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 Post subject: Ifadoval, Watcher of Dimensions
PostPosted: Wed Nov 26, 2014 10:19 pm 

Joined: Tue Jan 21, 2014 2:42 pm
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Original concept by KingCrazyGenius.

Ifadoval, Watcher of Dimensions, Master of Mathematics (LN) is often regarded as insane by other fey. While he reigns over an essential part of nature, just as other great Faerie Lords do, he is concerned with something so basic yet profound that other fey take it completely for granted.

Ifadoval's sphere of influence is the dimensions of traditional space. He ensures that they remain unbroken just as his peers who oversee time ensure that history remains unbroken.

One of the greater threats to Space, and thus a subject of some concern for its Watcher, is the alien geometry of architecture and artifacts tied to the Void Beyond. These violations of space threaten the very fabric of reality, and Ifadoval entrusts his most powerful servants to hunt down and unmake these offenses to Creation.

However, Ifadoval very rarely concerns himself with such threats directly. He has bigger goals. It is his dearest wish to find a unified theory of Creation, a formula which can describe all that exists. With such knowledge, Ifadoval could reunite the fractured pieces of Creation and restore Nature's rightful order - broken so long ago in the Lost Age - to the Cosmos.

In the course of his search, Ifadoval has become among the most widely-traveled of Faerie Lords. He studies all the varied spaces of the Cosmos, from Heaven to Nirvana to Limbo, hoping to discover patterns he can use. He also consults with the great mathematical minds of the planes, including ancient moignos of Nirvana.

Ifadoval is among the least socially adept archfey, as he always tries to interpret social interactions through sheer numbers and fails to catch on to nuance and innuendo. He is direct, coarse, and impatient with fools. He approaches all dialogue with a logical and clinical attitude.

This is an attitude he shares with the infamous Snow Queen, his closest ally and rumored lover. Though Ifadoval is not quite so callous as the Queen, the two greatly appreciate each other's cerebral outlook. They respect each other's goals, and one will not pass up the opportunity to aid the other's research.

Some courtiers assume that Ifadoval's brisk manner is simply the result of his having a crude upbringing; however, nothing could be farther from the truth. The Watcher of Dimensions hails from the same family as the once-eminent and still-gracious Creiddylad; indeed, the two are siblings, albeit of notably different age. Ifadoval is at least a millennium his sister's junior.

If forced into combat, Ifadoval uses his supremacy over space to devastating effect, manipulating distances and speeds according to incredibly intricate and effective plans.

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