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 Post subject: Shattered Star PBP
PostPosted: Sat Nov 19, 2016 9:38 pm 
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"Now, I'm sure you've got quite a story to tell, but it can wait until you've cleaned up... and we've cleaned those wounds."

* * *

Lady Heidmarch is as good as her word. Tabatha draws baths in rooms separated by gender in the eastern wing of Heidmarch Manor for the beleaguered group, even as Koriah takes possession of the unconscious Natalya. The rooms are as plush as the rest of the manner, with marble floors and large tubs one can almost swim in filled with water that starts out almost scalding. Scented soaps are available, and the party is given up to an hour to freshen up. Their clothing is collected by Tabatha, who disappears with it, while they bathe, but is returned in a pristine state long before they are ready to emerge. Alongside each is a potion that Tabatha indicates is for each of them in turn. If they consume them they find the potions are quite potent healing elixirs (cure serious wounds). As the hour draws to a close they are summoned by Tabatha to a spacious and comfortably appointed library on the far side of the manor they have not yet seen, where Koriah, Lady Heidmarch, and a surprisingly awake and clean Natalya Vancaskerkin await them, seated in separate chairs around a low table.

Lady Heidmarch rises as they return, and invites them to sit. "I'm sure you have many questions, but first let me congratulate and thank you on locating Natalya so quickly. From what she's told us she didn't make it easy for you."

Koriah gives a 'hmph' at the congratulations, but says nothing, her attention focused on Natalya. Lady Heidmarch continues, "Recount, please, what led you to Natalya, and what you recall of your struggle with her."

For her part the 'Queen of Magnimar' says nothing, her eyes on her hands folded over her lap. She could not seem any further from the megalomaniacal figure of only a few short hours ago.

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 Post subject: Re: Shattered Star PBP
PostPosted: Tue Nov 29, 2016 12:38 am 
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Phaedra luxuriates in the hot bath, a sensation both familiar and missed... and sorely needed. Even if she was wearing another skin at the time,the filth somehow still managed to soak through... her only regret is that she didn't bring any of her best clothes. Still, clean is an improvement there as well.

She gives Natalya a surprised look upon entering the room, and keeps a suspicious eye on her throughout the following conversation, as long as she can do so surreptitiously. "It would be our pleasure, Lady Heidmarch," she says. Phaedra begins to give an accounting of their adventures, albeit with a few judicious edits to make luck seem like brilliant deduction and (attempting, at least) to make mucking through the sewers sound more heroic than it really was. She dramatizes the encounters with Iron Mike and Zograthy a bit, and Fenster's wretched love of Natalya is omitted entirely. She spares no detail, however, of the battles with the goblins and Tower Girl, nor their selfless rescue of Bella and return to her grateful father.

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