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 Post subject: The Short Goodbye (5 weeks to go)
PostPosted: Mon Jan 04, 2016 4:43 am 
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As the ritual's completion draws ever closer a gathering of the Knot and their most powerful servants is called. Word goes out to Farholde, conjuring both Trik and Kaitlyn Mott, but they are only the beginning. Assembling in the gymnasium, the room is filled with ever servant of note, from Gerrard and the Pious One, to Melrov, to Traya, and even the remains of the rival Knot, such as they are. Drinks are handed out, and the assembly directed to the chairs provided. The room is then cleared of common servants and soldiers, and the doors sealed by undead rather than living soldiers, giving truth to the importance of the meeting and setting off a horde of whispers and theories among the Bound within and without.

Even within the chamber, whispers and rumors move through the crowd of individuals. Amid the flickering candlelight, the servants of the Knot are restless. The Knot has ever been enigmatic, but this is an usual gathering.

Gaerlan takes the floor and waits for a silence to fall over the seated crowd. It does not take long. At last he speaks, his powerful voice filling the massive chamber, "Thank you all for coming."

His gaze sweeps across the room, greeting each pair of eyes, commanding their attention. "Today is an important day for the Knot. It is the day we take the next step forward. Many of you know we did not come to the Horn by chance, and most certainly must suspect that we shall not remain here forever. The day of or departure grows near, and as such, we must begin to lay plans for the future." He smiles to the assembled faces, "The first stages of that have already been completed, and now we come to the next. You know how greatly our numbers have swollen, the number of individuals now in our service or care. Their needs are our needs, for they are our responsibility. As such, we cannot simply pick up and go. Foundations must be lain in our next destination. Several of you will leave here very soon towards that end. You will blaze a trail for us to follow, and lay a groundwork for us to make use of. You are being entrusted with an weighty duty, but I trust you will accomplish it well."

"Gerrard, Herr Schmit, Kaitlyn Mott, Valiessa DeMarco." He gestures for them, out in the crowd to rise. "You will be our envoy. Our first wave. You will lead a handpicked squad, your mission simple. Locate a suitable site. Establish the foundation we require to see to our needs. You sail tomorrow evening. Further details will be made available to you before you depart, and more still once your ship has departed - including your destination. Until then, the Horn is sealed. There will be no departures ahead of you. Your secrecy will be your greatest protection, and we will guard it jealously. You will have this evening to gather what you require and say your goodbyes."

He looks down from them, into the rest of those gathered, "The rest of you will not be idle. You know how many people we must move, and have some idea of their needs. You know the dangers we face. You will each have responsibilities in preparing. The Horn has sheltered us here. It has been our home. But we dream of greater ends than this. And we must be our own means to those ends. I have faith that each of you will do all that is required." Another smile, as he sweeps back to gather his own drink, raising it high, "To the future."

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