Take the Temple!
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Author:  Tip [ Sat Apr 01, 2017 5:28 pm ]
Post subject:  Take the Temple!

[ooc]Gentlemen, here is a thread for planning and executing tasks for the upcoming battle. Please list any ideas you have to support the "plan" as it stands or to make suggestions as to what you think would be a better course of action. Please review Kryss' Battlemaster Approved plan below.[/ooc]

After the discussion in the Reality Wrinkle, Kryss arranges for the Core Party members, (Kryss, Julian, and Shael) to discuss tactics alone. Since there seems to be a rat among their companions he goes out of his way to find a place where the trio can't be overheard.

"Gentlemen, I propose we execute this mission in 3 phases..."

Phase 1: Prepare the battlefield. Kryss suggests that he will meet with Thos Hucrule to arrange an unoccupied building within the city limits. He will inform his Financial Partner that he has heard from Julian that the High Priest and Sun's Champion are planning to address the citizenry at dawn in 3 days and it will be up to Thos to find a suitable place where they can address the crowds in order to spread a message of hope and strength for those that remain true to Tal. He ensures that Thos knows that secrecy is of the utmost importance. Only the 4 of them (core party and Thos) can be trusted with this information.

Meanwhile, Shael will meet with Ibn Ad Jafer in order to create a rumor that the Church of Tal is still at work behind the scenes and that the appointed day has been foretold through a prophecy the party stumbled across during their disastrous assault on the temple. He will also use his contacts in the spy network to assist in spreading this rumor.

Julian will work with Embers team to speak out in the streets against the Hell minions in order to get the populace riled up and looking for a sign.

Once the building Thos arranges is identified the core party will prepare it for a seige. Although they will takes steps to prevent anyone from knowing what is going to happen in the building, Shael's spy network will drop hints that the Church of Tal has been said to have claimed the building. While the exterior will appear to be reinforced to defend against an attack, in actuality they will be inside damaging the foundation and structure so that on command the building will collapse on anyone inside.

Embers team will be tasked to explore the sewers below town to identify a safe and secure route from the building to the Baron's manor. They will be informed that after the building collapses they are to assault to Baron's house from below with the help of Sven the Berserker.

Phase 2: The Switch Up: On the morning of the event, Shael will be at the building. He will utilize illusions and cantrips to create a scene of the Suns Champion and High Priest atop the building calling out to the masses to remain strong against the Hellish incursion and speak out against the actions of the baron. Once a contact team is sent out to shut Shael down, he will blow the building on whomever enters and escape into the alleyways.

Meanwhile, Kryss and Julian will be stationed along a predetermined route to deal with anyone that manages to escape the wreckage and give chase. We will be using the alleys and rooftops for our escape route, not the sewers. Once this ambush is over the trio will assault the Temple once they get the sign from Embers crew that they are attacking the Manorhouse. Their goal is to create a bunch more noise and racket in order to draw more Bad Guys to their location. Once we see the Temple send out reinforcements to the Manor we ill assault the temple again.

Phase 3: Secure the Temple: With the help of Strange Thing and a secretly smuggled in bear (thanks halflings) we defeat whoever is still in the temple and hold the building until reinforcements arrive.

"So thats the plan. 1st question I have is, how are you going to blow the building Shael?"

Author:  Kain Darkwind [ Sat Apr 01, 2017 6:37 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Take the Temple!

Slight flaws in the Plan:

1. "A few hours walking the streets of the city and sharing drinks at the fair is able to uncover quite a bit of useful information about the town, such as its districts, its lack of an underground sewer system, etc."
2. Strange Thing is in the hands of the infernal cult.
3. An angry giant bear is beyond the ability of your allies to smuggle in. You will need to do that personally, if you intend to bring the bear and its hunger into town with so many crunchy snacks.

The rest of it looks doable, whether or not it works as intended.

Author:  Tip [ Sun Apr 02, 2017 12:22 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Take the Temple!

This is gonna go off without a hitch. Embers crew will have the freedom to plan their own way to execute their mission. If they don't want to take sven I hAve another use for him. That being said, do any of our allies have carpentry or engineering experience?

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Author:  Coriat [ Tue Apr 04, 2017 9:00 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Take the Temple!

I like the angle of the Tal priests/champion as false bait. That's inspired ( ;) )

The blowing the building aspect seems difficult to pull off, and it adds a largish number of points to the set of points where something could go wrong, especially in light of the lack of sewers (the escape through the streets is a long period of being assassin bait).

I'd say keep the Tal priests as bait aspect, but lure anyone who takes the bait to the Wrinkle instead and beat them in a not-so-fair fight inside. As your local paladin representative, you know, the class that stereotypically challenges bad guys who may or may not have melee training to one on one duels in which they are supposed to get up close and personal with heavy armor, martial weapons, and Smite Evil, I endorse not-so-fair fights.

Author:  Tip [ Wed Apr 05, 2017 4:19 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Take the Temple!

I agree that dropping the building is a flaw in the plan. Ive been thinking about it. If we had a bard with the ability to roll nonproficient skill checks maybe he could suggest something. I dont want to use the Wrinkle because thats our safe haven. Thats why I was hoping for an outside venue.

Im also concerned about attracting the right kind of attention. We dont want them sending a crew of peons after us. We need to pose a significant enough threat/ insult that they send in the heavy guns. Hopefully we can lead them on a trap-laden goose chase for awhile before we make a stand at the Temple. The timing will be difficult to pull off.

We need to draw them to the warehouse and hit them hard there before we make a daring escape. We want them to chase us until Ember's gang assaults the barons keep. Hopefully that makes them believe we were just a diversion and they pull their resources to reinforce the keep. Embers crew will of course make a bunch of racket to help with this and beat feet back to the Wrinkle once the Bad Guys get there. What if the "Suns Champion" appeared there? Anyway, while Bad Guys change targets we head for the temple and lock it down. Thats where we want to hold ground. If it all goes to crap we can all fall back to the Reality Wrinkle.

We need to try to save our resources for the temple fight and still have some juice in case we have to abort mission. Kryss will explain that while yes, the ultimate goal is to shut down the hellportal and hold the temple until "Help" arrives, every Bad Guy we hurt is a gain. This is a war. If all we do is stand in defiance of the Devils, the people here will follow our lead to the best of their ability. Speaking of which, Kain, have we noticed any increase in support for our team among the militia or guards? Just curious.

Not sure how you want to run this, Kain, but Im imagining 3 battlefields. 1 of the first ambush site, 1 of the streets, and the Temple. It would be nice if we could get access to the first two ahead of time but its totally your deal. Just trying to help out.

Author:  Kain Darkwind [ Sat Apr 08, 2017 10:54 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Take the Temple!

My personal opinion is that the strongest point of this plan was back when it was using the powers of the Reality Wrinkle to make the fights you face easier (and possibly make some of the fights off-screen victories).

Moving to abandoned buildings (where?) and setting them up to 'blow', or such, doesn't strike me as solid a plan, in strategy or scenery.

The Keep isn't being reinforced at all by the devils, they are/were concentrated on the temple of Tal. Keep has normal guards.

If I might propose, I would suggest the following:

-Fake return of the priests as lure to Reality Wrinkle.
-Showdown in Reality Wrinkle.
-Cleanup any left overs in the Temple.
-Ensure the guard/militia is free
-Head to the Keep to inform the Baron his evil plan has failed and you're taking his seat/installing his sister/finding out his infant son had been kidnapped/he was replaced with an imposter/etc.

Author:  Tip [ Sun Apr 09, 2017 10:06 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Take the Temple!

That all looks legit to me. Is there any way to have a scout in the temple to give us a signal whether the bad guys are expecting us or not?

Author:  Kain Darkwind [ Wed Apr 12, 2017 5:40 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Take the Temple!

You already sent a scout to the temple, and he's not eager to head back. Since you know, getting caught by true seeing devil lords tends to end you up in Hell.

You would be free to dispatch one of the four (Sven, Ember, Lidda, Devis) if you wanted a heads up. Can't guarantee their safety.

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