manner of strange contraption is this?"
Valian "I was sitting by a hungry owlbear, down by the river, when a famous performer, very famous, approached. He told me a story, about the legendary dirigibles, crafted by the ancient Hellenes for their wars of conquest. Not really any faster than land travel, they are nonetheless incredibly useful against any foe who lacks air power. They were used for war and transport and simply to show off."
Valian "I suspect that any who have such a thing today would be very wealthy and well-connected."
Valian "But then again, maybe it was just a story."
DungeonMaster There is also someone standing at the front on the bridge...
Mezentius "I think perhaps not, bold Valian."
Lysander "We see the evidence of such things before our very eyes."
Mezentius "Who is that there? The eyes of the eagle are not yet mine."
Valian "The guildmeister," Valian pronounces grimly.
Samuel "Of the alchemist guild? Then we should follow this craft and destroy it along with everyone aboard."
Mezentius Mezentius's fist turns white where he grips his spear. "By Hercules..."
Valian "Or capture it and use it to aid the goblins in their elven pogrom..." Valian suggests.
DungeonMaster The figure then looks down, right at you! He cocks his head to the side, and then waves heartily.
Valian An arrow flies for his throat.
Mezentius Mezentius raises the banner of Death in defiance.
DungeonMaster The arrow goes up...up...up...and then down after getting about halfway to him
DungeonMaster He throws down something at you in return.
DungeonMaster It slashes harmlessly several yards away.
Lysander Lysander glares at him, attempting to find out if looks can kill.
DungeonMaster It was alchemist's fire.
DungeonMaster The airship continues on its way, passing over you and continuing north.
Mezentius "I shall speak with the birds of Zeus. We shall know that craft's destination."
Samuel "Where do you suppose he's going?"
Lysander "We'll find out soon enough. If the birds knoweth not, then someone in yonder city does."
Valian "I suspect he heads to the goblin wars."
Mezentius "Just wait, wise Samuel." Mezentius approaches the first eagle's nest - or in truth any other fast bird of prey, for in times of crisis one cannot be picky - to make an offer. Track the great craft, report back where it has gone and what happened as best a bird can understand it, and receive a generous feast of meat.
Valian "North is where our goblin friends war against the dread forest fae."
Lysander "True, it is known that elves dwell to the north... what interest could he have there?"
Samuel "Nothing good i'd wager."
Samuel "Well lets go see if we can find what he was hauling. Surely there was a manifest filed somewhere before they left."
Mezentius "Yes. And there is opportunity here as well as danger. While he is gone the Guild is without its foremost sorcerer."
Mezentius As he stops to speak with the winged ones, Mezentius finds the tongue of birds strangely heavy and slow to recall. It is as if the very knowledge had partly slipped away. Only with great effort and stubborn concentration does he summon it back.
Samuel "Then lets exploit the weakness. Any damage we can do to the guild comes out of his pocket anyway."
DungeonMaster The eagles look at Mezentius. "Yes?"
Lysander While Mezentius focuses on the birds of prey, Lysander seeks out a more humble bird, for his blood is not that of kings.
DungeonMaster Lysander finds a cooing pigeon. "Yes?"
Lysander "What do you know of that large flying thing?," he asks it.
Mezentius "If... you... follow..." It is a slow conversation as Mezentius struggles with the words that once flowed as freely as the water.
DungeonMaster "It's big. It's flying. Not a bird. Came from big people place. Not a bird."
DungeonMaster The eagle stares deeply into Mezentius' eyes. "yes?"
Valian "They talk to birds, I can speak my wolf's secret language," Valian tells Sam.
Lysander "Has it passed here before?"
DungeonMaster "That's right, Valian!" Lobos replies in Common.
Samuel "I have a snake that I can make spit milk." Sam offers.
DungeonMaster "Saw it come from big water many suns ago. Went into big people place. Now it's gone."
Mezentius "Tell... me... where... it... goes..." Mezentius labors. "What....... it....... does........."
Mezentius "And... m...."
Mezentius 'M....
Valian "Lobos said I was correct," Valian translates for Sam. "Speaking of your snake, we seem to have time...I need to tell you about the three hundred and sixty five herbs of Miach..."
DungeonMaster Though eagles lack facial expressions, this one seems exasperated. "It came from the ocean many days ago. Landed in the human place. Now it leaves."
Samuel "Ill start a pot of water for tea." Sam answers.
DungeonMaster "What is tea?" Lobos asks.
Valian "Water with herbs added," Valian answers.
Mezentius "Follow!" Mezentius explodes. "And... m...." His teeth are grinding. He looks at Lysander, then away.
Mezentius The King will not ask for help. Not with this.
DungeonMaster "Follow? If it goes far away I will turn back. My nest is here."
Mezentius Good enough. If words cannot convey the reward, perhaps actions can. Mezentius produces a strip of meat.
DungeonMaster The eagle grabs it and takes off after the dirigible.
Valian Valian begins the story of the herbs. "In the first battle of Moy Tura, Nuada lost his hand. Diancecht fashioned a new one of silver and joined it to Nuada's arm. One day, Diancecht's son Miach took what remained of Nuada's original flesh hand, placed it next to Nuada's arm, and spoke an incant. After three days and nights the hand was rejoined to the arm seamlessly."
Valian "Nuada rejoiced, but Diancecht was furious that his son was a better healer than he was. Diancecht struck Miach thrice on the head with his sword. Miach was able to heal each wound. Diancecht, more furious now, split Miach's head in two, killing him. From Miach's grave grew 365 herbs, each one with curative powers for one of the 365 nerves in the body. Miach's sister, Airmid, picked these
Valian herbs and arranged them according to their curative powers."
Valian "Diancecht became so enraged that his son rivaled him even after death that he scattered the herbs about, hoplessly confusing them. If Diancecht hadn't done this, man would be immortal."
Lysander "Thank you for your help, little one. May the gods smile on you."
DungeonMaster "Coo coo." the pigeon flies off.
Samuel "What would you use your immortality on, Val?" Sam asks.
Valian "Now the herbs I have gathered are specifically a blend that affects the eyes, nose and brain..." Valian rambles on as he prepares the herbal tea. "My immortality? Hmm..." he ponders.
Samuel "The water is nearly boiling."
Valian "I would use it to find the secret of shrinkage," he declares, putting his finger in the water to test the heat.
Mezentius "The birthright of kings." Mezentius remarks, rejoining the group.
Mezentius What unfortunate timing.
Samuel "Your birthright needs some practice." Sam suggests.
Valian Even with his ring of fire, the water is hot enough to kill a normal man. Valian's eyes widen and he yanks his finger out quickly.
Samuel "Is it ready?" Sam asks.
Valian "I'd blow on it a bit before you drink," Valian wheezes.
Mezentius "My birthright."
Samuel "indeed."
Mezentius "Perhaps it does."
Valian "Mezentius, speak freely. You have seemed ill at ease since we rejoined each other's company."
Samuel "Weve noticed something troubling you. Is it that you failed to protect Little Zeno?"
Samuel "Are you struggling to deal with the fact that you watched the lion crush his skull?"
Valian What a **** bedside manner, Valian thinks as he sips his tea cautiously.
Samuel "I mean, if it got crushed anyway. I dont think it did. In fact, his skeleton is immaculate. I doubt the lion killed him at all."
Mezentius "I have learned something awesome and terrible, Valian..." Mezentius scowls at Samuel.
Lysander "Share it with us, I pray you, my friend."
Samuel Samuel knows when to shut up and listen.
Valian Valian gestures for his friend to continue.
Mezentius "By right of birth, I... am no king."
Mezentius Mezentius stands abruptly and strides away, further down the road. Let his companions catch up if they will.
Samuel "See now? Youve upset him." Sam scolds Val.
DungeonMaster Dark clouds gather, darkening the evening sky.
Valian Valian leaps to his feet, spits loudly into the night.
Samuel "Its going to rain. We need to find shelter."
Valian "********! Basilious! None truer!"
Samuel "No really. Its getting cloudy. See?"
Mezentius The banner of Death flutters behind him, stiff in the rising wind.
Lysander Lysander goes after him. "How canthis be, when your royalty has been demonstrated, time and again? Both by battle prowess, and in wisdom?"
Valian "I never knew my father, for I am bastardborn, but you! You are the basilious! You are the son of a king! What has taken this from you?"
Samuel "The wind rises. This is likley the storm of the century," Sam warns.
Samuel "The road is going to flood out at the rate. We need to get out of the open."
DungeonMaster The last of the sun dips below the horizon.
Mezentius Mezentius looks back as his companions hurry along with his fierce stride.
Valian Valian's is not slowed by any undergrowth, as he stalks after the king.
Mezentius "Death."
Mezentius "You would follow me still?"
Valian It is however, checked by this revelation.
Valian "There is nowhere I would not."
Samuel Sam stops. "Mez. We do not follow you because of your birthright. To us you are King by deed."
Mezentius Mezentius halts, and plants the butt of his spear firmly in the earth below. The banner flaps out. The insignia of sky. Sea. Land. House. Hearth. Each of the Twelve.
Mezentius And darkness beneath."
Mezentius "Then send me a sign, Father!"
Lysander "If the Generous One has adopted you as his own, and returned you to the world of the living, that is no lessening, Mezentius, but makes you even worthier than before to rule. Birth defines a man far less than his deeds."
DungeonMaster The sky grows darker still, yet the wind ceases.
Samuel "Once we find a decent bard the whole land will know of your bravery."
DungeonMaster The air becomes deathly quiet.
Mezentius Mezentius smiles.
Mezentius "Can you not hear?"
Samuel "What?"
Mezentius "A thousand voices. Whispering below our feet." His eyes gleam.
Samuel Sam chooses to let the issue drop. "Then lead on, King."
Valian Valian cocks his head and listens. Is that the marching of an undead army up from the pits of Hell? Only to be checked by a lone paladin? No, no it is not. It is something else. He rubs his ear and listens again.
DungeonMaster The clouds part, and the stars shine from above. And then...even they seem to fade.
Mezentius "And one voice to rule them all."
DungeonMaster Just as the sky seems to darken to absolute black...it returns to normal. The stars shine as they do, and the moon peeks up from the west.
Mezentius Mezentius smiles in the rising moonlight.
Lysander Lysander seems a bit perturbed that he heard nothing, but trusts in Mezentius' truth.
Mezentius "Let the Duke send a hundred men to bar our way."
Mezentius "I would send my Father a gift."
Samuel "So are we going to go pick a fight?"
Mezentius Mezentius sets out again, his stride swift and purposeful. No answer is forthcoming.
Lysander Lysander follows with a feral smile.
DungeonMaster Approaching the city at dusk, the party sees ten men at the city gates.
Mezentius Mezentius does not break stride, and the distance between the parties quickly narrows.
Samuel "This would be a great time to have a herald," Sam suggests.
Valian Nor does Valian, a quarter step behind his king.
Lysander "Allow me to serve, until one more fitting is found."
DungeonMaster As Mezentius gets closer he sees they are dressed in leathers and carry heavy maces: not usual guard attire. They also have crossbows on their backs.
Samuel "You are Zeno's Might Hero after all." Sam agrees.
Lysander As they approach, Lysander calls out to the men. "A king approaches, and would enter your city, varlets! Stand aside and bend thy knees!"
Samuel "Ok maybe you try," Sam whispers to Valian.
DungeonMaster "You got one chance to turn around, buckaroos!" one of them calls out.
Samuel "What is a buckaroo?"
Valian "Buckaroo?"
Samuel "Sounds like some sort of hoppy, staggish sort."
DungeonMaster "Oh for crying out-SHOOT THEM!"
Mezentius While his companions distract the foes with banter, Mezentius does not turn around. Instead his pace quickens. The spear comes down, leveled at the lead man's heart.
Lysander "Force us to defend ourselves, and you all will die in agony, and none will mourn you! Let your shades languish on the shore of the Styx, made a mockery of forevermore!"
Samuel "Here he goes again." Sam says to his ranger confidant.
Valian "Parted from Pepin, he must fill the void somehow."
Samuel "How do you suppose he's doing?" Sam asks as the battle ensues.
Lysander "Be cursed by the divines!" He hurls a ball of... divine isn't quite the right word for the orb of shadow that clings to the front-rightmost guard, followed by a beam of eldritch fury.
Mezentius Mezentius plows into the center ranks of the foe.
DungeonMaster The "guards" surge forward to partially surround our heroes
Mezentius Mezentius's spear flashes in the midst of the mob.
DungeonMaster They strike with some ferocity. Samuel is hit hardest.
Valian "Hopefully he has seen his charges home and awaits us at the mile marker," Valian answers Samuel as he unsheathes his swords and lays into the fools who would challenge his king. His eyes widen as he realizes they've gone to a completely different city than the one they told Pepin they would.
Samuel Sam grabs two of the soldiers by the nose, twisting hard until they both crack.
Samuel He flathand bashes each one in their now bloody faces.
DungeonMaster "Yeow!"
Valian Lobos leaps upon those who would try to harm him.
DungeonMaster Valian finishes one of the guards and brutally wounds another. Lobos likewise grievously harms one.
DungeonMaster Lysander finishes his target.
Mezentius Mezentius's spear lashes out to either side as the man in front of him falls.
DungeonMaster Mezentius slays the man who dared stand before Valian, and bashes the other.
DungeonMaster The guards surge forth more, and a few suffer for it
DungeonMaster More attacks
Samuel Sam drives a fist into one guards already broken nose and follows it with two swift knees to the groin. Then leaps tucking his feet and kicking two far away.
Samuel He then scrambles away from melee to think a minute.
Valian Valian ducks low, weaving his blade in and out in a defensive pattern before thrusting into a guard's armpit, seeking lifeblood.
DungeonMaster Valian slays another guard and nearly fells another. It swipes at him to no avail.
DungeonMaster Lobos then finishes the other that Valian left alive.
DungeonMaster And we're back to Lys
Lysander Lysander shifts his curse to the guard that struck him, lashing out with a flare of power from the spellblade's broken hilt.
Lysander He steps away, putting his back to the great wolf's flank.
DungeonMaster A valiant strike. He is reeling.
Mezentius Mezentius's spearpoint seeks the life of the wounded guard.
DungeonMaster The guard is not yet vanquished. But soon.
DungeonMaster The guards strike again
DungeonMaster Valian and Lysander are hit.
Samuel Sam crushes the guards nose again. Blood spews. His face is starting to look like meat.
Samuel Then he rears back and smashes his forehead into the already destroyed face.
DungeonMaster The meat falls, and another guard also gets hit because Sam wasn't done punching yet.
Valian Valian scythes his blades at the throat of the guard before him while Lobos bounds over Lysander to menace the man's attacker.
DungeonMaster Val excellently outlines the man's throat, but does not touch it.
DungeonMaster Lobos however is a good boy
DungeonMaster the guard is not brought down like a deer
Lysander But he will wish he was, soon.
Lysander Lysander blasts him again, causing pain as great as any wolf's fangs.
DungeonMaster Great pain spread across the guard's face. This is not his day.
Lysander "Tell Charon I sent you!"
Mezentius Mezentius sets his spearpoint and lunges to impale the badly wounded guard between himself and Sam, then shifts to strike the other with the butt of his spear.
DungeonMaster Mezentius fells yet another guard, and leaves the remaining near death.
DungeonMaster The guards all miss. Their time is nigh
Lysander "Fall on your own... maces, and regain some measure of honor!"
Samuel Sam lashes out and grabs a guard's elbow. He wrenches it toward him, dragging the guard off balance. His fist comes up in a devestating uppercut.
Valian Valian rolls beneath the guard's legs, slicing at the hamstrings and even more tender areas as he moves. Lobos pounces.
DungeonMaster The guard loses his balance. And then his life.
DungeonMaster Lobos is not such a good boy this time.
DungeonMaster But Valian makes his target a soprano.
Lysander "You're resilient. Just bloody die already!"
DungeonMaster He just...won't...die. Maybe one more hit
Mezentius Mezentius runs through the final man battling against Valian, then seizes the dying man by the throat and lifts him into the air.
Mezentius "Tell them."
Mezentius "Tell them all."
Mezentius "Mezentius will be king again!"
Mezentius He casts the broken corpse at the final survivor, a deadly missile in its own right.
DungeonMaster He stares in horror, yet within his eyes Mezentius sees something beyond this man's feeble soul. He sees the face that met him at death's door. And it nods in approval.
DungeonMaster The last two mortals join their fellows in Tartarus.
DungeonMaster AND SO OUR HEROES VANQUISH A BUNCH OF NOBODIES. With ever victory the forces of the Duke and Alchemist Guild diminish further. What awaits our heroes in the new city? Find out some other time!

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