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 Post subject: Re: Ovate (Bard Archetype) [PF]
PostPosted: Mon Apr 13, 2015 2:32 pm 

Joined: Tue Jan 21, 2014 2:42 pm
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Coriat wrote:
So maybe a bit better than bard spellcasting, more or less on par with druid casting. (probably slightly worse at lower levels and slightly better at higher levels). Before you look at the synergies the lists provide.

I would consider Diminished Spellcasting. Minus one slot of each level per day. Maybe alternately a selection of bard spells rather than the whole list. Adding bard spells to druid casting is quite strong - a wild shaping druid is a self-buffer, and most of the druid buffs (enhancement and transmutation) stack with most of the bard buffs (morale).

Those are good points. The slowed spell access keeps it from being as effective as a druid at druid things, but it's still out-barding the bard and that won't do. I'll say diminished spellcasting unless and until I can whip up a balanced hybrid list.

How is the casting intended to work? I don't see a spellbook class feature added, so I presume it's meant to use arcanist casting mechanics but the usual divine casting convention, where you prepare off your entire spell list each morning? Adding a spellbook and limited spells known would be one potential sacrifice that the class might stand.

I was on the fence about spells known, but I think a spellbook works better. They can even write it in Druidic!

 Post subject: Re: Ovate (Bard Archetype) [PF]
PostPosted: Fri Apr 17, 2015 8:26 am 

Joined: Wed Oct 02, 2013 6:51 am
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I don't see why out-casting the bard at spellcasting is such a big deal. It's a bard-druid. Druids out-spellcast bards, remember? There is more to bards than their spells anyways; they are also the ultimate skill monkeys.

You always get so caught up in the weirdest little details. What is really your goal here? A bard-druid, or a PC class based on fey who aren't living volcanoes of awesome and also fire?

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