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 Post subject: Leadership / Organization (Name to Change)
PostPosted: Fri May 08, 2015 3:49 pm 
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We all get leadership and can pool to create single organization. I suggest doing so, since the only potential draw back is that should be disagree on how to spend an action said action is wasted, and the benefit is an organization that is far more competent at a lot of things (and a lot simpler from a book keeping perspective). Right now we'll only get 1 action a week (from Gaerlan's high Charisma Score). Next level that goes up to 2 (again, both from Gaerlan's high charisma). If Lucavi increases his Charisma it is possible it may go up to 3 actions. Fnally, at level 9 it increases again as Puella adds a new action as well. In any case, it starts off with 1 action.

Most logically we should apply best ability scores to respective stats. This creates an organization with the following stats as a baseline (Gaerlan split between Loyalty and Espionage, for reasons to be explained).

Ruthless +4
Secrecy -1
Survivability +4
Connections +4
Espionage +3
Loyalty +2

Secrecy, Survivability , and Loyalty are all important survival stats, but only hurt you when they fall to -5 (and you can spend an action to increase by 1 to a max of 0). They provide no bonuses on any checks, though you can spend loyalty to reroll a given check.

Ruthless, Connections, and Espionage actually power actions. Actions, simplified and broken down by which score powers them are as follows.

Abduct Peasants (2d6 peasants)
Assassinate (-1 secrecy on success)
Criminal Enterprise (level*1d6*10gp)
Hunt Beasts (Capture Wild Beasts to guard (CR 1-3)
Torture Captives (answers 3 questions)

Gather Information (Answer 3 questions, gather 3 rumors)
Grave Robbing (Gather 2d6 bodies)
Legitimate Enterprise (Gain 1d4-1*10gp)
Trap Building (Success spends money to build trap)
Trap Repair (Success spends money to repair up to 3 traps)

Frame for Crime (Set someone up)
Spread Disinformation (Spread rumor in town)

Non-check Actions (these simply consume an action)
Guard Duty (Creates CR 5 Encounter)
Indoctrinate (+1 Loyalty up to 0)
Lay Low (+1 Secrecy up to 0)
Recover (+1 Survivability up to +0)
Training (+1 Ruthless, Connections, or Espionage up to +0 max)

You can also assign a Cohort to aid in a given action, which adds there ability score bonus as a bonus on a given check (e.g. Grumblejack could add a +7 bonus on a Ruthless check), though outside of Grumble this requires we get some Cohorts.

Finally, there's a d20 check each month that either helps or hurts you, depending on the roll, and your roll in response.

One thing that is unclear within the rules is how DCs are determined for many actions. Sometimes this should be obviously variable (who you are framing and for what activity), while other times it seems like it should be more set (criminal enterprise, abduct peasants, steal bodies, ect). I'd be interested in some clarification from the GM on how those DCs will be calculated. Similarly, it seems like many of the checks associated with the monthly events could be set, but there is no set DC for them.

Anyway, I'd welcome feedback and finalization of organization stuff mechanically, as well as fluff ideas. I'm personally fond of co-opting the Brotherhood of Nod's "One Vision, One Purpose" motto.

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 Post subject: Re: Leadership / Organization (Name to Change)
PostPosted: Sat May 09, 2015 12:01 am 
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Off the cuff, I'd expect most DCs to be 10-15, though I'll probably set them on a case by case basis, depending on what you're going for.

With the effort invested in him, I'd say that Melrov counts as a cohort by this point. Franz and Kaitlyn probably will too, once they're functional.

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