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 Post subject: Cernunnos, Leader of the Wild Hunt
PostPosted: Mon Jun 15, 2015 5:12 am 

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This version of Cernunnos was never quite a final draft, but it should give a clear sense of where were going. His stats were built using the Power rules in the Creating a Faerie Lord thread, and was created for 3.5e/early PF.

Leader of the Wild Hunt, King of the Hunters, Horned God
Greater Nature Power
Symbol a snake curved into a circle, with a ram’s horns growing from its head
Home Plane Ladinion, third layer of the Material Plane
Alignment neutral
Allies Ankou, Borlung, Natchan Mac Namá, the Tuatha Dé Danann, Yi
Aliases Oran
Servants the Wild Hunt
Servitor Creatures adharca sidhe, cu sidhe, hounds of the hunt, masters of the hunt, murderjacks, sluagh sidhe
Portfolio carnality, druidry, emotion, hounds of the hunt, hunting, living in nature, masters of the hunt, magical beasts, murderjacks

Appearance Cernunnos appears as a large man with the antlers, hooves, and legs of a stag; his body is covered with the hair of a stag and he wears a short, full beard. He wears only a loincloth and a rough gold torc around his neck. He wields a spear.

Nature Cernunnos is the most powerful and most prestigious adharc sidhe alive. Outside of Faerie, he is easily one of the best-known Faerie Lords, second only to the Two Queens. He oversees the Wild Hunt, leading them in pursuit of the most powerful quarry to be found in Faerie (typically), the Mortal Coil (sometimes), and beyond (rarely). Cernunnos is alpha of the largest cu sidhe pack in existence, which includes some of the most powerful of their race.

Cernunnos is single-mindedly obsessed with his role in nature, with conviction beyond that of any other Faerie Lord. The most prominent and well-known part of this role is hunting; when on a hunt he cannot be distracted from his target. When he hunts, he does so with the greatest understanding of his prey. He sometimes does not kill but only terrifies or incapacitates victims. In any event, he always makes use of the body and is not one to waste.

In addition to hunting, Cernunnos also concerns himself with all the aspects of druidic practice. In fact, the most learned scholars of the lore surrounding the Horned God consider him to be more intimately related to the supernal ideal of druidry than any other entity. This includes his strongly true neutral alignment.

In generally, Cernunnos attempts to bring all things into a unified whole; he ultimately embodies the synthesis of all things in nature. Druids who follow him say that in his deepest meditations he can glimpse all parts of the living world at once and they seek to emulate this power.

On the occasion that Cernunnos is idle, he likes to tell stories of his great hunts and hear good stories of hunts from others. He is not easily impressed, but someone who manages to entertain him might receive a great boon relating to the hunt.

The Wild Pack Cernunnos’s elite pack of hounds is known as the Wild Pack. The Wild Pack is composed of 40th-level hound of the hunt scouts.

The Hunting Wilds Cernunnos’s realm is a vast swath of highland terrain, largely forested, in Ladinion. It contains a high density of extraordinarily dangerous monsters, such as epic magical beasts and devastation vermin. It also includes a difficult-to-find glade where Cernunnos keeps his trophies and meets with his servants.

Cernunnos’s glade contains some exceptional artifacts among the trophies, but its lord worries little about them. He trusts the ancient magic of the place to protect them; even if an item were stolen, he would not consider the loss a great concern. He might well decide that the thief deserved to be the next quarry of the Wild Hunt, however.

Relations to other Powers Cernunnos largely ignores the politics of other fey. However, he is sometimes petitioned for aid by other courts or by the Celtic pantheon. He will answer only if he is appeased by their offering or intrigued by the challenge offered by the proposed target. He has good relations with some powers of the Outlands, especially the Tuatha Dé Danann and certain gods of nature.

Cernunnos has some appreciation for the teachings of the Transcendent Order regarding the Cadence of the Planes, and regards their Factol Rhys as surprisingly insightful for a mortal.

Cernunnos has had fleeting liaisons with Queen Titania, but does not favor her wishes in his hunts.

Male adharc sidhe fey-ranger 70
N Huge Fey
Init always first; +23 (+25 in Beastlands, Concordant Opposition, dungeons; +27 in caves, cold, desert, swamp, urban, underwater, water surface; +29 in forests, jungle, mountain, plains); Battlesense; Senses blindsense 300 ft., deathwatch, deeper darkvision (90 ft.), detect favored enemy, greater arcane sight, Keen-Eared Scout, low-light vision, portfolio sense, remote sensing, see invisibility, true seeing; Perception +123 (+140 in natural terrain)
Aura faerie glamour (17 mi., DC 83); Languages all; speak with animals, plants, and vermin; remote communication

AC 119, touch 81, flat-footed 99 (-2 size, +38 natural, +17 power, +19 Dex, +15 deflection, +21 insight, +1 dodge); Battlesense, Blind-Fight, Dodge, Lightning Stance, Mobility, Wind Stance
hp 2,520 (70d10+1,820), Diehard, fast heal 80; DR 65/cold iron and high epic
Immune ability damage*, ability drain*, electricity, energy drain*, exhaustion*, fatigue*, form-altering effects* (if unwilling), mind-affecting effects*, natural grace, paralysis*, sonic, temporal effects* (unless willing)
*can be overcome with a rank check
Resist cold 60, contingent energy resistance, Endurance, fire 60, improved evasion, natural grace; SR 67
Weakness ancient antagonism, nature dependent
Fort +80, Ref +74, Will +77

Speed 150 ft., fly 190 ft. (perfect) (38 squares); natural grace, Supreme Blitz
Melee Twilight Harvester +144/+144/+139/+134/+129 (2d8+81 plus 3d6 fire plus poison (DC 85)/19-20/x3 (plus 6d6 more fire and Death of Enemies and Will DC 85 or bound on critical)) and gore +139 (4d6+49/15-20/x3); or
Melee gore +144 (4d6+66/15-20/x3) and 2 slams +129 (2d6+39); or
Ranged Twilight Harvester +130 (2d8+65 plus 3d6 fire plus poison (DC 85)/19-20/x3 (plus 6d6 more fire and Death of Enemies and Will DC 85 or bound on critical))
Space 15 ft.; Reach 15 ft.
Base Atk +45; Epic Prowess (x15); CMB +110
Atk Options Bane of Enemies, Blind-Fight, Death of Enemies (DC 85), favored enemy aberrations +24, favored enemy animals +12, favored enemy dragons +28, favored enemy fey +12, favored enemy giants +16, favored enemy humanoids (elf) +12, favored enemy humanoids (human) +16, favored enemy magical beasts +24, favored enemy monstrous humanoids +12, favored enemy oozes +12, favored enemy outsiders (evil) +16, favored enemy outsiders (lawful) +16, favored enemy outsiders (native) +12, favored enemy plants +12, favored enemy undead +12, Great Cleave, high epic strike, Improved Vital Strike, Intimidating Strike, Overwhelming Assault, Pierce Immunity (electricity, fear, fire, mind-affecting), Power Attack, Vital Strike
Special Actions Call Creatures, fell the prey (DC 85), Gift of Life, Hand of Death, hunter’s bond (share favored enemy), improved quarry, Mark the Prey, master hunter (DC 85), Nature Incarnate, Primal Frenzy
Combat Gear Cernunnos’s carnyx, devastation scorpion poison (3 uses)

Ranger Spells Prepared (CL 35th):
4th—contingent energy resistance* (x2, SC 52), deeper darkvision* (SC 62), languor (x2, +76 ranged touch, DC 37, SC 130), mass longstrider (PH2 117), spark of life (x2, DC 37, SC 196)
3rd—blade storm (x3, SC 30), mass curse of impending blades (SC 56), plant growth (x2), safe clearing (x2, DC 36, SC 179)
2nd—burrow (SC 41), hunter’s eye (x6, +11d6 damage, PH2 114), mass resist energy (SC 174)
1st—alarm, blades of fire (SC 31), detect poison, guided shot (x2, SC 108), rhino’s rush (x4, SC 176)
*Already cast.
Spell-like Abilities (CL 54th):
Always active—deathwatch, detect favored enemy (SC 64), detect snares and pits, greater arcane sight, see invisibility, true seeing
At will—discern location, greater dispel magic, greater teleport (DC 55), tree stride, true strike, word of balance (SC 242)
5/day—programmed amnesia (DC 57, SC 162), shapechange
3/day—dimensional anchor (+76 ranged touch), greater dispel magic, mass cure serious wounds, true dispel magic (quickened)
2/day—antimagic field (widened, quickened), mass awaken (SC 28), superb dispelling (+54 dispel bonus), true dispel magic, wish (DC 57)
1/day—control weather, reincarnate, mass bull’s strength, waves of exhaustion

Rank 17
Abilities Str 77, Dex 49, Con 62, Int 33, Wis 56, Cha 52; Indomitable Strength
SQ Alter Size, fade, favored terrain Beastlands +4, favored terrain caves +8, favored terrain cold +8, favored terrain Concordant Opposition +4, favored terrain desert +8, favored terrain dungeons +4, favored terrain forest +12, favored terrain jungle +12, favored terrain mountain +12, favored terrain plains +12, favored terrain swamp +8, favored terrain urban +8, favored terrain underwater +8, favored terrain water surface +8, hide in plain sight, master huntsman, natural grace, natural invisibility (Spectral Skirmisher), spectral presence, subjective alignment aura, swift tracker, track, wild empathy +96, woodland stride
Feats Alertness, Blind-Fight, Bounding Assault (B, PH2 75), Cleave, Combat Expertise, Combat Reflexes, Combat Tactician (PH2 77), Defensive Sweep (PH2 78), Diehard, Dodge, Endurance (B), Great Cleave, Improved Critical (gore), Improved Initiative, Improved Vital Strike, Intimidating Prowess, Intimidating Strike (PH2 79), Keen-Eared Scout (PH2 80), Lightning Stance (B), Mobility (B), Overwhelming Assault (PH2 81), Power Attack, Quicken Spell-like Ability (true dispel magic), Rapid Blitz (PH2 82), Spectral Skirmisher (PH2 83), Spring Attack (B), Vital Strike, Whirlwind Attack, Wind Stance (B)
Epic Feats Bane of Enemies (B), Death of Enemies (B, DC 85), Dire Charge, Epic Prowess (B, x15), Epic Resiliency* (x3), Improved Dire Charge*, Improved Favored Enemy (x8), Improved Whirlwind Attack, Legendary Tracker (B), Lightning Offensive*, Spellcasting Harrier, Supreme Blitz*
*new feat
Salient Abilities Alter Form, Alter Size, Battlesense, Gift of Life, Faerie Royal, Hand of Death (DC 83, 17d6), Indomitable Strength, Leader of the Wild Hunt*, Magic of Nature, Mark the Prey*, Nature Incarnate*, Power of Nature, Primal Frenzy*, Shapechange, Sunder and Disjoin (DC 40), Supreme Celerity, Supreme Initiative, Supreme Fast Healing (x2), Supreme Ranger, Supreme Skill Focus (Survival), True Shapechange
Skills Acrobatics +106 (+154 jump), Bluff +111, Craft (taxidermy) +101, Diplomacy +111, Fly +117, Heal +113, Intimidate +142, Knowledge (dungeoneering) +101, Knowledge (geography) +101, Knowledge (nature) +101, Knowledge (planes) +101, Perception +123 (+140 in natural terrain), Perform (oratory) +108, Sense Motive +115, Spellcraft +98, Stealth +105*, Survival +121 (+138 in natural terrain, +156 to follow tracks, +173 to follow tracks in natural terrain)
Teamwork Benefit Crowded Charge (PH2 159)
Possessions combat gear, Twilight Harvester, gold torc

Augmented Critical (Ex) An adharc sidhe’s gore threatens a critical hit on a natural attack roll of 18-20, dealing triple damage on a successful critical.

Combat Style Cernunnos uses the skirmishing combat style.

Fade (Su) Cernunnos can become incorporeal as a move action. Ending this effect is a free action. While incorporeal, he loses his natural armor bonus to his Armor Class. He may still harm corporeal foes normally, as if his weapons had the ghost touch property.

Faerie Glamour (Sl) Cernunnos’s presence is so powerful that it can allow him to play havoc on the emotions of weaker beings. All within 17 miles of the Lord must succeed in a Will save (DC 83). Those who succumb to the natural power and beauty the Lord represents suffer one of the following effects as determined by Cernunnos (who can change the effect, or discontinue it, as a free action):

Allegiance: Affected beings become charmed with Cernunnos and treat him as a trusted leader, a beloved confidante, or a significant love interest. The Lord chooses the type of relationship inspired without an action whenever a creature is affected by this ability. This ability lasts for 3 minutes after the creature can no longer see or hear Cernunnos.

As long as this ability is in effect, all of Cernunnos’s allies (including charmed creatures) gain a +3 morale bonus on attack and weapon damage rolls.

Awe: Affected beings cower or gape in awe before the otherworldly beauty and power of the fey. They can defend themselves normally but take no actions. This effect ends when the affected being can no longer see or hear Cernunnos.

Challenge: Affected beings become obsessed with fighting Cernunnos in melee. They attempt to reach him as quickly as possible, and remain within 5 feet of him. If they encounter danger, such as an impossible-to-jump cliff between them and Cernunnos, they may attempt a new save with a +4 circumstance bonus; if they succeed, they seek a safer path to him, and if they fail, they continue recklessly toward him. While adjacent to Cernunnos, they can do nothing other than attack him with melee weapons. This effect ends after 3d4 rounds or when the affected being can no longer see or hear Cernunnos.

Fear: Affected beings become shaken and suffer a -5 morale penalty on attack rolls, saves, and checks. The merest glance or gesture from Cernunnos makes them panicked, and they flee from him as quickly as they can. This effect ends 3 minutes after the creature can no longer perceive him.

Cernunnos can make his servants, his allies, beings who worship nature, or any combination of the three immune to this effect as a free action. This immunity lasts one day or until he dismisses it.

Once a creature succeeds on a saving throw against Cernunnos’s glamour, it cannot be affected by his glamour for 24 hours.

Powers are immune to Cernunnos’s Faerie Glamour except on a successful opposed rank check.

Fell the Prey (Ex) As a standard action, Cernunnos may make a single attack that deals normal weapon damage. If he strikes a flat-footed opponent within 30 feet, the creature must attempt a Fortitude save (DC 85) or be killed or paralyzed (Cernunnos’s choice). Creatures paralyzed by the attack recover after 70 rounds. This attack cannot be made as part of a full attack action. Creatures protected from sneak attacks or critical hits are likewise protected from this effect. This is not a death effect. The save DC is Wisdom-based.

Leader of the Wild Hunt (Unique Power Salient Ability) (Ex) Cernunnos is the leader of the infamous Wild Hunt. As such, he gains the following benefits (already included in the statistics above where applicable):
Blindsense: Cernunnos can sense all creatures within 300 ft. through minute disturbances in the air, soil, or water.
Bonus Teamwork Benefit: All members of the Wild Hunt are treated as belonging to a team gaining the Crowded Charge (PH2 159) teamwork benefit, even if they do not meet the prerequisites.
Consummate Hunter: Cernunnos gains a +17 bonus on Perception, Stealth, and Survival checks in natural terrain.
Enhanced Natural Weapon: The Hunter Lord’s gore attack is a +10 weapon.
Intuitive Warrior: Cernunnos gains an insight bonus on weapon attack and damage rolls equal to his Wisdom bonus (+23).
—When there are a dozen hounds of the hunt or cu sidhe in an area, Cernunnos can form them into a sluagh sidhe as a free action; such a sluagh sidhe has maximum hit points per Hit Die. As long as members of the Wild Hunt can see Cernunnos, they benefit from the allegiance function of his Faerie Glamour.
—Whenever Cernunnos targets himself with a spell or effect, he may choose to instead affect all members of the Wild Pack which are within his aura and which are valid targets for the spell (a spell with the target of “you” can target any creature for this purpose).
—The Wild Pack is immune to all of Cernunnos’s attacks unless he chooses to affect them.

Mark the Prey (Unique Power Salient Ability) (Sl) Thrice per day, as a standard action, Cernunnos can mark up to 17 creatures within 1,700 feet that he has line of sight to as his prey. A victim can resist the effect with a Will save; the DC is 83, and includes Cernunnos’s favored enemy bonus for that creature type or subtype, if any. If it is affected, a victim becomes surrounded with faerie fire and is frightened automatically. Cernunnos is constantly aware of the target’s location as if with discern location and gains a +3 bonus on caster level checks to penetrate protections against divination (for a total modifier of +58). He can make a caster level check to penetrate protections even if he wouldn’t normally be allowed to (if he is penetrating a supernal protection, he makes an opposed rank check instead of a caster level check, and retains the +3 bonus). He can plane shift to within 1d10 miles of a marked prey’s location once per day. When he plane shifts, Cernunnos can bring any number of allies (including charmed creatures) within 1,700 feet along for the ride. Cernunnos can even travel between the layers of the Mortal Coil with this ability, though in that case travel takes 1d4 rounds. Cernunnos and the members of the Wild Hunt each gain a +17 bonus on weapon attack and damage rolls against the victim. This effect is a curse, and cannot be removed except by a remove curse spell and succeeding on a caster level check against DC 63. Cernunnos can dismiss this effect as a free action, and can have no more than 17 marked prey at one time.

Master Huntsman (Ex) Cernunnos can track creatures protected by trackless step, pass without trace, and similar effects, though the DC to track them is increased by the caster level of the effect (or the Hit Dice of the effect’s originator, if it has no caster level). He gains a +6 racial bonus on wild empathy checks.

Nature Incarnate (Unique Power Salient Ability) (Sl) Cernunnos’s link to nature is profound, beyond something that can be taught. However, it is believed by many sects of druids that he introduced to mortals the methods of druidry. Certainly Cernunnos is a master of druidic traditions despite never properly training in them. While the methods of mortal druids are but a pale reflection of the intuitive connection that a Faerie Lord such as the Horned God has, they (along with perhaps the tradition of the spirit shaman) are the closest that a mortal can come to it.

Cernunnos has powers which resemble but far outstrip those of his mortal druid followers. He can wild shape (as the druid class ability) into the form of any non-unique inhabitant of Faerie (animals, fey, plants, vermin, most oozes, many magical beasts, and so on) regardless of Hit Dice or size. He can, as a standard action, produce the effects of any one druid spell as a supernal effect without expending a spell slot. He must provide all components for the spell. Each spell is treated as if empowered, extended, and maximized (as applicable), even if not cast in Faerie.

His unusual approach to and power over nature's magic makes Cernunnos uniquely resistant to destruction among Faerie Lords. If he is slain in combat, his essence disperses instantly, and he revives (fully restored) in the Hunting Wilds after 24 hours. A Power that strikes the killing blow can prevent Cernunnos from reviving by succeeding on a rank check against him; such a rank check can only be made in the Hunting Wilds. Additionally, when he dies of old age or through a rank check as described previously, Cernunnos is reincarnated 11d4 days later in a form identical to his previous one and retains the significant majority of his memories.

Primal Frenzy (Unique Power Salient Ability) (Ex) Cernunnos can enter into a frenzied state as a free action once per encounter, which lasts until he chooses to end it or the encounter ends. While in this state, he is immune to mind-affecting effects as if he were mindless. He cannot cast spells or use his spell-like abilities, nor take actions requiring patience (such as applying poison, calling allies, or marking prey, but not blowing his carnyx). He retains his Dexterity bonus to Armor Class even when flat-footed.

In this state, he is intimately connected to the forces of nature, and can become one with them without effort. In response to any attack against which he retains his Dexterity bonus to AC, his body (or part of it) may momentarily disperse into raw natural forces, such as air or fire, then reform when the attack has passed. Any individually targeted attack or effect, or area effect, has a 55% miss chance against Cernunnos in a primal frenzy.

In addition, the frenzied Cernunnos can unleash the raw power of nature. As a standard action, he can produce one of the following effects (each has a range range of 17 miles):
  • Fire Storm: as the spell, but 70d8 points of damage; Reflex DC 85.
  • Lightning Strike: a ray (+77 ranged touch) deals 70d6 points of electricity damage; all creatures within 55 feet take 35d6 damage unless they succeed on a Reflex save (DC 85). If the attack missed, the targeted creature must contend with the area effect (resisted with a Reflex save as normal).
  • Polar Wind: tornado-strength winds blow out in a cone from Cernunnos, dealing 70d6 points of cold damage. A Fortitude save (DC 85) can halve the damage and negate the wind effects.

While frenzied, Cernunnos radiates a dimensional lock effect to a distance of 17 miles.

Spear of Binding (Su) Any silver spear that an adharc sidhe wields in battle becomes a +5 weapon of binding if the hunter wills it (this does not require an action). This effect suppresses any extant magical properties the weapon may have until 1 round after the spear leaves the adharc sídhe's hands (when this ability wears off). As an exception to this rule, Twilight Harvester has been specially designed to keep its properties while gaining the binding effect.

Any time a blow from the spear would render a creature unconscious or dead, Cernunnos may choose for the creature to suffer no damage but instead become trapped bodily within the spearhead as if by the minimus containment function of binding, except that the effect is transmutation, not enchantment (compulsion) [mind-affecting]. This effect can be resisted with a Will save (DC 85). This effect also triggers on a critical hit.

Spectral Presence (Ex) An adharc sidhe’s natural armor and natural and manufactured weapons function normally against incorporeal foes as if they had the ghost touch property. Cernunnos can perceive incorporeal creatures and disembodied souls with all his senses normally and interact physically with them.

Skills Cernunnos receives a +8 racial bonus on Perception and Survival checks.

*He gains a +4 circumstance bonus on Stealth checks in dark areas.

Cernunnos can make up to 34 skill checks each round as free actions. This ability does not allow him to move any farther than he would be normally able to move in a given round.

Cernunnos uses his carnyx to call forth the Wild Hunt. It extends the range and tenacity of his Faerie Glamour considerably.
Lore: This carnyx is said to have been crafted from the first kill Cernunnos made. It is an emblem of the Wild Hunt.
Description: Cernunnos’s carnyx is a large hunting horn. It appears to be that of a massive animal. Though it is unadorned, the carnyx is dyed the deepest of greens, nearly black.
Activation: Blowing the horn is a standard action.
Effect: When blown by Cernunnos, it can be heard for 34 miles with perfect clarity. Cernunnos can will that any who hear his horn are effected as if by his Faerie Glamour (any one function) unless they succeed on a Will save (DC 85). All affected beings remain so for 17 hours or until they hear the sound of the carnyx again. A use of the carnyx does not count as a use of Cernunnos’s Glamour; resisting the Glamour does not render one immune to the carnyx. Nor does resisting the carnyx render one immune to anything; a being may still be affected by the carnyx later if it resisted the sound previously that day.

Alternatively, Cernunnos can use the carnyx to call his servants. He can choose five times from among the following: one of his thanes; the Wild Pack; or 144 HD of any combination of adharc sidhe, cu sidhe, lunar ravagers, hounds of the hunt, masters of the hunt, murderjacks, and sluagh sidhe. The first chosen creature appears immediately, and each round thereafter for four rounds another choice appears. The horn loses its power for a day if used in this manner.
Aura/Caster Level: Overwhelming enchantment; 55th.
Weight: 18 lb.

Cernunnos’s prized weapon, Twilight Harvester is the only constructed weapon Cernunnos has ever been known to wield in combat.
Lore: It is said to have been forged by the first leader of the Wild Hunt, and is traditionally wielded by the current leader.
Description: This dark, wooden-hafted spear is engraved with eldritch sigils and stylized images of snakes. Its gleaming silver head is shrouded in crackling energy.
Activation: Wielding Twilight Harvester in combat will activate its baseline abilities. It is a swift action to alter its energy type. The poison is injury-type, so applies on any hit. Its binding effect triggers on a critical hit, as well as on any blow that would otherwise render a victim unconscious or dead. The binding effect is derived from Cernunnos and so is not available to any other wielder.
Effect: Twilight Harvester functions as a +10 keen returning flaming blast silver spear. It ignores the extraordinary damage reduction of the wielder’s favored enemies. As a swift action, the wielder can change the energy type of the weapon’s energy blast attack to acid, cold, electricity, or fire. Cernunnos normally coats Twilight Harvester with devastation scorpion poison (injury, Fort save DC 85; initial and secondary damage 2d12 Str damage).

Twilight Harvester has been designed to gain the binding property from Cernunnos without losing its own abilities.
Aura/Caster Level: Overwhelming evocation and transmutation; 54th.
Weight: 24 lb.

Cernunnos never treats a roll of "1" on an attack roll or saving throw as an automatic failure.

Boon of Favor (Sl) Cernunnos has access to Gift of Ages, Hunter’s Blessing, Natural Form and Pathfinder Knack.

Glory of Faerie (Sl) Cernunnos can bestow the mantle of Faerie Noble.

Grant Spells Cernunnos has the ability to grant spells to druids in addition to spirit shamans, and it is theorized by a few learned scholars that he may be the source of spells for all those druids who revere nature rather than a god.

Cernunnos automatically grants spells to mortal druids who request them and spirit shamans who send their spirit guides to bargain with him. He can grant all spells from the druid spell list.

Cernunnos is usually accompanied by members of the Wild Hunt, especially the Wild Pack.

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